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The seeds of heav'nly Sparso verbi fomine,

truths below: And then, with lasting Sui moras incolatûs

love, to close His life, this wond'rous Miro claufit ordine.

way he chose. That ev'ning, when In fupremæ nocte cæ

that supper past, Which with his brethren Recumbens cum fratriwas the last,

bus, The paschal victim ha- Observatâ lege plenè

ving eat, And clos'd the law in le- Cibis in legalibus ;

gal meat; He with his hands for Cibum turbæ duodenæ

food bestows Himself on twelve his Se dat suis manibus.

wisdom chose. The word made fesh,

Verbum caro panem by words he said, Turns into fleíh substan- Verbo carnem efficit;

tial bread: Wine too he makes his Fitque fanguis Christi blood divine,

merum, Tho' sense cries out : 'tis Etsi sensus deficit :

bread and wine. But hearts fincere are Ad firmandum cor fim

jhere insur'd
By faith in words of Sola fides sufficit.

Christ secur’d.
O this mysterious Antum ergo facra-

table now
Let knees, and heart, Veneremur cernui ;

and fenfes bow; Let ancient rites resign Et antiquum documen

their place To nobler elements of Novo cedat ritui:

grace : Vol. II,








What our weak senses Præftet fides supplemencan't defcry,

tuin Let ftronger faith the Sensuum defectui.

want fupply.
To th' undivided Genitori, Genitoque

Three and One,
To God the Father and Laus & jubilatio;

the Son Hifanna, honour, jubi- Salus, honor, virtus quolee,

que Praife, glory, benediction Sit et benedictio :

be; Toth’holy Ghost, whose Procedenti ab utroque

equal rays From both proceed, be Compar fit laudatio. equal praise. Amen.

Amen. V. Thou hast given

V. Panem de cælo them bread from hea- præftitisti eis, Alleluia. ven, Alleluia. R. Which R. Omne delectamenabounds with whatever tum in fe habentem, is delicious, Alleluia. Alleluia,

PRAYER. Deus, qui nobis.
God, who in this wonderful facrament haft

left us a perpetual memorial of thy passion : grant us, we beseech thee, fo to reverence the lacred mysteries of thy body and blood, that in our souls we may always be sensible of the fruit of the redemption thou hast purchased for us. Who livest. ooooooooooooo

00300 too



Pf. xix.
AY the Lord Xaudiat te Domi-

hear thee in the nus in die tribuladay of distress : * may tionis : * protegat te nothe name of the God of men Dei Jacob. Jacob protect thee.



May he send thee help Mittat tibi auxilium from his fanctuary: * de fancto: * & de Sion and from out of Sion de- tueatur te. fend thee.

May he remember e- Memor fit omnis favery sacrifice of thine : * crificii tui: * & holocauand may thy holocaust stum tuum pingue fiat. be fat.

May he grant thee Tribuat tibi fecunthy heart's delire : * and dun cor tuum : * & ombring to effect all thy ne consilium tuum condesigns.

firmet. We will rejoice in thy Lætabimur in falutasalvation : * and in the ri tuo : * & in nomine name of our God will Dei noftri magnificabiwe glory.

mur. May the Lord fulfil Impleat Dominus omall thy requefls : * now nes petitiones tuas: * I know the Lord hath nunc cognovi quoniain saved his anointed One. falvum fecit Dominus

Chriftum fuuin, He will hear him from Exaudiet illum de his holy heaven: * in cælo fanéto suo: * in might is the salvation of potentatibus falus dexhis right hand.

teræ ejus. Some trust in cha- Hi in curribus & bi riots, and some in hor- in equis : * nos autem in ses : * but we will call nomine Domini Dei noon the name of the stri invocabimus.. Lord. They are fettered and

Ipfi obligati sunt, & are fallen : * but we are ceciderunt : * nos autem risen, and stand up. surreximus, & erecti su

mus. O Lord, save the Domine falvum fac king: * and hear us in regem : * et exaudi nos the day we call on thee. in die, quâ invocaveri

mus te.

P R A Y E R. We beseech, as p. cccvi.

Another PRAYER. Deus, qui. O

those kingdoms that serve thee, mercifully hear our prayers, and defend thy servant our king from all danger; and grant that his fafety may conduce to the peace and welfare of thy people. Thro'

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2 Do


The person to be reconciled, being brought to the

church-door, is thus questioned by the Bishop or

O you believe the twelve articles of the

reed ? A. I believe them. Q: Do you believe in God the Father almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth? A. I bea lieve in him.

Q: Do you believe in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord ?' A. I believe in him.

Q: Do you believe he was conceived by the holy Ghost, and born of the Virgin Mary? 4. I believe it.

Q: Do you believe that he suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried? A. I believe it.

Q. Do you believe that he went down into hell!? A. I believe it.

2. Do you believe that on the third day he rose again from the dead? A. I believe it.

2: Do you believe that he ascended into heaven, and fitteth at the right hand of God the Father almighty? A. I believe it.

Q: Do you believe that he will come again to judge the living and the dead? A. I believe it.

1 Expl. The place of departed fouls.

2. Do you believe in the holy Ghost? A. I believe in him.

2. Do you believe the holy catholick church, the communion of saints ? A. I believe it,

2. Do you believe the forgiveness of sins ? A. I believe it.

Q. Do you believe the resurrection of the flesh, and everlasting life! A. I believe it.


Exorcise thee, O unclean spirit, by God the

Father almighty, and by Jesus Christ his Son, that thou depart from this servant of God, whoin our God and Lord vouchsafeth to deliver from thy errors and wiles, and bring back to our holy mother the catholick and apoftolick church. Let him Jay his commands on thee, Othou cursed and damned spirit, who suffered, died, and was buried for the salvation of mankind; who overcame thee, and all thy might; and rising again afcended into heaven, from whence he is to come to judge the living and the dead, and the world by fire. Here the Bishop or Priest makes the sign of the

cross on the fore-head of the person to be recon

ciled, saying : Receive the sign of the cross and of Christianity, which having formerly received, you did not keep, but being unhappily deccived, you did deny. IVhen the person to be reconciled is led into the

church, the Bijhop or Priest says: Enter again the church of God, from wbich you have imprudently firayed; and gratefully give thanks for having escaped the snares of death. Abhor all idolatry, reject all heretical or heathenis, or Jewish] fupeiitition. Worship God the Father almighty, and Jesus Christ his Son, and the koly Ghost, one living and true God, an holy and undivided Trinity.

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