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Ovington, tomb erected in the church-
yard to Sir T. R. Dyer 160
Oxford Society of Gothic Architecture,
meetings of the 70, 633

University, commemoration at
69. prizes awarded, and subjects pro-
posed for the ensuing year 70
Paer, F. memoir of 205

Painted Glass Window, designed for
Upwell Church 400
Panorama of Malta 178
Parliament, proceedings in 78, 188, 294,

new Houses of, contract for

the building of the 529
Parr, Dr. letter to C. Fox 453
Pavement, specimens of, in Oxford-street

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Tesselated, discovered 410

Pelham, J. C. death of 670
Pembroke, derivation of the name 39
Pencombe Church, notice of 246. anti-
quities in the neighbourhood of Pen-
combe 247

Perrot, Sir J. account of 353. his en-
gagements in the prosecution of the
pirates 354

Peru, defeat of the Peru-Bolivian army

81. a case of assassination, and effi-
cacy of the Peruvian police 576
Phoenician Intercourse with the British
Islands 133

Pictures, sales of 178

Poetry, Goethe's remarks on 363
Old French 373

Polybius, Mr. Moyle's criticism upon a
passage of 254

Pomfret, Dow. C'tess of, death of 436, 442
Pons Scaldis, Roman causeway found at

Postage Bill 294, 296, 297. regulations
under the new Act 639

Powis, Earl of, memoir of 85
Praed, W. M. memoir of 319
Price, S. G. memoir of 200
Printed Papers, parliamentary proceed-
ings relating to 80
Prisons Bill 190, 294
Pritzler, Sir T. memoir of 90

Prony, de, Le Baron, memoir of 312
Prose and Verse, Goethe's remarks on 362
Psalter, ancient, description of an 72
Railway, the Great Western 302
Raleigh, Sir Walter, his influence with
Elizabeth 269. interesting letter of,
to his wife 270

Ramsden, Sir J. memoir of 422
Rantzau, Count, mutilation of 606
Rating of Tenements Bill 79
Rawmarsh Church, near Leeds, re-open-
ing of 531

Reading, opening of the new Royal
Berkshire Hospital at 81

Rees, Rev. R. memoir of 94
Reformation of the 16th Century 555.
remarks on the history of ib. corrup-
tions in the Church 557. state of
Germany 561. dawn of the Reforma-
tion ib. Reuchlin 562. Melanthon
563. Luther ib. Francis of Sickin-
gen ib. biography of Hans Sachs 564.
of Ulric de Hutten 565. of Melanc-
thon 567. birth of Erasmus 569. his

character and influence on the Refor-
mation 570

Rendlesham, Ld. memoir of 420
Richard II. death of 275
Rimington, J. memoir of 654
Roberson, T. memoir of 544
Robertson, Dr. remarks on his style of
composition 336

Roman Bronzes, found in the bed of the
Thames 274. altar at Hardriding 409.
inscriptions in the Newcastle Museum

Rome, sepulchre discovered at 77
Rousseau's style of writing 470
Royal Academy, exhibition of the 66

Asiatic Society, anniversary of 71
Exchange, designs for 531
George, explosion of the wreck of
the 530

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Society, meetings of the 71, 181
Runcton Holme, Norfolk, re-opening of
the Church at 303
Runjeet Singh, memoir of 537

Poole, description of the harbour 609. Russell, Sir W. memoir of 652
antiquity of the town 610

Poor Law Commission Continuance Bill

Poor's Boxes in Churches 581
Pope, letters to Ld. Stafford 449
Portsmouth, consecration of the chapel
of ease 304

St. Aubyn, Sir J. memoir of 542
St. Bride's, London, Church of 504
St. Edmund the King, London, account
of 503

St. Giles, Cripplegate, monument in 503
St. Helen's Church, London, descrip
tion of 503

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ing 457

Sir William, Lectures on History,
remarks on 334

Sea, reclaiming land from the 193
Seal of Archbishop Waldby, for the
lordship of Hexham 234. arms of the
see of York 236. fabricated seals ib.
seal of Anne Countess of Devon 442
Sefton, Earl of, will of 668

Sermons, anecdotes respecting 395
Shakspeare, Courtenay's comment on
Hen. VIII. 32. passages in thelife
of 66. Goethe's remarks on 460

Shares, prices of 103, 215, 327, 439, 551,

Shoreditch, consecration of the Church
of St. James 303

Sikes family, notice of in Burke's Com-
moners 554

Simeon, Rev. C. tablet erected to 668
Singleton, H. memoir of 430
Skipton, consecration of a new Church
at 532

Slave Trade (Portugal) Bill 296
Smith, Sir C. S. memoir of 543
Smith, Mrs. Stafford, memoir of 544.
bequests of 670

Smithfield Market, improvement in 193
Snenton, co. Notts. consecration of a
new Church at 532

Southern Hemisphere, proposed expedi-
tion to 72

Southwark, stone laid of the Church of
St. Saviour's 304

consecration of St. Peter's

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Stanmer, Sussex, consecration of the
new Church at 641

Statistical Society, meeting of 182
Stephenson, Maj.-Gen. Sir C. B. memoir
of 317

Steuart, Gen. Sir J, memoir of 541
Stewart, Sir J. D. notice of 668
Stockdale v. Hansard, judgment in 81
Stocks, prices of 104, 216, 328, 440,
552, 672

Stockton, South, subterranean forest dis-
covered 410

Stone, durability of, in the ancient build-
ings of England 523
Stroud, new Church at 532
Supreme Courts (Scotland) Bill 188
Surtees Society, meeting of 522
Sussex, Duke of,his proficiency in French


Switzerland, riot at Zurich 413

Sydney, Sir P. memorials of the death
of 273

Symmes, Lt. death of 324
Taverns, anecdotes respecting 395
Taylor, Edgar, memoir of 427, 670

Sir Herbert, interment of 669

Gen. the Hon. R. memoir of 315
Tell, W. uncertainty respecting 136
Terrot, Gen. memoir of 653
Thames Tunnel, celebration of reaching
low water mark 417
Theatrical Register 641
Thompson, R. memoir of 95

Thoms's Anecdotes and Traditions, sources
whence derived 393. value of such a
collection 394

Thomson, A. H. P. will of 670
Thorwaldsen, statues executed by 179.
popularity of 520

Throckmorton, Lady, notice of 669
Tickenham Court and Church, account of

Tieck, Goethe's remarks on 459
Tillotson, Dr. letter of 259

Timber exported from the Highlands 302
Tipton Green, co. Worc, new Church 303
Tontines, derivation of 576
Tooke, G. Poems 484.

account of 488.
memorials of the family of 602
Topping, Rev. J. death of 210

Trant, Maj.- Gen. Sir N. memoir of 653
Trimlestown, Ld. memoir of 648
Trinities of the Ancients 388

Turkey, death of the Sultan Mahmoud
II. 299

Turner's History of the Middle Ages,
opinion of Mr. Green respecting 40
Turvile, F. F. memoir of 318

Two Moorish Lovers, story of the 250

Tytler's Edward VI. and Mary, review

of considered 22, 106
Vaughan, Mr. Justice, memoir of 648
Vere, de, family of 369

Victoria, Queen, medal of 179. her Ma-
jesty's answer to the address of the
House of Lords 190. portrait of, by
Hayter 400. her speech on the pro-
rogation of Parliament 411. declara-
tion of marriage 640

Waldby, Archbp. seal of 234, 554
Walker, Sir E. anecdote of 64
Walsingham, Ld. memoir of 420
Ward, Rev. J. diary of 63
Watson, Dr. death of 209

Weldon's Court of King James, degree of
credit to which it is entitled 265.
particulars respecting its author ib.
answers to 266
Wellington Monument 290)

Wemyss, Gen. D. memoir of 652
Westminster, antiquities found in making
the excavation for the foundation of
the new Houses of Parliament 78

Abbey, spoliation of se-

pulchral brasses in 368

Institution, lectures for

the season 522

Whitland Abbey, account of 595

Wicklow, sepulchral urn found in 78
Widdrington, Sir D. L. T. memoir of 424
Wilkins, W. memoir of 426
Winchester School, prizes adjudged 181
Winestead Church, Yorkshire, a docu-
ment in 2

Winnington, Sir T. E. memoir of 649
Wolves, destruction of the last wolves in
Sutherland 10

Wood, Dr. Dean of Ely, memoir of 201
Wood Engraving, origin of 107. con-
nexion with card-making 110. appli-
tion to religious subjects 111. pro-
duction of block books 113. German
and Italian style of engraving 117.
works of Albert Durer 118. wood
engraving in England 120. maps first
engraved 121. Chiaroscuro engraving
122. account of Thomas Bewick 123
Woodhouse, Sir W. anecdote of 395
Woolnough, Capt. J. C. memoir of 425
Wootton-under-Edge, national School at


Yeates, T. memoir of 658

Yvetot, Normandy, remarks on the
kingdom of 25

Zoological Society, meeting of 182


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Buddicom, Rev. R. P. Friendship with
God 519

Burnett, C. M. Goodness of God dis-
played 161

Butt, Rev. T. Sermons 518
Cambridge Portfolio 219

Canada, Debates on 497

Cardwell, E. Annals of the Reformed
Church of England 630

Carlisle Cathedral, History of 170, 501*
Chaplain, Domestic 389

Chapman, P. Hindoo Female Education

Church of Rome in her primitive Purity
compared with the Present Day 57
Claridge, R. T. Guide to the Danube 630
Coinage of Ireland 61
Cranmer 390

Cutch, Sketches of 386

D'Aubigné, J. H. M. History of the
Great Reformation in Germany 555
Dauney, W. Ancient Scottish Melodies

Deer Stalking, Art of 3

Dowling, J. G. Ecclesiastical History628
Durham Cathedral, Catalogues of the
Library of 279

Ecclesiastical History, Introduction to
the Study of 628
Ecosse, Inventaire Chronologique des
Documents relatifs à l'Histoire d' 287
Faulkner, T. History of Hammersmith

Fire-Proof Buildings, on the Construc-
tion of 172
Floreston 514
Fra Cipola 174

Gibbon, E. Life of 331

Godwin's Churches of London 503
Goodman, Bp. the Court of King James
I. 265

Government, Essays on 519

Graah's Expedition to Greenland 618
Greece and Italy, Mythology of 54
Greenland, Graah's Expedition to 618
Gregory, Rev. C. Twelve Sermons 629
Grey, S. The Spaniard 516

Guest, Lady C. E. The Mabinogion 392,

[blocks in formation]

Halsted, C. A. Life of the Countess of
Richmond 515

Hammersmith, History of 281
Hampton Court 489

Hanmer, Sir J. Fra Cipola 174

Sir T. Correspondence of 443

Hannibal in Bithynia 622

Hazlitt, W. Sketches and Essays 49
History, Ancient, Manual of 489625
Modern, Manual of 167

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Hopkins, Bp. Church of Rome in her
primitive purity compared with the
present day 57

Ireland, Letters from 493

Jackson, J. Treatise on Wood Engraving

James, G. P. R. Book of the Passions

The Gentleman of the

Old School 518
James I. The Court of 265
Jameson, R. F. Reformation in the South-

Western Provinces of France 516
Jefferson, S. Guide to Naworth and La-
nercost 509

Jesse, E. Hampton Court 489
Johns, R. Legend and Romance 59
Keightley, T. Mythology of Greece and
Italy 54

Knight, H. G. Hannibal in Bithynia 622
Knight's Normans in Sicily, Illustrations
of 172
Legend and Romance 59

Lindsay, J. View of the Coinage of Ire-
land 61

R. Etymology ofSouthwark512
Little Derwent's Breakfast 398
Loudon, Mrs. the Ladies' Flower Garden

-J. C. Repton's Landscape Gar-
dening 491

Lovett, H. W. Revelation of St. John515
Mabinogion (The) Part II. 392, 507
Marcet, Mrs. Conversations on Vege.
table Physiology 176

Mediterranean, Shores of the 387
Melvill, Rev. H. Sermons 288
Milman, Rev. H. H. Life of Gibbon 331
Mincy, R. The Call to Repent 516
Molesworth, Rev. J. G. N. Domestic
Chaplain 389

Montagu, E. L. The Lone Grave 399
Moseley, Rev. H. Illustrations of Science

Mountain, Rev. J. H. B. Writings of
Lactantius 399

Mushet, R. Trinities of the Ancients 388
Naworth and Lanercost, Guide to 509
Needham, C. Ada 501

Normans in Sicily, Illustratious of 172
Ollendorf, H. G. New Method of Learn-
ing German 176

Pascal, B. Thoughts on Religion and
Philosophy 287

Poole, History of the Town and County
of 609

Postans, Mrs. Sketches of Cutch 386

Providence, Essays on 399

Pudens and Claudia of St. Paul 278

Rara Mathematica 164

Reformation in Germany, History of 555
Religion, Lectures on Revealed 288
Reliquiæ Antiquæ, 165, 517

Repton's Landscape Gardening, with
Notes by Loudon 491

Reveries by a Suffolk Villager 514
Richardson, C. J. on Warming and Ven-
tilating Buildings 517

Robson, C. Greek Lexicon to the New
Testament 398

Roger's, J. Vegetable Cultivator 398
Sabbation and other Poems 621

Schism as opposed to the Unity of the
Church 162

Scottish Melodies, Ancient, 166
Scrope, W. Art of Deer Stalking 3
Sermons by Presbuteros 516

Severn, C. Diary of the Rev. J. Ward 63

Sims, Rev. T. Adelaide Zaire 399
Singing Book, The Class 176
Sketches and Essays 49
Smith, Rev. J. T. Sermons 288

Smyth, C. J. Law Officers of Ireland 287
Southwark, Etymology of 512

Rental of Lands in St. Olave
and St. John 175
Standish, F. H. Shores of the Mediter-
ranean 387

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Barham, F. The Adamus Exul of Gro-
tius 631

Barker, M. H. Hamilton King 291
Barrow Diggers, The 631
Barry's Travellers' Club-house 180
Bateman, J. Sermons 401
Beaumont, G. de, Ireland 401

Bell, J. Treatise on the Game Laws

Benson, Rev. C. On Tradition and Epis-
copacy 180

Berens, Rev. E. History of the Prayer
Book 521

Billard's Treatise on the Diseases of
Infants 631

Billings' Antiquities of Carlisle Cathe-

dral, Part II. 68, Part II. 402
Bird, G. Natural Philosophy 631
Black, Tourist of Scotland 401

W. H. The Maudeleyne Grace

Blackley, Rev. F. R. The Greenland
Minstrel 521

Blaine, D. P. Rural Sports 401
Bland, W. On Arches 180

Blessington, Ctess, The Belle of a Sea-

[blocks in formation]

Bosanquet's Poor Law Amendment Act

Bourne and Britton's London and Bir-
mingham Railway 291

Bowen, Mrs. Ystradffin 180

Boyle, J. P. Dr Browne's Philosophy
of the Human Mind 520

Brady, J. H. Guide to Knole 290
Brande, W. T. Materia Medica 521
British Army, Historical Records of the
290, 520, 630

Brougham, Lord, Historical Sketches,
2nd Series 68

Broughton, Mrs. Six Years' Residence in
Algiers 520

Brunet, A. Regal Armorie of Great
Britain 180, 401

Bryce on Education in India 68
Bucke on Oblique Bridges 180, 291
Bulwer, Sir E. L. The Sea Captain

Burdon, H. Friends of Fontainebleau

Burgon, J. W. Life of Sir Thomas Gres-
ham 401

Burnes, J. Visit to the Court of Sinde

Burney, Miss, Romance of Private Life

Burrett, Rev. A. Essay on the Pastoral
Office 401

Cadet, Memoirs of a 180

Cardwell, E. Annals of the Reformed
Church of England 630
Carlyle, T. Miscellanies 401
Castle Martyr 68

Cathedral Service, An Apology for 401
Cattermole, Rev. R. Sermons 291
Caulfeild, Rev. C. Fall of Babylon 68
Chamier, Capt. The Flying Dutchman

Chapman, P. Hindoo Female Education

Charles X. and Louis Philippe 68
Chateauneuf, A. de, Architectura Do-
mestica 631

Clay, C. Geological Sketches 69

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