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Rev. R. H. Williams, to be Master of St. Asaph Grammar School.

Rev. G. Woods, to be Master of Gainsborough Grammar School.

C. R. Turner, esq. to be one of the Masters of the Court of Queen's Bench,


April 10. At the Vicarage, Milton Abbots, Devon, the wife of the Rev. St. Vincent Hammick, a son.-13. At Brook-green, the wife of the Rev. Edw. Wickham, a son.- -23. At Athens, the Countess Palatiano, a son.

May 17. In Southwick-street, Hyde Park, the wife of Jonathan Peel, esq. barrister-atlaw, a dau.—In Belgrave-st. the Viscountess Corry, a son.-19. In Nottingham-place, the wife of L. Shadwell, esq. a son.-22. At Heanton Satchville, lady Clinton, a dau. -24. The wife of E. Buller, esq. M.P. a son.- -At Kensington-gore, the wife of Major-Gen. Durant, a son.- At Wardle, near Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs. Primrose, a dau.-26. Lady Louisa Whitmore, a son and heir.- -The wife of the Bishop of Ripon, a dau. -31. The wife of the Hon. A. H. Moreton, M.P. a dau.

June 1. At Hampton-lodge, Surrey, lady Catharine Long, a son.-3. At Kilmory, Argyllshire, the lady of Sir J. Orde, Bart. a son.

-5. At Twyford House, Hants, the wife of Robert Clutterbuck, esq. a son.-6. At Seend, the wife of W. H. Ludlow Bruges, esq. M.P. a son.-7. The wife of C. A. Wood, esq. a dau.

-At Wexham Lodge, Bucks, the wife of Major Bent, a dau.-8. Near Exmouth, the Hon. Mrs. Laurence Shaw, a dau.-10. At the Hasells, Beds. Lady Jane Pym, a dau. At Godmanstone, Dorset, the wife of Thomas Onslow, esq. a dau.-11. In Dover-st. the Duchess de Coigny, a dau.-12. At Blackheath, the wife of James Farquhar, esq. a



April 9. At Malta, Lieut. Wm. Calmady Nowell, of H. M. S. Vanguard, to Catarina, dau. of the Marquis of Testaferrata.

16. At Brentwood, the Rev. F. B. Tate, Vicar of Charing, Kent, to Sarah-Martham, only dau. of the late Mr. Daniel Thorne, formerly of Southend.

May 1. The Rev. William Lister, Vicar of Roath, Glamorg. to Miss Davenhill, of Wolverhampton.- -The Rev. Henry Caddell, minister of St. John's, Fulham, to Ellen, youngest dau. of the Rev. James Buckingham, Vicar of Burrington, Devon. -At Melton, Suffolk, W. M. Woodley, esq. of Upper Clapton, to Charlotte Augusta, third dau. of the late Rev. P. Meadows, Rector of Great Bealings.--At Camberwell, Richard Bellis, esq. of the Inner Temple, to Matilda Rebecca, eldest dau. of T. J. Irvine, esq. R.N.

2. At Nevern, Pemb. the Rev. L. L. Thomas, Rector of Newport, to Eliza, second dau. of Mr. John Dickinson, formerly of Guildhallyard. Thomas Platt, of Lincoln's Inn, esq. barrister-at-law, third son of Sam. Platt, of Keppel-st. esq. to Anua, eldest dau. of J. H. S. Pigott, esq. of Brockley Hall, Somersetsh.

-At St. Alphage, Joseph Thomas Millard, youngest son of the late John Millard, esq. of Cordwainers' Hall, to Mary, second dau. and Thomas Burdon, son of the late John Burdon, esq. of Winchester, to Emily, youngest dau. of the Rev. Robert Watts, of Sion College, Preb, of St. Paul's. At St. Clement Danes, Frederick, son of Joseph Cripps, esq. M.P. to Lætitia Mary, eldest dau. of the late G. B. Napier, of Pennard House, Som. esq. and Mary, now wife of Sir J. D. Paul, Bart.- At Camberwell, the Rey. G, Majéndie, Vicar of Stanton

St. Bernard. Wilts, to Susan Maria, widow of the Rev. Jas. Du Boulay, Rector of Headington, Wilts. At Battersea, Wrightson Robt. Bryant, esq. of Exning Lodge, Suffolk, to Eliza, eldest dau. of C. A. Young, esq. of Southwark and Battersea.- -At Tottenham, Colin Rogers, M.D. of Dorset-sq. Regent's-park, to Maria, eldest dau. of the late Rev. W. Shaw, of Edmonton. At Clapham, T. S. Harrison, esq. M.D. of Brighton, to Mary, widow of B. Ward, esq. of Camberwell.- At Montreal, Lower Canada, Edw. J. S. Maitland, esq. son of Wm. Maitland, esq. of Exeter, to Mary Ann Addison, dau. of Major Geo. Bell, 1st regt.

4. At Brixham, Wm. Froude, esq. second son of the Ven. Archdeacon Froude, to Catharine H. E. youngest dau. of Arthur H. Holdsworth, esq. of Widdicombe and Brooke Hill, Devon.- -At St. George's, Bloomsbury, R. H. Graham Foster Pigott, esq. son of the late Col. Graham F. Pigott, M.P. for Kinross, to Eliza, eldest dau. of the late Col. Ogle, of Brixtable Lodge, Surrey.At St. Pancras, Robt. Duffield Cooke, esq. of Doughty-st. to Mary Ann, eldest dau. of the late Edw. Wallwyn, esq. Hellens Much Marcle, Herefordshire.-At St. George's, Bloomsbury, the Rev. R. Smith, Vicar of New Romney, Kent, to Louisa, youngest dau. of the late J. H. Clarke, esq.


7. At Bury Pomeroy, Devon, Wm. Brockedon, esq. to Anna María, widow of Capt. Farwill, R.N. of Totness. At St. Pancras, Maj. Picton Beete, 21st Fusileers, to Lucy, second dau. of the late John Jefferys, esq.At Castlebar, co. Wexford, the Rev. Yarburgh Gamaliel Lloyd, incumbent of Rawcliffe and Whitgift, co. York, to Editha, youngest dau. of the late A. W. Le Hunte, esq. of Artamont, co. Wexford.

8. The Rev. H. N. Beaver, Vicar of Gringley, Notts, to Stella, eldest dau. of the late T. Naylor, esq. of Nottingham.-At White Waltham, Lambert, youngest son of C. Pole, esq. of Wyck-hill house, Glouc. to Anna, second dau. of the Rev. H. Pole, of Walthamplace. At Paddington, Thomas Parker, eldest son of the late Capt. Arscott, R.N. Chudleigh, Devon, to Mary Eliza, eldest dau. of the late R. Hallett, esq. of Axminster.

10. At Lyme, George Vernon Cotton, esq. youngest son of the late Bayes Cotton, esq. of Kenilworth, to P. Charlotte, youngest dau. of the late Rev. Gorton, Rector of Chickerell and Vicar of Sherborne, Dorset.

11. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, John, eld. son of James Gregory, esq. of Upper Montagu-st. to Maria Antoinette Isabella, granddau. of the late Lieut.-Col. George Constable. -At St. George's, Hanover-sq. John Rowland Smith, esq. Capt. 9th Dragoons, to the Hon. Catherine Alice Abbott, youngest dau. of the late Lord Tenterden. At Paris, John Copling, jun. esq. E. I. service, only surviving son of John Copling, esq. of Homerton, to Mary, widow of George Brettle, esq. of Raleigh lodge, Surrey.-By the Dean of Jersey, Harry Compton, esq. of the Chateau de la Bryere (Cotes du Nord, France), to Anna Maria, eldest dau. of the late Thos. Wells, Comm. R.N.

14. At Gorleston, Suffolk, William Bracey, esq. of Upper Clapton, to Clementina Sophia, second dau. of the late Rev. Clement Chevallier, Rector of Badingham.-At Quethiock, the Rev. James Buckingham, Rector of Doddiscombsleigh, eldest son of the Rev. James Buckingham, Vicar of Burrington, to Mary Robertson, eldest dau. of the Rev. Dr. Fletcher, Vicar of Quethiock.- -At Reigate, John Dixon, jun. esq. of Mecklenburgh-square, to Elizabeth Mary, only dau. of the late Rev. Dr. Freeman, Vicar of Chalfont St. Peter's, Bucks. 15. The Rev. T. D. Hudson, of Buscot Rectory, Berks, to Isabella Mary, eldest dau. of the late Rev. W. L. Bennett, Rector of Water

Stratford, Bucks.-At Nantes, John Stewart, esq. of London, youngest son of the late Rev. Dr. Alex. Stewart, Minister of the Canongate, Edinburgh, to Matilda, only dau. of James Grahame, jun. esq. of Whitehill, Advocate.The Rev. W. C. Colton, Vicar of Baston, Linc. to Eliza, eldest dau. of G. Denshire, esq. of Thetford House, Linc.

16. At St. George's, Hanover-sq. the Hon. Henry Spencer Law, brother to Lord Ellenborough, to Dorothea Anne, eldest dau. of Col. Rochfort, of Clogrenane, co. Carlow, and niece of Lord Downes.- -At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Thomas Brame Browne, esq. of Lincoln's Inn-fields, to Mary, only dau. of Major Blakeney, Pimlico.- Edw. Bullock Webster, B.A. of Wadham Coll. Oxf. eldest son of E. W. Bullock Webster, esq. of Hendon, to Maria, eldest dau. of Henry Verity, esq. of Old Castle, co. Glamorgan.-At Wortley, near Sheffield, Joshua, third son of Joshua Scholefield, esq. of Birmingham, M.P. to Susan, dau. of Archd. Corbett. At Alverstoke, Henry Layton, esq. Comm. R.N. to Charlotte Elizabeth, second dau. of the Rev. Edward Barnard, Rector of Alverstoke, Hants.--At Upton, the Rev. Robert Polwhele, Incumb. of Penley, Flintsh. and son of the late Rev. Richard Polwhele, of Polwhele, to Emily Christiana, youngest dau, of Lt. Col. Pigott, of Slevoy Castle, co. Wexford.

18. At Fakenham, Suffolk, Henry Wilson, esq. of Stowlangtoft Hall, to Caroline, only dau. of the late Lord Henry Fitz Roy, and niece of the Duke of Grafton.--At St. George's, Hanover-sq. Henry Joyce Newark, esq. to Catharine, widow of Bury Hutchinson, esq.


21. At Marylebone Church, John Gardiner, esq. of Whitehall-pl. and Ulster-pl. Regent'spark, to Louisa Jane, fourth dau. of W. B. Tufnell, esq. late of Pleshey Lodge, Essex.--At Reading, Alfred Willmott, esq. M.D. to Fanny, youngest dau. of the late J. Pullen, esq.St. Alban's, Maj. R. O. Mereton, late of E. I. Service, to Alexina, youngest dau. of Alex. Lamb, esq. of Marford, Herts.At Bexley, Robert, eldest son of James Russell, esq. of Horton Court Lodge, Kent, to Sarah, eldest dau. of R. H. Dowling, esq.; also, John Barlow Shaw, esq. of Brimpton Lodge, near Newbury, to Sophia Matilda, youngest dau. of R. H. Dowling, esq. -At Frome, Richard E. A. Townsend, esq. of Doctors' Commons, to Emma Martha, dau. of Geo. Sheppard, esq. of Fromefield, Som.At Highgate, Henry Thos. Geo. Fitzgerald, esq. only surviving son of Col. Fitzgerald, of Maperton House, Som. to Elizabeth Harriot, eldest dau. of the Rev. S. W. Yates, Vicar of St. Mary's, Reading.

22. The Rev. John Nelson, jun. of Twyford, eldest son of the Rev. J. Nelson, Rector of Beeston and Little Dunham, Norfolk, to Mary, third dau. of Benj. Francis, esq. of Litcham. --At Shustoke, Warw. Edw. Moore, third son of Joseph Boultbee, esq. of Springfield, to Beatrice Jane, youngest dau. of the late John Boultbee, esq. of Baxterley.At Cheltenham, John De Courcy Dashwood, esq. Lieut. R.N. second son of Rear-Adm. Sir C. Dashwood, to Henrietta Willoughby, only dau. of late S. G. Barrett, esq. of Jamaica.---At Brixton, George youngest son of Thomas Brocklebank, esq. of Greenwich, to Elizabeth Jane, second dau. of R. W. Herring, esq. of Fleet-st.-At Winfrith, Dorset, Capt. Wigston, 18th regt. to Anne, widow of Lt.-Col. Haverfield.

23. At St. Mary's Newington, Henry Edmondes, esq. Deputy Clerk of the Peace for Middlesex, to Sophia Catharine, eldest dau. of Mr. Edwyd Statham.-At Islington, John Pocock Holmes, esq. M.D. of Old Fish-street, Doctors' Commons, to Edith Bothilda, third dau. of the late Consul-general Horneman.——— At Alveston, Warw. the Rev. Florence We

thered, Vicar of Hurley, Berks, to EstherEllen, dau. of the Rev. G. H. Peel, of Avon Cliff, Alveston.- -Rev. J. Dunnington, M.A. of the Thicket Priory, Yorkshire, to Anna Mervynia, cidest dau. of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir H. M. Vavasour, Bart.

24. At Bristol, the Rev. Henry E. Chamberlain, to Emily, dau. of the late Ď. Henderson, M.D.


At West Monkton, Yorksh. the Rev. C. Wm. Bingham, Vicar of Sydling St. Nicholas, Dorset, to Caroline Damer, second dau, of the Rev. M. J. Wynyard, Chaplain to the Queen.

At Southampton, Cap. Doherty, 14th Drag. to Anne-Eliza, second dau. of Sir H. Onslow, Bart. -The Hon. Mr. Waldegrave, brother to Earl Waldegrave, to Miss Braham, eldest dau. of the veteran vocalist.

27. At Newtonbarry, the Hon. F. Savile, R.A. son of the Earl of Mexborough, to Autonia, dau. of the Rev. Wm. Archdall, of Tintern, Wexford.

28. J. S. Shortt, esq. Lieut. King's Own, son of the late Lieut.-Col. Shortt, 41st regt. to Mary, dau. of Vice-Adm. Sir T. Harvey, K.C.B. of Sholden Lodge, Kent.--The Rev. J. W. Lay, Vicar of Roydon, Essex, to Caroline, eld. dau. of the Rev. Dr. Greenwood, Rector of Colne Engaine. --Sir T. G. Le Marchant, Major 99th regt. second son of the late Gen. Le Marchant, to Margaret Anne, third dau. of the Rev. Robert Taylor, M.A. Rector of Clifton Campville.--At Marylebone, J. R. Tennant, of Chapel House, York, esq. to Frances Mary, second dau. of Matthew Wilson, of Eshton Hall, esq.--At Plymouth, Edm. L. Lockyer, esq. to Julia Mary, dau. of late Rev. T. Woodforde, Rector of Ansford, Som.

29. At Northam, the Rev. W. Thorold, youngest son of the late Rev. G. Thorold, Rector of Hougham, cum Marston, Lincolnshi. to Frances Elizabeth, eldest dau. of James Gould, esq. of Knapp.--At Bath, the Rev. F. L. Moysey, to Arabella, eldest dau. of the Hon. J. B. Ward.- -At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Matthew Wood, esq. Madras Army, to Sarah Maria, youngest dau. of the late Jeremiah Glanvill, esq. of North Cray.-The Rev. Theophilus Clarke, of South Molton, Devon, to Francis Georgiana, fourth dau. of W. Chapman, esq. of Brooke House, Polton.-Rev. P. Stubbs, Vicar of Well, Yorkshire, to Miss Croft, dau. of the late James Croft, esq. of Middleham.


At St. Mary's, Bryanstone-sq. R. A. Ferryman, esq. to Elizabeth, dau. of the late T. Wood, esq. of Woburn-place.-At St. George's, Bloomsbury, John Pretty Muspratt, esq. of Russell-sq. to Letitia, third dau. of the late Nath. Gostling, esq.

Lately. At Grantham, the Rev. J. W. Inman, Fellow of St. John's coll. Camb. and master of Grantham school, to Mary, eldest dau. of Wm. Turner, esq. M.D.-Wm. John Waldron, esq. of Balla Lodge, Mayo, to Louisa, dau. of the Hon. and Very Rev. Geo. Gore, Dean of Killala.

June 1. At Brighton, Wm. Aldwin Soames, esq. of Milton-on-Thames, Kent, to Laura Sophia, fourth dau. of the late Henry Martin, esq. of Sidmouth,-William Oke Manning, jun. esq. of London, to Frances Augusta, second dau. of Stacey Wise, esq. of Hardingstone, Northamptonsh.- -At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Charles Hindley, esq. M.P. to Ann, only dau. of the late R. Fort, esq. of Read Hall, Lanc.

22. At St. George's, Hanover-sq. by the Rev. T. J. Ormerod, Jas. Greenfield, of Rhyddgaer, esq. High Sheriff for the county of Anglesea, to Margaret, second dau. of Joseph Bailey, of Glanusk Park, Breconshire, esq. M.P,



May 16. In Berkeley-square, aged 85, the Right Hon. Edward Clive, Earl of Powis, Viscount Clive of Ludlow, Baron Herbert of Chirbury, and Baron Powis of Powis Castle (1804), Baron Clive of Walcot (1794), and Baron Clive of Plassey, co. Clare (1761), a Privy Councillor, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Shropshire, D. C. L. &c. &c.

The Earl of Powis was born March 7, 1754, the eldest son of Robert first Lord Clive, the renowned founder of our Indian empire, by Margaret, daughter of Edmund Maskelyne, of Purton in Wiltshire, esq. and sister to the Rev. Dr. Nevile Maskelyne, Astronomer Royal. He succeeded to the Irish peerage on the death of his father, Nov. 22, 1774; and about the same time (though then under age) he was returned to Parliament for the borough of Ludlow, which he continued to represent until his elevation to an English peerage in 1794. In 1783 his Lordship supported Mr. Fox's India Bill, and in 1788 he divided in favour of the Prince of Wales's claims.

In 179.. he was appointed Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the county of Salop and at the same period he was Colonel of the Militia of that county.

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On the 14th Aug. 1794, he was created Baron Clive of Walcot, co. Salop.

In 1802 he was appointed Governor of Madras, whither be repaired, but resigned the command in the following year. On the 3rd May, 1804, the thanks of both Houses of Parliament were voted to him for his services during the Mahratta war; and on the 12th of the same month he was advanced to the titles of Earl of Powis, Viscount Clive, of Ludlow, Baron Herbert of Chirbury, co. Salop, and Baron Powis, of Powis Castle, co. Montgomery. He had married in 1784 the sister and heiress of the last Earl of Powis of the family of Herbert, with whom that title had expired in 1801.

In 1805 the Earl of Powis was nominated Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and sworn a Privy Councillor on the 21st of November; but the death of Mr. Pitt, before his departure, was the cause of that appointment not taking place.

His Lordship was formerly Recorder both of Shrewsbury and Ludlow.

The Earl was remarkable for physical vigour; and though he spent some

years of his life in India, and lived freely, he might be seen, when almost 80, digging in his garden, at six o'clock in the morning, in his shirt sleeves. He was apparently well the day before his death.

He married, May 7, 1784, Lady Hen.. rietta Antonia Herbert, dau. of HenryArthur Earl of Powis (so created in 1747), the male representative of the Herberts of Dolgeiog, a collateral branch of those of Chirbury, by Barbara, sole daughter and heiress of Lord Edward Herbert, only brother of William third and last Marquess of Powis. By this lady, who, on the death of her brother in 1801, succeeded to the whole of the Powis estates, and who died on the 3d June, 1830, his Lordship had issue two sons and two daughters: 1. The Right Hon. Edward Herbert, now Earl of Powis, Lord Lieutenant of Montgomeryshire, and President of the Roxburghe Club, and late Member for Ludlow in the present Parliament; he was born in 1785, and married in 1818 Lady Lucy Graham, sister to the present Duke of Montrose and the Countess of Winchilsea, and has issue Edward-James Lord Clive, born in 1818, and many other children; 2. Lady Henrietta Antonia, married in 1817 to Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart. M.P. Lord Lieutenant of Denbighshire and Merionethshire, and died in 1835 leaving issue; 3. the Most Noble Charlotte-Florentia Duchess of Northumberland, late Governess to her present Majesty; she was married in 1817 to his Grace Hugh present Duke of Northumberland, K.G. but has no issue; 4. the Hon. Robert Henry Clive, M.P. for the Southern Division of Shropshire, who married in 1819 Lady Harriet Windsor, daughter of the late Earl of Plymouth, and a co-heir with her sister the Marchioness of Downshire, of the barony of Windsor; they have several children.

The funeral of the late Earl left his residence, in Berkeley-square, on the morning of the 20th May, attended by his two sons, the family solicitor, house steward, &c.; the private carriages of the Duchess of Northumberland, Duke of Montrose, Marquis and Marchioness of Downshire, Major Smith, Sir Watkin W. Wynn, Miss Walpole, Mr. Henry Clive, Mrs. Wilson, &c. &c. The interment took place in the family vault, in Broomfield Church, on Saturday May 25. By his marriage settlement, a large por

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Bishop Marsh was a native of London. In what school he received his early education we are not informed; but in 1776 he became a sizar of St. John's College, Cambridge, where he greatly distinguished himself as a classical and mathematical student. He took his bachelor's degree in 1779, as second Wrangler and second Smith's Prize-man; he was elected to a Fellowship in his college, and proceeded M.A. in 1782. In the following year he went to Germany for improvement in modern languages, and he resided for several years at Gottingen, and thus qualified himself for the translation of one of the profoundest works in German divinity, Michaelis on the New Testament.

But theological studies did not wholly engross his thoughts and time, for he is said to have obtained some important information on public affairs, the communication of which to the Government at home was considered so conducive to the public service as to deserve the grant of a pension, which he received from Mr. Pitt.

On the French armies invading Germany, Mr. Marsh returned home, and resumed his academical pursuits at Cambridge. He took the degree of B.D. in 1792, and commenced a career of extensive authorship, the particulars of which will be found in the list of his works hereafter given. It was his fortune to be embroiled in various controversies, greater perhaps in number and importance than any other author of his time.

In 1807, on the death of the Rev. John Mainwaring, B.D. he was elected Lady Margaret's Professor of Divinity, and he immediately engaged in a course of English lectures on theology, instead of the Latin lectures formerly given, according to ancient usage. By this change he was enabled to increase materially the benefit of his instructions, as persons of all orders and descriptions had the power of hearing his lectures, which were delivered from the University pulpit. He was created D.D. in pursuance of royal mandate, in 1808.

In 1816 Dr. Marsh was advanced to the

Bishopric of Llandaff, and in 1819 he was translated to Peterborough. His attempts to repress Calvanism in his new diocese soon rendered him obnoxious to the evangelical portion of the clergy, and several publications appeared on the subject, which was ultimately brought before the House of Lords, but without any material result. The following is a list of Dr. Marsh's publications :

Introduction to the New Testament,

by J. D. Michaelis. Translated from the German, and considerably augmented with notes explanatory and supplemental. 1792-1801, 4 vols. 8vo.

An Essay on the usefulness and necessity of theological learning to those who are designed for Holy Orders. 1792, 4to.

The authenticity of the five books of Moses considered; being the substance of a discourse lately delivered. 1792, 8vo.

Letters to Archdeacon Travis, in vindication of one of the translator's notes to Michaelis's Introduction, and in confirmation of the opinion that a Greek MS. now preserved in the Public Library at Cambridge, is one of the seven quoted by R. Stephens; with an appendix containing a review of Mr. Travis's collation of the Greek MS. which he examined at Paris. 1795, 8vo.

An extract from Pappebaum's treatise on the Berlin MS.; and an essay on the origin and object of the Velesian readings. Leipsic, 1795, 8vo.

Patie's Essay on the English National Credit; or an attempt to remove the apprehensions of those who have money in the English funds. Translated from the German. 1797, 8vo.

An Examination into the conduct of the British Ministry, relative to the late proposal of Buonaparte. 1800, 8vo.

The History of the Politics of Great Britain and France, from the time of the conference at Pilnitz, to the declaration of war against Great Britain; with the attempts made by the British government to restore peace. 1800, 2 vols. 8vo.

Postscript to the History. 1800, 8vo. The " History of the Politics of Great Britain and France" vindicated from a late attack of William Belsham. 1801, 8vo.

A Dissertation on the origin and composition of the three first Gospels. 1802, 8vo. This is incorporated in the second edition of the translation of Michaelis.

Letters to the anonymous author of "Remarks on Michaelis and his Commentator." 1802, 8vo.

The Illustration of the Hypothesis proposed in the "Dissertation on the origin and composition of our three first Canonical Gospels;" with a preface and appendix. 1803, 8vo.

A Defence of " The Illustration of the Hypothesis." 1804, 8vo.

A Letter to the conductor of the Critical Review, on Religious Toleration. 1810, 8vo.

A course of Lectures, containing a description and systematic arrangement of the several branches of Divinity; with an account of the principal authors who have excelled at different periods in theological learning. 1810, 8vo.

The National Religion the foundation of National Education; a Sermon preached at the yearly meeting of the children educated in the Charity Schools in and about London. 1811, 4to. 6th edit. 1813, 8vo.

Vindication of Dr. Bell's system of Tuition. 1811, 8vo.

An Enquiry into the consequences of neglecting to give the Prayer-book with the Bible. 1812, 8vo.

History of the Translations which have been made of the Scriptures. 1812, 8vo.

A Letter to the Right Hon. N. Vansittart; being an answer to his second letter on the British and Foreign Bible Society. 1812, 8vo.

Letter of explanation to the dissenter and layman, who has lately addressed himself to the author on the views of the Protestant Dissenters. 1813, 8vo.

A Letter to the Rev. Charles Simeon, A.M. in answer to his pretended congratulatory address; in confutation of his various mis-statements; and in vindication of the efficacy ascribed by our Church to Infant Baptism. 1813, 8vo.

Letter to the Rev. P. Gandolphy, in confutation of the opinion, that the vital principles of the Reformation have lately been conceded to the Church of Rome. 1813, 8vo.

Six Lectures on the Interpretation of the Bible; being Part III. of a course of Lectures. 1813, 8vo.

Reply to the strictures of the Rev. Isaac Milner, D.D. 1813, 8vo.

Sermon preached before the University of Cambridge, on Commencement Sunday, July 4. 1813, 4to.

Hora Pelasgicæ, part I.; containing an inquiry into the origin and language of the Pelasgi, or the ancient inhabitants of Greece; with a dissertation on the Pelasgic or Æolic Digamma, as represented in the various inscriptions in which it is still preserved; and an attempt to determine its genuine Pelasgic pronunciation. 1813, 8vo.

A second Letter to the Rev. C. Simeon, in confutation of his various misstatements, and in vindication of the efficacy ascribed by our Church to the sacrament of Baptism. 1814.

A Comparative View of the Churches of England and Rome. 1814, 8vo.

Statement of Two Cases tried,-one in the King's Bench, and the other in the Arches Court of Canterbury, on the subject of his anti-Calvinistic examination of Candidates for Holy Orders, and applicants for licenses to preach or hold livings in his diocese.


Whatever came from Bishop Marsh's pen evinced unwearied assiduity in research, extreme acuteness in discovering circumstances that could elucidate the subject of his investigation, and the utmost clearness in stating the result of his labours. His translation of Michaelis's Introduction to the New Testament is accompanied by many learned disquisitions on points of great moment. Letter to Mr. Archdeacon Travis contains information of indisputable value to those who are engaged in the study of the Greek Manuscripts of the New Testament. His Comparative View of the Churches of England and Rome-a volume of much importance at the timeis rendered still more important by subsequent events. His Lectures in Divinity contain a more systematic arrangement of the several branches of Theology than had previously appeared, and abound in matter most useful to theological students. As a Bishop he ever showed the greatest attention to the clergy over whom he was placed, and was most prompt and exact in the dispatch of business. As a man, he was liberal in all his views, of great benevolence, and remarkable for his friendliness of disposition.

By the death of the late Bishop of Peterborough, an alteration has taken place in the Ecclesiastical position of the county of Nottingham, which is no longer under the episcopal view of the Archbishop of York, but under that of the Bishop of Lincoln. The counties of Nottingham and Lincoln now form one diocese, and are in the province of Canterbury.

The Bishop's funeral took place on the 8th May at Peterborough cathedral. The pall was borne by the Ven. Archdeacon Strong, the Rev. H. J. Smythies, the Rev. John Hopkinson, the Rev. A. S. Lendon, the Rev. J. H. Stone, and the Rev. J. W. Norman. The chief mourners were the Bishop's two sons, the Rev. Herbert Charles Marsh, and George Henry Marsh, esq. The Rev. E. Mortlock, and Captain Dunn, who married a niece of the Bishop, also attended. The procession was met at the palace gateway by the clergy of the cathedral, where the service was performed by the Rev. Dr. James, Sub-Dean (the

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