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“A Quotation without a reference is like a geological specimen of unknown locality.”
-Prof. SKEAT, Notes and Queries, 6th Series, vol. ix., p. 499.
... l’exactitude de citer. C'est un talent plus rare quel'on ne pense.”
-BAYLE, Dict,, art. SANCHEz, Remarques.

o 2 & 3, BIBLE HOUSE,

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As this is a book of quotations, I may be allowed to begin at
once by citing a remark of Professor Skeat, which seems
peculiarly pertinent to the matter in hand. He says (Notes and
Queries, 6th ser, vol. ix., p. 499), “I protest, for about the
hundredth time, against the slipshod method of quoting a mere
author's name, without any indication of the work of that author
in which the alleged quotation may be found. Let us have
accurate quotations and exact references, wherever such are to be
found. A quotation without a reference is like a geological
specimen of unknown locality.”
An admirable sentiment, which every one who has to do with
quotations will readily applaud, and which may serve here to
express the scope and character of the following compilation in
its main features. My aim has been (1) to give the quotations in
their original form; (2) to add, wherever possible, an accurate
reference to the author and work from which the quotation is
That the attempt has proved far from being universally suc-
cessful will be apparent, even upon a cursory examination of
the volume. After deducting mottoes, proverbs, and such like,
as have no special parentage, there remains a large number of
quotations which are inserted without reference,” either from want
of time to consult the originals in every case, or through inability
to discover the proper source. In many instances, also, I have
been obliged to rely on second-hand authorities, so that it is likely
errors, both in text and authorship, may be discovered. When,
however, the number of quotations included in the work is taken
into account (many of them having never before appeared in any
collection of the kind), it will not be a matter of surprise that
some failure in this respect should have attended the endeavour;
the endeavour being, after all, the thing that I lay claim to rather

*In all such cases a ? will be found following the quotation, inviting the reader to supply the desired information. See “Correction of Inaccuracies," p. viii.

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