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hostess, (who is a respectable member of his church,) soon after the question was asked, said it was a question that she had heard much talk about, and for her part she was glad to hear me ask it, hoping to get some information on the subject.

The whole family, as well as myself, were much astonished at Mr. Ri's conduct : But I was still more so, in the evening of the same day, when being at a neighbor's, I was relating the circumstances to a confidential friend, who told me that Mr. R. was there the winter before, and being asked what he thought relative to the state of infants after death, calmly replied that they were liable to be damned. Now is it not a little surprising that Mr. R. should so passionately accuse me, both of incivility and foolishness, merely for suggesting by a question the possibility of his believing that, which the year before, he had promptly said was liable to take place ? Was he not the year before, just what his question implied would be a fool ; viz. “Who do you suppose would be fool enough to believe that infants will have to suffer for crimes committed before they were old enough to have agency of their own ?" If Mr. R. would here equivocate, and say that infants are punished for Adam's sin, we answer that Adam's sin was committed before "infants had

any agency

of their own."

Did Mr. R. in this conversation exercise that christian charity spoken of by St. Paul which "beareth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things ?" I thi not. Nevertheless, I can forgive him : I have no hardness towards him : I can pray for him : and wish him success in his inissionary enterprises. But I think I could warrant him more success in converting the “heathen," with a milder disposition, a more consistent doctrire. May the Lord direct us both in the way of our duty, and guide us into all truth, which shall make us free indeerd

D. S......



Thí duiz::les and ministers constituting the western assoCOR! 1611 Universalists, assembled in Lee, N. Y. on Wednesdny illoruing, June 5, 1822; and after uniting in solemn thanks and invocation with Br. A. Green, proceeded to the organizam tion of the Council.

1. Appointed Br. W. UNDERWOOD, Moderator. 2. Brs. S. R. SMITH, and G. B. LISHER, Clerks.

3. Received and read the letters from the various societies, which gave assurance of increase of numbers and stability.

4. Received requests from the societies in Smithfield, Albany, Ellisburg, Mentz, Sempronins, Camillus, Oswego, Waterford and Hartford, and Dansville, and the church in Virgil, for the fellowship of this association.

5. Voted, that request of said societies be granted. 6. Order of public worship on Wednesday.

Morning Service. Br. N. Stacy, Introductory prayer. Br. O. Ackley, Sermon, Qen. xlv, 26. Br. J. Polter, concluding prayer.

Alternoon Service. Br. I. Whitnal, Introductory prayer. Br. A. Crandal, 1 Ser. Acts iii. 19. Br. C. G. Parsons, 2 Ser. 1 John ii. 1, 2. Br. J. S. Flagler, concluding prayer.

7. Appointed Brs. b. Green, J. S. Flagler and S. Jones, a committee to receive requests for letters of fellowship or ordination,

8. Adjourned until 7 o'clock Thursday morning. Prayer by Br. S. A. Skeele.

9. Thursday morning, met at 9 o'clock aud opened the council with prayer by Br. Miles.

10. Received a letter from Br. Wood, ministering in Water town and vicinity, expressive of his belief in the universal grace and salvation of God, declaring his sellowship for this body, and requesting some testimony of fraternal esteem ; Therefore Resolved, That the clerk be instructed to address a letter to Br. Wood on the subject of his communication.

11. The association, on being presented with the prospectus of a new Hymn Book, compiled by Br. David Pickering :-Resolved, that the said Hymn Book be hereby recoininended to the use of the several societies of this connection, and especially those which are not yet supplied with any other collection.

12. como for fellowship or ordination, reported in favor of granting a letter of fellowship to Br. Amos Reed, and ordination to Br. Job Potter.

13. Voted, that the requests of Brs. Reed and Potter be granted-and also,

14. Resolved, That as Br. Reed has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal connection, this association will consider it a favor of the said Methodist church, if at the next association they will present any charges which they may have against the moral character of said Reed ; and they shall receive due hearing and attention.

15. Appointed Brs. W. Underwood, S. Miles, and !. Whitnal, committee of discipline the ensuing year.

16. Appointed Brs. A. Green, N. Stacy, J. S. Flagler and J. Foster a committee to visit the Genessee Branch Association, to be holden in Gorham, Ontario county, the first Wednesday and Thursday in October next.

17. Resolved, that, as by common report, Nathaniel Smith, a preacher in connection with the General Convention of Unirer. salists, is charged with immorality and unchristian deportment, a committee of three be appointed to examine and ascertain as far as may be practicable, the nature of such reports, and that said committee report to the committee of discipline, whether the nature of the subject requires the intervention of this body.

18. Voted, that Brs. D. Pickering, G. B. Lisher, and S. R. Smith be the aforesaid committee.

19. Order of public service on Thursday.


Brs. S. Jones, Introductory prayer. G. B. Lisher, Sermon, Gal. iii. 16, 17. A. Green, concluding prayer.


Brs. A. Reed, Introductory prayer. S. Jones, Sermon, Eph. iv. 11, 12, 13. W. Underwood, conseorating prayer. N. Sta. cy, delivery of scrip. and charge. S. R. Smith, right hand of feilowship. I. Whitnal, concluding prayer.

20. Heard the report of Brs. N. Stacy, and S. R. Smith,That, being called with others, as a council for the purpose of solemnly ordaining Br. Oliver Ackles as an evangelist ; they had attended to the request, and conferred ordination. Voted, that the said procedure and ordination is approved.

21. Voted, that Br. S. R. Smith prepare the minutes of association for the pressm-accoinpany the sanje with a circular let. ter, and that 1500 copies be printed.

22. Voted, that this association be adjourned to meet in Laurenville, Otsego, N. Y. the first Wednesday and Thursday in June, 1823.

23. Voted, that this association recommend to the brethren in Jefferson county and its vicinity, and also to those in Chenango county and vicinity, to organize in their respective sections, branch associations in order that the societies may be more generally represented the labor and expense of long journies prevented, and the necessary business of this body lessened.

24. Br. I. Whitnal returned thanks to Almighty God for his grace and blessing through the session, and the association adjourned.




Societies in fellowship,
Ministering brethren present,


18 15

Names and residence of Preachers.* Nathaniel Stacy, Hamillon.-Williain Underwood, Litchfield. Stephen R. Smith, New-Harlford.-Seth Jones, Augusta.-Stephen Miles, Augusta.- Isaac Whitnal, Camillus.Pitt Morse, Henderson.-Cornelius G. Parson, Ellisburg: Amos Crandall, Waterford, Penn.--Arthur Field, Olsego.-Salmon Adams, Riga.--Oliver Ackley, Madison.-- Job Potter, Hamilton.-George B. Lisher, Albany.-Samuel A. Skeele Oxford.—John S. Flagler, Scipio.-Thomas Gross, Williamsville.--Liscomb Knapp, Brighton.-Calvin Morton, Murray.Archelaus Green, Virgil.- Andrew Vandenberg, Pompey.-James Foster, Manlius.-Stephen Cook, Hadley.- Edwin Ferris, Unadilla.-Lewis Pitts, Danby.--Lewis Beers, Danby.Daniel Upson, Dansville.--James Goudy, Western.-Caleb Todd, chalauque.- Alfred Peck, Stafford.-Hollis Sampson, Stafford.

* Where residence is unknown, names are omitted.


VERSALISTS, CONVENED AT TURNER, (ME.) JUNE, 1822. The ministers and delegates composing the Eastern Association of Universalists met according to adjournment, in Turner, at Br. Seth Staples', and opened the business of the Council by devout thanksgiving and prayer by Br. S. Streeter.

Proceeded to business by choosing, 1. Br. SEBASTIAN STREETER, Moderator. 2. Brs. SYLVANUS COBB and RusSELL STREETER, Clerks.

Order of Exercise, Wednesday, A. M. Br. Ş. Streeter, Introductory prayer. Br. S. Cobb, Sermon, from Eph. i. 13, 14. Br. Wm. A. Drew, concluding prayer.

3. Chose Brs. R. Streeter, S. Cobb and Wm. Frost, a committee to receive and examine applications for fellowship and ordination, and report on the same during the session ; and to grant Letters during the recess of the Association.

Order of Service, P. M. Introductory prayer, Br. J. Woodman. Sermon, Br. R. Streeter, Phil. iii. 10. Concluding prayer, Br. A. Barton.

6 o clock Service, First prayer, Br. J. Butterfield. Sermon, Br. Wm. Frust, Ps. xxii. 17. Last prayer, Br. S. Streeter.

4. Met in Council, and adjourned to Thursday morning, 8 o'clock. Prayer by Br. R. Streeter.

5. Thursday, 8 o'clock, met according to adjournment, and joined in prayer with Br. Wm. Frost.

6. Read the credentials from several delegates, and heard particular relations of the state of Societies, and of the prosperity of the Redeemer's cause, in this section of his heritage.

7th. Voted, That the Universalist Society in Minot be received into fellowship with this Association.

8. Voted, That the Universalist Society in Lewistown bę received into fellowship with this Association. Order of Public

Service, Thursday, A. M. Opening prayer, Br. S. Cobb. Sermon, Br. W. A. Drew, 1 Cor. xv. 12. Closing prayer, Br. R. Streeter.

Public Service, P. M. Introductory Prayer, Br. R. Streeter. Sermon, Br. S. Street er, Eph. i. 9, 10.

Ordination of Br. Asa Barton. Ordaining Prayer, Br. J. Butterfield. Delivery of the Scriptures and Charge, Br. S. Streeter. Hand of Fellowship, Br. William Frost. Prayer and Benediction, Br, S. Streeter.

9. Voted, That Br. Russell Streeter prepare a Circular to accompany the Minutes of the proceedings of this session, and print them in the Christian Intelligencer and Gospel Advocate.

10. Adjourned this Association to meet by Divine permission, at Waterville, on the 4th Wednesday and Thursday in June, 1823.

11. Closed by solemn and devout Prayer, by Br. Joseph Butterfield.

From Benedict's History of the Baptists.,


During the reign of Henry VIII. in England, the Anabaptists were persecuted, and two of considerable

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