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The truly Reverend Doctor THOMAS Wilson, fifty-eight years Bishop of Sodor and Man, was blessed with the spirit of prayer in a very uncommon measure: of which his Sacra Privata, or Private Meditations and Prayers, are an eminent instance.

They have hitherto been locked up from the world in an expensive book; and are mixed throughout with so much meditation and prayer that can come properly from the Clergy only, (to whom they are an invaluable treasure) as to unfit them for general use.

They are now presented to the public in a separate volume ; so that pious Christians may, at a reasonable expense, distribute them among such people as either will not or cannot buy them; and the petitions peculiar to the Clergy only, are all thrown out.

The pious reader will find these Meditations and Prayers too long, according to the present division of them, which there is no occasion to adhere to. He may take them up and lay them down at his own discretion and convenience. It is recommended to him to go through them regularly, and to continue the use of them his whole life; selecting such parts for more frequent meditation as are best adapted to his necessity and disposition.

As prayer is one of the most important works a man can be engaged in, and few find themselves able to discharge it in the manner they wish to do, it is humbly hoped, that this book, if duly attended to as it deserves, may, with God's assistance, teach them to pray; may lead our thoughts to meditate on religious subjects; and habituate us to clothe our meditations in the language of decent, pious, and fervent prayer.

That this valuable book may have this effect, is the intention and the earnest prayer of





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