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of Canaan coming from thofe parts, cried out, faying to him: Have mercy on me, O Lord, O Son of David: my daughter is grievously tormented by the Devil. But he answered her not a word. And his difciples came and entreated him, faying: Send her away, for fhe crieth out after us. But he anfwering, faid: I was fent only to the loft fheep of the house of Ifrael. But he came up to him, and adored him, faying: Lord, help me. Who anfwering, faid: It is not fit to take the childrens bread, and caft it to the dogs. And fhe faid: It is true, Lord: but the dogs alfo eat the fcraps which fall from their mafter's table. Then Jefus answering, faid to her: O woman, great is thy faith: be it done to thee according as thou defireft. And her daughter was healed at that very hour..

OFFERTORY. P. 30. The angel of the Lord will guard on every fide thofe that fear him, and he will deliver them: tafte and fee how fweet is the -Lord.



E befeech thee, O Lord, that the offerings which accompany this wholefome fait, may through thy mercy fave us. Thro'. COMMUNION. John 6. The bread, which I will give, is my flesh for the life of the world.



Y the free grant of thefe thy gifts, O Lord, augment our temporal, and renew our eternal helps. Thro'.


Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God.

PRAYER. Da, quæfumus.


Rant, O Lord, we befeech thee, that all Chriftian people may acknowledge what they profefs, and love the heavenly mystery, they fo often approach. Thro'.


Ant. Omulier, magna eft fides tua: fiat tibi, ficut petifti.

Anth. O woman, great is thy faith be it done to thee, as thou haft defired.

V. and R. as p. 27. PRAYER. Da, quæfumus.



Eliver me from my neceffities, O


INTROIT. Lord; fee my diftrefs and af-
Pf. xxiv.
fiction, forgive me all my fins. Pf. To thee have
I raised up my foul, O Lord: O my God, in thee
I truft, let me not be put to fhame. V. Glory.

COLLECT. Efto, Domine.

E propitious, O Lord, to thy people, and mercifully ftrengthen them by thy aid, whom thou filleft with devotion to thee. Thro'.


Ezekiel xviii. 20, 28.

TH Hus faith the Lord God: The foul that finneth the fame fhall die: the fon fhall not bear the iniquity of the father, nor the father the iniquity of the fon. The righteousness of the righteous man fhall be upon himself, and the wickednefs of the wicked man upon himself. But if the wicked man fhall repent of all the fins he hath committed, and obferve all my precepts, and do judgment and righteousness, he shall certainly live, and not die. All the wickednefs he hath wrought, I will not remember: by the righteoufnefs he hath done, fhall he live. Is

it my will that the finner fhould die, faith the Lord God? Is it not rather that he be converted from his ways and live? But if the righteous man fhall

a Expl. The righteous man shall be rewarded for his righteousness, and the wicked man punished for his wickedness.

turn away from his righteoufnefs, and commit iniquity according to all the abominations commonly practifed by the wicked, fhall he live? All the righteousness he hath done, shall be forgot: in the tranfgreffion he hath fallen into, and in the fin he hath committed, fhall he die. But you have faid: The way of the Lord is not juft. Hearken therefore, O houfe of Ifrael: Is it my way that is not juft; or, are they not rather your ways that are wicked? For, when the righteous man fhall depart from his righteoufnefs, and work iniquity, in it fhall hedie: in the unrighteoufnefs he hath wrought, fhall he die. And when the wicked man fhall forfake the iniquity he hath committed, and do judgment and righteoufnefs, he fhall reftore life to his foul. For when he reflecteth, and departeth from all the iniquities he had committed, he hall certainly live, and not die, faith the Lord Almighty.

GRADUAL. Pf. 85. Save, O Lord, thy fervant, who hopeth in thee. V. Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer.

TRACT. Deal not with us, as above, p. 29.
GOSPEL. John v. 1, 15.

T that time: There was a feftival of the Jews,
and Jefus went up to Jerufalem. Now there
is at Jerufalem by the Sheep-gate a pool, called in
the Hebrew tongue, Bethfaida, that hath five
porches. In thefe lay great numbers of fick, of
blind, lame, and withered, waiting for the moving
of the water. For an Angel of the Lord at a cer-
tain time defcended into this pool, and the water
was put in motion. And he who firft went in, af-
ter the water was put in motion, was healed of his
infirmity, whatfoever it was. Now there was a
man there, who had been eight and thirty years un-
der his infirmity. Whom when Jefus faw lying,.
and knew he had been a long time ill, he faith to

him: Wouldst thou be made whole? The fick man answered him: Lord I have no one to put me into the pool, when the water is put in motion: fo that while I am coming, another fteppeth in before me. Jefus faith to him: Rife, take up thy bed, and walk. And forthwith the man was made whole, and took up his bed and walked. And that day was the Sabbath. The Jews therefore faid to him that was cured: It is the Sabbath-day; it is not therefore lawful for thee to carry thy bed. He anfwered them: He, who healed me, faid to me: Take up thy bed and walk. Then they afked him : Who is that man, that faid to thee: Take up thy

bed and walk? But he that was healed knew not who it was for fefus had withdrawn himself from the crowd that was ftanding in the place. Afterwards fefus found him in the temple, and faid to him: Behold thou art made whole; fin now no more, left fomething worfe befall thee. The man went away and told the Jews, that it was Jefus,

who had made him whole.

OFFERTORY. Pf. 102. Blefs the Lord, O my foul, and forget not what he hath done for thee: and thou shalt grow young like an eagle.


O we beseech the offer

ings of cur homage, and mercifully fanctify thy own gifts. Thro'.

COMMUNION. P. 6. Let all my enemies be put to fhame, and be difmayed: let them be put to flight and fhame very speedily.

POST COMMUNION. Per hujus. "AY the efficacy of this facrament, O Lord, cleanfe us from our fins, and obtain for us the accomplishment of our just defires. Thro'.


Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God.

God, and ma

nifeft the light of thy grace to our fouls.

[blocks in formation]


Anth. He that healed me, commanded me, faying: Take up thy bed, and walk in peace. V. and R. as p. 27.



INTROIT.7 PЛ.lxxxvii.


Ant. Qui me fanum fecit, ille mihi præcepit: Tolle grabatum tuum, & ambula in pace. PRAYER. Exaudi nos.



ET my prayer come before thee, O Lord; give ear, O Lord, to my petition. Pf. O Lord God, my Saviour, to thee have I cried out night and day. V. Glory.

Immediately after the Kyrie eleïfon is faid:

Let us pray.

Let us kneel down.

R. Stand up again.

Flectamus genua. R. Levate.

I. COLLECT. Populum tuum. Ercifully, O Lord, look down on thy people, and in thy clemency turn away from them the fcourges of thy wrath. Thro'.



Deut. xxvi. 13. IN thofe days Mofes fpake to the people, faying: When thou haft fully paid the tithes of all thy fruit, thou shalt thus fpeak in the prefence of the Lord thy God. I have removed out of my houfe whatever was confecrated to thee, and I have given it to the Levite and to the ftranger, and to the orphan and the widow, as thou commandedft me; neither have I tranfgreffed thy precepts, nor for

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