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May he fend thee help Mittat tibi auxilium from his fanctuary: * de fancto: * & de Sion and from out of Sion de tueatur te. fend thee.

May he remember e Memor fit omnis fa. very sacrifice of thine : * crificii tui: * & holocauand may thy holocaust stum tuum pingue fiat. be fat.

May he grant thee Tribuat tibi fecunthy heart's delire : * and dun cor tuum : * & ombring to effect all thy ne consilium tuum con

firmet. We will rejoice in thy Lætabimur in falutasalvation : * and in the ri tuo : * & in nomine name of our God will Dei noftri magnificabiwe glory.

mur. May the Lord fulfil Impleat Dominus omall thy requests : snow nes petitiones tuas: * I know the Lord hath nunc cognovi quoniain saved his anointed One. falvum fecit Dominus

Chriftum fuuin. He will hear him from Exaudiet illum de his holy heaven: * in cælo fanéto suo: * in might is the salvation of potentatibus falus dexhis right hand.

teræ ejus. Some trust in cha Hi in curribus & bi riots, and some in hor- in equis : * nos autem in ses : * but we will call nomine Domini Dei noon the name of the stri invocabimus.. Lord.

They are fettered and Ipfi obligati sunt, & are fallen : * but we are ceciderunt : * nos autem risen, and stand up. surreximus, & erecti su


O Lord, save the Domine falvum fac king: * and hear us in regem : * et exaudi nos the day we call on thee. in die, quâ invocaveri

mus te.

P R A Y E R. We beseech, as p. cccvi.

Another PRAYER. Deus, qui. O

those kingdoms that serve thee, mercifully hear our prayers, and defend thy servant our king from all danger; and grant that his fafety may conduce to the peace and welfare of thy people. Thro'

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The person to be reconciled, being brought to the

church-door, is thus questioned by the Bishop or

O you believe the twelve articles of the

reed ? A. I believe them. Q: Do you believe in God the Father almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth? A. I bea lieve in him.

Q: Do you believe in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord ?' A. I believe in him.

Q: Do you believe he was conceived by the holy Ghost, and born of the Virgin Mary? 4. I believe it.

Q: Do you believe that he suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried? A. I believe it.

Q. Do you believe that he went down into hell!? A. I believe it.

2. Do you believe that on the third day he rose again from the dead? A. I believe it.

2: Do you believe that he ascended into heaven, and fitteth at the right hand of God the Father almighty? A. I believe it.

Q: Do you believe that he will come again to judge the living and the dead? A. I believe it.

1 Expl. The place of departed fouls.

2: Do you believe in the holy Ghost? A. I believe in him.

Q: Do you believe the holy catholick church, the communion of saints ? A. I believe it,

2. Do you believe the forgiveness of sins ? A. I believe it.

2. Do you believe the resurrection of the flesh, and everlasting life ? A. I believe it.


Exorcise thee, O unclean spirit, by God the

Father almighty, and by Jesus Christ his Son, that thou depart from this servant of God, whoin our God and Lord vouchsafeth to deliver from thy errors and wiles, and bring back to our holy mother the catholick and apoftolick church. Let him Jay his commands on thee, Othou cursed and damned fpirit, who suffered, died, and was buried for the salvation of mankind; who overcame thee, and all thy might; and rising again afcended into heaven, from whence he is to come to judge the living and the dead, and the world by fire. Here the Bishop or Priest makes the sign of the

cross on the fore-head of the person to be recon

ciled, saying : Receive the sign of the cross and of Christiani. ty, which having formerly received, you did not keep, but being unhappily deccived, you did deny. IVhen the person to be reconciled is led into the

church, the Bijhop or Priest says: Enter again the church of God, from which you have imprudently firayed; and gratefully give thanks for having escaped the snares of death. Abhor all idolatry, reject all heretical for heathenis, or Jewish] fuperftition. Worship God the Fa: ther almighty, and Jesus Christ his Son, and the koly Ghost, one living and true God, an holy and undivided Trinity.

Let us pray. Omnipotens.
Almighty and eternal God, receive with a

fatherly tenderness this sheep, which thy might hath snatched from the jaws of the wolf, and mercifully join it to thy flock; that the enemy may never rejoice at any loss of thy family, but that thy church may rejoice at his for her] conversion and deliverance, as a tender mother doth for finding her fun. Thro' Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

Let us pray. Deus, qui.


thou wonderfully created ft to thy own image and likeness : graciously look down upon this thy fervant, that what he [or she hath lost by blindness and ignorance, and the deceit of the devil the enemy, thy mercy may pardon and absolve: and that he cor she) may be restored to thy altars, having now again partaken of the communion of truth. Thro' Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

2. Do you believe in God the Father, the Creator of heaven and earth? A. I believe in him.

Q: Do you believe in Jesus Christ our Lord, who was born and suffered for us? A. I believe in him.

Q: Do you believe in the holy Ghost, and that the holy catholick church is the communion of saints; as also the forgiveness of fins, the resurrection of the flesh, and everlasting life after death? A. I believe it all.

Q: Do you renounce the devil, and all his angels? A. I renounce them.

2. Do you renounce every sect of heathenism, or heretical wickedness, or Jewith superstition? A. I renounce them.

2: Do you desire to be admitted into, and live in the unity of the catholick faith? A. I do defire



Let us pray. Domine, Deus. O

Lord, Almighty God, Father of our Lord

Jesus Christ, who haft vouchsafed mercifully to deliver this thy servant from [the errors of heathenism or the lies of heretical wickednefs, for Jewith superstition) and to recal him (or her] to thy church; do thou, O Lord, send down on him [or her] the holy Spirit the Comforter from hea

R.. Amen. The spirit of wisdom, and understanding. R, Amen.

The spirit of counsel, and strength. R. Amen.

The spirit of knowledge, and of piety. R. Amen.

Fill him (or her] with the light of thy brightness, and let him (or her] be marked with the sign of the crofs to everlasting life, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. R. Amen.

to wooooooooooook రంగtook tookశం A PRAYER for obtaining an INDULGENCE.

INSTRUCTION. N Indulgence is a favour granted by the Church to performing some particular acts of religion, specified in the grant of the indulgence, the whole, or part of the ca. nonical pennance formerly enjoined for particular fins, is relaxed and remitted. If the whole be remitted, the Indulgence is called Plenary; if only a part, it is called an Indulgence of seven years, four years, truo years, or forty days, according to the part of the Canonical pennance to be remitted. The Bishops of Rome alone at present grant such as are plenary; the other Bishops in their respective Dioccses seldom exceed in their grants that of forty days.

Hence it appears that an Indulgence is so far from being either a leave or permission to commit sin, (as is sometimes pretended by those, who venture their falvation on condemning doctrines they either do not, or will not understand) that it is not so much as even a forgiving of fins, but only a relaxation of the punishment due to fins already forgiven in the facrament of


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