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good sense of clergy and laity. His own uni-

versity. His correspondence with Sir Charles

Nicholson. The Archdeacon. The probable

result of the two systems. The opening of the

University. Its constitution well adapted to

Australia. The want of architectural beauty.

The Protestant cathedral. Lyons' Terrace. His

antecedents. Wooloomooloo. Sydney Museum.

The domain. The fashionable promenade. The

botanical garden. Its beauties. The shipping.

Flower-shows. The Curator. Governor Mac-

quarie. Trial by jury. Attorney-General finds

True Bill. The Judges of New South Wales.

Lord Shaftesbury and His Excellency. Sydney

not worse than any English garrison or port

town. Tallow fraud. Gold fraud. Not only

paupers and convicts sent out.

prodigals. The folly of sending them out. The

best way to send them out. Letter of introduc-

tion. The Mr. V.'s. The way to get on. .



Petty's Hotel. The turquoise ring. The colonial

church. Want of a constitution. Absolute

power of colonial Bishops. Perversions to

Romanism. Bishops of New Zealand and New-

castle. The petition presented on behalf of the

clergy to the Legislative Assembly. Mr. Glad-

stone's Church Bill. Suburbs of Sydney. Burial

Also young

[blocks in formation]


ground. Hot winds and storms. Adelaide.

Central Australia. Range of thermometer. Mel-

bourne. The Brickfielder, or Southerly Burster.

Ladies' bonnets. Menwear veils.

Menwear veils. The Sand.

Hills bush-rangers. Wooloomooloo. Dr. War-

dell. A vile criminal. Mr. Robert Lowe, M.P.

His kindness. Convicts never received into so-

ciety. Remarks on general society. The appear-

ance of residents. Average duration of life in

New South Wales. The Press. The Market-

place. Sydney Morning Herald. The Empire.

Jackson Creek. Lunatic Asylum. Frequency

of insanity



Reflections during night at sea. The polar star


Orion. Pleiades. Worship of heavenly bodies.

Turner's pictures. The Christian feelings. Pro-

fessor Whewell. Conjecture and speculation.

The various systems. Their mighty mutations.

Geology. Rev. H. Moseley's astronomical lec-

tures. Dr. Chalmers. Return from Sydney. A

drunken black steward. Icebergs round the

Horn. Floating or field ice. Accident to car-

penter. Fall from fore-topsail yard. Rio de

Janeiro. The harbour. The health officer. The

custom-house book. The yellow fever. Predis-

posing causes. The market-place or bazaar.

Slavery. Treatment of slaves. Bought or sold

like animals. A bellowing black. What right

of property in a slave. The appearance of Rio

de Janeiro. Productions of Brazil. Emperor's

residence. Artificial flowers. The Brazilian




Australia metalliferous. Sir C. Fitzroy applies for

a geological surveyor. Steel.

Gold. First nug-

get. His Excellency's projected visit to Mel.

[blocks in formation]
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