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Messengers of Truth, or Polish Chiefs, (2 vols.) 75

Pills for the Pious, a se. Kneeland's National Hymns, 25 ries of Liberal Tracts, Baron D'Holbach's Systein

Vols. I. and II., each, 31 of Nature, (abridged,) 13 Popular Tracts, edited by Dialogue of the Gods, 6

Robert Dale Owen, 44 Byron's and Southey's Vi. The Cornet, 2 vols., contain. sions of Judgment, 13

ing various Lectures of Kneeland's Defence against the Rev. Robt. Taylor the charge of Blasphemy, 38 and of the “ Lady of the Kneeland's Speech,

13 Rotunda," in numbers N. Very's Forty Christians, 13 83 00, bound, 3 50 Elegant Extracts,

6 Apocryphal New Testa. Political Catechism, inent, 75 A Life of Paine,

6 Useful Knowledge for the Hard Times, and a remedy Producers of Wealth-by Therefor,

2 William H. Hale,

19 Moulton's Report in the Address to the Working New York Legislature Men of New Eugland- against the employment by Seth Luther, 19 ofChaplains,

6 Six Essays on Education, The Mode of Protecting

from the New York Daily Domestic Industry-by Sentinel,

6 Clioton Roosevelt, George'H. Evans has for sale all the liberal works published in the United States, on the terms of their respective publishers, and will procure a supply of every new liberal work that may appear. Orders from the country for books, wholesale or retail, will be promptly attended to.

LIBERAL TRACTS. VOL. I. of the Liberal Tracts, mentioned in the above list, is composed of twenty distinct publications, on as many different subjects, by some of the most celebrated authors, among whom are Dr. Cooper, R. D. Uwen, Thomas Herttell Palmer, Burden, Stewart, &c.

VOL. II., contains about the same number of Tracts.

The LIBERAL TRACTS are designed as antido!es to the mental poison diffused throughout the community by means of what are fermed religion tracks. They contain from two to twenty pages each, and a sold separately or collectively on the following terme : 1000 pages for $1, 460 pages for 50 cents, or 100 pages for 12g cents.


PREFACED BT A VIEW OF THE MORAL STATE OF NATIONS. The “ Revelation of Nature" was originally published at the epocb of the great revolution of France. It was intended as a continuation of the "System of Nature," and to exhibit a code of morals founded on the immutable principles of Reason, Truth, and Humanity.-Price, $25 for 100 copies, 213 for 50, $10 for 30, $5 fur 14, retail 50 cents.

The above works are soid, also, bv G. Valo, e4 Roosevelt street, and John Morrison, corner of Chatham aod Roosevelt streets, New York: Ransom Conk, Saratoga Springs; John Turner, Philadelphia; Editor of the Investigator, Boston.

* Books ordered of Evans, delivered lo New York free of charge.

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