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condensed from the works of great wra
1842, ( George Henry Evans, New Jerse
Printed in Albany. New York,
Part One and Part Three are one work
Part Two is pleed in the middle and
different work. Part Two is by John

10.194 regust

Part One has 202 pages,
Part Two has misc Pages:

Part Three has 479 Pages.

This work, apparently the effort of
George Henry Evans in 1842 was foun
in 1947 at Mount Lebanon .N.Y. on
the shelf and was saved by his booth

all those years - all his own life
and after his death until the final
breaking up of Mount Lebanon after
171 years of existence, It was found
by Sister Jennie M. Wells and was g
by her to Agnes Inglis in July, 1945
Agnes Inglis wished to preserve it
as a personal gift from Sister"
Tennie M. Wells and so made a

contribution in ret hrn for it


To the Federal and State Legislatures and Conventions of United States,

the Legislative Bodies and should-be Sovereign People of all nations.

The Inquisition with its Star-chamber trials, where the humanity is stifled in the
consciences of their packed prosecutors, judges and juries, in the country of Washington, Paine,
Franklin, Jefferson, and Lincoln, are now suppressing the freedom of religious belief by inflicting
enormous fines and imprisonment, the stake and gibbet

having been abolished by the progress of civ.
ilization. We earnestly request Congress to amend their P. 8. Law so as to confine the executors of
it to the suppression of obscene prints, and not to persecute those who differ from them in religious
belief, for the absurd thing called blasphemy, in liberal publications, by the Y. M. C. A., the Jesuits
the suppression of truth and liberty. Bible dogmas are the paramount laws of Pagandom, Christen"
dom and Mohomedom. Arouse, slaves! break the chains of both church and state !!

Inalienable Homestead Democracies.- Remedy for the above and all other wrongs.
We also earnestly request the said legislatures and people to enact a law

that every human being is en
titled to an equal
, perpetual, and individual share of the soil

; but to begin with the sliding measure
amount those who already own, who may acquire, and who may dispose of their lands down to any
life, and between ten and one hundred and sixty acres, shall have the title of them made perpetual for
life, and guaranteed
from all alienation, by debt, sale, tax, mortgage, wills, communism, &c.

, only to be
exchanged and never subdivided below the minimum of ten acres for a family support. And then by

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