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above the grasp of reason; and when giving a Critique of all Revelations, they have usually maintained that ground. This point has, therefore, been discussed in one of the chapters. So the main objections of French Infidels against the Scriptures, from Voltaire downwards, have been based upon the peculiar character of the men and the means first employed to propagate Christianity. An attempt is therefore made to investigate that point in another chapter. Thus, all the most important individual objections which have been urged by the abettors of Modern Infidelity, of any grade or school, against the Bible, have here been made the subject of discussion ; so that we hope no one point has been passed by, which has any very serious bearing on the truthfulness and the divinity of a Religion which can so powerfully promote both the present and the future welfare of mankind.


Not only is the design of the Bible good, but its actual character ex-

cellent-The nature and degree of inspiration Internal evidences
--Sublime truths of the BibleTheir extraordinary power on the
heart — Their extraordinary harmony - The analogy between
these truths and the constitution and course of nature. The extra-
ordinary insight into the human heart which they display

Objection of Modern Infidelity against the slow development of

Christianity—The religion of the Bible is adapted to every grade
of society-Adapted to any climate—To every order of intellect
-To every degree of moral culture-Its doctrinal system is
adapted to universal reception—The same of its moral system-

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