A Biographical History of England, from Egbert the Great to the Revolution:: Consisting of Characters Disposed in Different Classes, and Adapted to a Methodical Catalogue of Engraved British Heads: Intended as as Essay Towards Reducing Our Biography to System, and a Help to the Knowledge of Portraits ...

T. Davies, in Russel-street; J. Robson, Bond-Street; G. Robinson, Pater-Noster-Row; T. Becket, T. Cadell, and T. Evans, in the Strand., 1775

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Página 191 - Heav'n seem'd to frame And measure out this only dame. Thrice happy is that humble pair, Beneath the level of all care ! Over whose heads those arrows fly Of sad distrust and jealousy ; Secured in as high extreme, As if the world held none but them.
Página 226 - Sometimes a string of pearls, or an ornament of riband, was worn on the head ; and, in the latter part of this reign, hoods of various kinds were in fashion.
Página 155 - Grace, is methinks to hear our tutelar angels: 'tis to bemoan the present malicious times, and remember the golden age: but to behold You too, is to make prophets quite forget their heaven, and bind the poets with eternal rapture.
Página 224 - The extravagant fondnefs of fome men for this unnatural ornament is fcarce credible : I have heard of a country gentleman, who employed a painter to place periwigs upon the heads of feveral of Van(iyck's portraits. Mr. Wood informs us, that Nath. Vincent...
Página 295 - Protestant part of the king's household. Upon the death of Seth Ward, he became titular bishop of Salisbury. James, who looked upon him as neither Protestant nor Papist, had little or no esteem for him. He died of the flux in Ireland, whither he had followed the royal adventurer, the...
Página 104 - ... is forgotten. Mr. John Aubrey informs us, that when he had learned to read, and a little to write, he was bound apprentice to a flioemaker ; and that he followed this occupation.
Página 329 - I thank you, good brother," replied Case, " let me have all the fools, and you are heartily welcome to the rest of the practice."* The generosity of Radcliffe's temper appeared in many instances, When Dr.
Página 145 - Musick's monument; or, A remembrancer of the best practical musick, both divine, and civil, that has ever been known, to have been in the world.
Página 97 - Rehearsal," and his assistance is alluded to in the " Session of Poets " : " Intelligence was brought, the Court being set, That a Play Tripartite was very near made ; Where malicious Matt Clifford and spiritual Spratt Were joined with their Duke, a Peer of the Trade.
Página 315 - There was nothing at all promising in his appearance: he was hard-favoured, affected plainness in his garb, walked the street with a cudgel in his hand, and an old hat over his eyes. He was often observed to be in a reverie : but when his spirits were ele* Milton. rated over a bottle, he was remarkable for his presence of mind, and quickness of apprehension, 'and became the agreeable and instructive companion.

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