Journey Through Time: Genesis

AuthorHouse, 1 feb 2005 - 312 páginas
Journey Through Time is a study guide for the book of Genesis. It can be used in personal study, for teaching, or as a very readable book that is both interesting and informative, easy to read and easy to understand. A lot of emphasis is placed on the different names for God as used in Genesis, their meaning and their application in the context; but it is with the understanding that each name is descriptive of an attribute of the One God. The origin of the races is discussed, also the historical background, not just of events related in the Bible, but as it relates to secular history. A book for any library!

Sobre el autor (2005)

Jenetta May writes from a great love for the subject matter, believing the Bible to be the infallible Word of God.  She has spent many years in studying and teaching the great book of Genesis, and believes that to understand Genesis is to better understand the rest of the Bible.  She has been a faithful member of the church of Christ for over 40 years, the wife of a minister and elder, a mother and grandmother.  She has had many mission experiences and had the opportunity to teach evangelistic classes on many of the Caribbean Islands and in the country of Ukraine.  She was invited to speak at two Universities and at the Donetsk Bible Institute in Ukraine.

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