My Life Is an Open Book

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I would like to begin by thanking you all for sacrificing your time and patience to listen to what I have to say today. Today we will discuss how just having a positive attitude can help guide us to the road of success. The topics that will by covered in this speech are: A. Why should we consider today to be a gift? B. What we take for grand why we should not? C Does the word impossible really exist? D Is there any failure in trying? E. What is the power of cooperation F Why do we call the area in which we all live the universe? G What is the power of the human mind H. The key to staying happy I The second key to staying happy J. The power of a smile K You put the U in success. L Why is our planet round? M Revenge versus forgiveness N. FAF O. In helping others we help ourselves. P the atom is a metaphor for life Q Why do we call it the human race? R HMS S What does it mean to have all faith in Allah (God) T Education U Inspiration V Determination W Motivation X Understanding Y Sincerity Z An empty mind is the devil's workshop AA What toll can negativity take on a person AB Can one change one's outlook on life. AC Step by step AD Is failure really failure? AE How does one go about converting failure into success AF The magnet of life AG In the human body lies the secrets to the universeAH Intimidation AI Fear AJ Frustration AK Will Power AL The power of kindness AM The power of honesty AN The power of generosity AO The power of forgiveness AP The power of friendship AQ The harmful side effects of holding a grudge AR How to let go of a grudge AS What does it mean to give 200% AT The Bull's eye of life AU The scale of life AV Finding solutions to problems AW Knowledge is power AX The joys that one gets when one chooses to help others AY Do rewards always have to be materialistic? AZ Happiness BA Trust BB Patience BC The dangers of panic and how to keep your cool BD How is keeping your cool beneficial? BE The power of prayer BF Just think NIKE BG Why do we dream? BH We all can't be the dealer BI The eyes are the windows to the heart and soul B J The power of the tongue BK Good health BL Balance BM Hard work BN Can anyone make a difference? BO Know what you want from life BP Be realistic about what you want in life. BQ Time is of the essence BR Don't waste your time and energy BS Being open to change and being flexible BT Don't be threatened by anyone BU Dig Deep BV Stay Motivated BW JBY BX The first impression is not the book's thesis BY Don't put a cap on the bottle BZ Modify the challenge CA Learn to drive CB How hungry are you? CC Is tackling only for football players? CD Always keep Allah (God) in your heart at all times CE The advantages of creating a positive self Image CF What if the window is only open a crack? CG You get what you deserve CH The road is always going to be curvy and bumpy CI Be fearless in the face of adversity CJ Dare to be great CK Don't stop CL Leave no stone unturned CM Put trash where it belongs CN The I of the eye CO The master status CP Don't let the cup brim over CQ The river eventually leads to the ocean CR The power of love CS Respect and love the youth of our society CT What it means and takes to remain humble?to CU Pass it on CV There isn't an I or a U in team CW Keep the doors open CX The ocean is made up of many drops of water CY The deepest buried treasures are the most valuable CZ We are a series of puzzles within the puzzle.

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