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THE discovery of America has led to events unrivalled in modern history, and we cannot sufficiently admire that steady unconquerable resolution, that amazing force of mind which carried the first bold discoverer through all opposition, and over innumerable obstacles, to the ultimate end of his grand design. The intelligent reader will be agreeably entertained in following this skilful navigator, through unknown seas, in search of a New World: every little incident during the voyage will appear of sufficient magnitude to fix the attention, and excite a strong sympathy with the adventurous chief, in all the various turns of his fortune.

This first volume will contain what Doctor Robertson calls the most splendid portion of the American story: he is undoubtedly right as far as it respects South America, and it is so detached, as to form a perfect whole by itself. Most of the prominent facts are a faithful transcript from that accurate and elegant historian. According to his Note, No. XI. Christopher Columbus was born, A. D. 1447 : the place of his birth is not ascertained, but it appears he was a subject of the Republic of Genoa, and was allured into the service of the Portuguese by the fame of their discoveries; he was descended from an honourable family, though reduced to indigence by various misfortunes.

Columbus discovered, in his early youth, a strong propensity and talents for a sea-faring life: this propensity his parents encouraged by the education they gave him; after acquiring some knowledge of the Latin tongue, the only language in which science was taught at that time, he was instructed in geometry, cosmography, astronomy, and the art of drawing. To these he applied with such unremitted ardour, as they were so intimately connected with navigation, his favourite object, that he advanced with rapid pro



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