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052 GR31 Ser.2



WE trust that, in the year now concluding, many works of considerable merit have been reviewed, and many communications of importance have been laid before our readers. The Notes on Boswell's Johnson being nearly terminated, it is proposed to supply the place which they occupied, by some other papers of a similar kind. The Diary of a Lover of Literature, which has been so favourably received by our readers, we intend to continue at the usual intervals. It is also our intention, before long, to commence the publication of an original Provincial Glossary, illustrated by passages from the old English Poets: in this Glossary no word will be admitted which the writer has not himself heard from the mouths of the peasantry, and almost all will be shown to have been in use previous to the time of Queen Elizabeth, though now, as regards the general language of the country, they have fallen into desuetude. Our Retrospective articles will be continued, as often as we discover works of old writers that have not been previously brought before the public: if this department is not more full, it is owing to the Censura Literaria, and other books of a similar kind, having pre-occupied much, especially in poetry.

From the space which is filled in our Magazine by other departments of Literature, it sometimes happens that our Reviews of New Books are not so quickly brought out as we could wish; but as a compensation for that defect, when it arises, we endeavour most carefully to ascertain their merits and charactér, and give such an account as our readers may rely on with confidence. Among the multifarious productions of the Press in the present day, it is of importance to distinguish between what is hastily got up for present purposes, and what is intended for real use, and lasting improvement. We are sorry to say, that


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