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narice of man is one of the gifts of our common Pa. rent, and aceeptable in his sight. To one it is a sator of health, and to another a savor of sickness ; but in the last case the fault is not in the food, but in the situation of the receiver. For the sake of application to our subject, we will say in both cases, the food is a sweet savor to God, being the gracious bestewment of his providence; but the inference is not to be drawn that the sickness which was occasioned by it, was a sweet savor.

St. Paul, speaking of the ancient Israelites, says, “For unto us was the gospel preached as well as unto them ; but the word preached, did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it." The nature of the gospel and its acceptance in the sight of God, is uniformly the same, and not at all dependent on its acceptance with man.

We have another instance that suits our case in Rom. vii. 10–13. “And the coinmandment which [required] life, I found to be unto death. For sin, taking occasion by the commandment, deceived me, and by it slew me. Wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good. Was then that which is good made death unto me? God forbid. But sin, that it might appear sin, working death in mne by that which is good ; that sin by the commandment might become exceeding sinful.” This passage appears so applicable that it excludes any need of comment.

To our friend, T. B. we express thanks for the favor he has done us in pointing out what he conceived to be misunderstood in our former letter, and are happy to acknowledge the christian candor that appeared to dictate his communication.

From the Gospel Herald,

DEDICATIONS. The Universalist Chapel lately erected by the Universalist Society in Providence, R. I. was dedicat

ed to the worship of God, Nov. 20th, 1822. Our liberal and public spirited brethren who have built that costly and ornamental edifice, are entitled to much praise, and it is hoped they will receive the desired reward of their munificence and labors in the advancement of the public morals, and the promotion of the Redeemer's cause on earth. The Chapel cost about 19,000 dollars; and the sale of the pews at auction to $15,000. Brother Ballou of Boston delivered the dedication sermon, from Gen. xxvii. 17.

The Meeting House-erected during the last season, at Cambridgeport, was dedicated, Dec. 18th, 1822. The sermon by Brother Ballou, from Deut. xiv. 23. The house is elegantly neat and .commodious, in which is a glass chandelier highly ornamental. May our brethren who erected it, continue to enjoy the blessings of Christian worship within its walls, and be richly compensated for their labor, expense, and liberality.-Port. Chris. Intel.

God forbid that we should ever "sow discord among brethren." We would remove those things which have a tendency to create and foster evil. It is the spirit of honest concern for the prosperity of the cause of Trath among our countrymen, that induces us to say that we read with pain, the notices of “costly and ornamental edifices,” and “much praise" awarded to those who build them. Depend upon it, brethren, there is nothing in the character and conduct of the disciple of Christ, so "highly ornamental,so praiseworthy, as the "visiting the widow, and the fatherless in their afflictions, and keeping ourselves unspotted from the world.Our Lord and Master never countenanced "costly ornamental edifices."

He was plain and unassuming. A manger was not despised by him; the poor were his constant concern, and he was their Helper. The smile of contentment, the absence of the tear from the face of the widow and the helpless, would ornament.a .church more than all the gold of Ophir.


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As this is the first request of the kind, we hope our editorial brethren will give these few remarks an insertion in their papers.

-Ed. Gos. Her.

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. The number of deaths in the city of Boston, in the year 1822, was computed to be 1,203. Of this number 356 were under ten years


age. The British and Foreigo Bible Society has, since its formation, received in subscription 6 1,086,526 sterling, (equal to $4,802,337.) and distributed 3,563,374 copies of the Bible.Chr. Reg.

Dedication. On the 5th-instant, (January) the beartiful and handsomely .constructed brick Meeting. House in Hartland, Vt. was publicly and solemnly dedicated to the worship of Almighty God, the Creator, Preserver, and Savior of aļl men.

Introductory Prayer by Br. Lemuel Willis.
Dedicatory Prayer by Br. Robert Bartlett.
Sermon by Br. Hosea Ballou, of Boston.
Concluding Prayer by Br. Dolphus Skinner.

These solemnities were interspersed with appropriate anthems and hymns of praise by a choir, which did bonor to the science of their profession.

The day was remarkably fine, and the congregation overwhelmingly numerous, and suitably attentive and solemn.-Uni. Magazine.

New Periodical Works.--At Watertown, N. Y. "Tie Herald of Salvation, edited by the Rev. Pitt Morse," and published semi-monthly at one dollar a year.

At Buffalo, N. Y. the “Gospel Advocate," edited by Rev. Thomas Gross, and published every Friday, at two dollars per annum.

Both of these publications appear to be well conducted.

The following is a list of the periodical works from which we have selected in the course of this volume.

Universalist.-The Universalist Magazine, Boston - The Philadelphia Universalist Magazine, Philadelphia-Gospel Herald, New-York-Religious Inquirer, Hartford, Con.-Christian Intelligencer, Portland, Me.-Herald of Salvation, Watertown, N. Y.

Unitarian.The Unitarian Miscellany, Baltimore, Md.The Unitarian Defendant, Charleston, S.C. The Christian Register, Boston-Christian Philanthropist, New-Bedford. The pieces credited to other papers were taken from some of the above, and credited on their authority.

Christian Intelligencer.-Br. Russell Streeter, Editor of the Christian Intelligencer in Portland, has issued proposals for publishing that paper in a royal quarto form, sensi-monthly, at one dollar per annum,

OBITUARY. Died at Putney, Vt. August 15, 1822, Mrs. MARY COBB, wife of Mr. Richard Cobb, aged 68.

At Walpole, N. H. Oct. 10, 1822, CAROLINE FISHER, daughter of Mr. David Fisher, aged 2 and a balf years.

The above were received in season for an earlier number, but the paper that contained the accounts was mislaid.

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Jehovah's Son descended from above,
Elect of God, to do the work of love,
Suffered upon the cross for all mankind,
Unbound the band, which sin did on us bind.*
Sure He all things to God will reconcile,
Cause epery weeping face in joy to smile ;
He'll conquer death, and Satan's power destroy
Restore all men to righteousness and joy.
Immanuel's name by all shall be adored ;
Sinners shall turn and own him for their Lord;

To his own nature shall the whole record.
* That is, virtually, tho not actually or immediately.


UNIVERSAL SALVATION PROOLAIMED. Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be unto all people.

Come near, all ye nations, and hear your salvation,
From Christ your Redeemer it freely doth flow;
'Tis Jesus the Savior dispenses his favor,
To ransom the world from its sin, death, and woe.
From God He descended, a ransom intended,
To rescue from death the world of mankind.
On Calvary's mountain be opened a fountain
To wash from uncleanness, pollution, and sin.
How joyful the message, that there is a passage
From death, and from mourning, to happiness made:
The blood of Christ Jesus from guiltiness frees us,
And makes us unspotted and pure as our head.
How pow'rful his passion, for all his salvation
Will see, and enjoy, and will praise, evermore.
All men he will draw, to adore aud to love him,
He'll reign till his foes shall oppose him no more,
Tho death is now raging, and hell is engaging
Toppose the great conquest which he is to win,
In vajn is their pow'r, for in his own hour
He'll conquer, and life the sole empress shall reign.
Huntington, V.



All nature's works His praise declare,

For whom they all belong;
There is a voice in ev'ry star,

In ev'ry breeze a song.
Sweet music fills the world abroad

With strains of love and power
The stormy sea sings praise to God,

The thunder, and the shower.
To God the tribes of ocean cry,

And birds upon the wing;
To God the powers that dwell on high,

Their tupeful tribute bring.
Like them let men the throne surround;

With them loud cborus raise ;
While instruments of loftiest sound,

Assist his feeble praise.
Great God ! to thee we consecrate

Qur voices and our skill;"

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