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Alfred Beadnell, esq. Lieut. and Adj. E. 1. Art.

Aug. 10. At Madras, aged 28, Catharine-Jane, wife of G.L. Prendergast, esq.

Aug. 15. At Madras, Lieut.-Col. Edward Lloyd Smythe, of the Madras Cavalry. He had served in India from the year 1800, and was present at the battle of Asaaye. He was descended from an ancient family at North Nibley, in the county of Gloucester.

Aug. 17. At Muctul, aged 30, Henry M. Felix, esq. Assistant Surgeon E.I.S. son of the late Dr. Felix, of Bristol.

Aug. 20. At Bellany, aged 34, Lieut. Robert Bullock, 44th Madras N. Inf.

Sept. 11. At Calcutta, aged 42, John Moore, esq.

Oct. 5. At Bombay, at the house of her brother, J. L. Philipps, esq. aged 29, Julia Elmira, widow of Lieut.-Col. A. Morse.

WEST INDIES.-May 5. On his passage home, A. L. Loinsworth, M.D. Staff-surgeon (1811).


May 15. At Barbadoes, Capt. Tho. R. Cookson, R. Art. He was pointed 2d Lieut. 1808; 1st Lieut. 1809; Capt. 1827. He served in the Peninsular war.

June 4. At Antigua, Captain John M'Causland, 89th foot; Ensign 1812; Lieut. 1813; Capt. 1839.

June 26. At Demerara, Ensign Constantine E. Phipps, 76th foot (1835). The following officers of the same regiment have also since died :-On the 29th June, Lt. and Adj. Rich. Wm. Hopkins, Ensign 1833, Adj. and Lieut. 1836; on the 10th July, Ensign Dickinson (already noticed in p. 438); on the 12th, Lieut.Col. Dansey, the commanding officer (of whom below); on the 19th, Capt. Robert Bruce, Ensign 1828, Lieut. 1832, Capt. 1836; also Major Charles J. Fitzgerald, formerly of the Portuguese service, Ensign in the 75th 1805, Lieut. 1808, Capt. 1814, and brevet Major 1837. -Lieut. Col. George Henry Dansey entered the army as Ensign in the 8th foot 1805, became Lieut. in the 88th 1806, and embarked with it for South America; in 1808 went to the Peninsula, and served the campaigns from 1809 to 1814, when the regiment embarked for N. America; and returned in 1815, and went to France. He was made Capt. 1809, brevet Major 1815, regimental Major 1825, brevet Lt.col. 1837, regimental Lieut.- Colonel Jan. 1839.

Aug. 5. At Belle Castle, Manchioneal, in the Island of Jamaica, of fever, aged 45, Annesley Voysey, esq. of Port Antonio, architect.

Aug. 19. In Trinidad, after two days'

illness, aged 26, Samuel-James, fourth son of the late Rev. Dr. Bayley, Vicar of Hartpury, Glouc.

Aug. 21. James Steel Lawson, esq. of Steelfield estate, Trelawney, Jamaica.

Aug. 30. At Tobago, in his 23rd year, Capt. A. B. Nolan, Colonial Aidde-camp to the Governor.

Sept. 4. At Dominica, aged 54, the Hon. Alexander Robinson, Member of Her Majesty's Council of that Island.

Lately. At Jamaica, Robert Walter Hunter, esq. Ensign in her Majesty's 56th regiment, and grandson of the late Capt. Hunter, formerly residing in Coventry.

ABROAD.-March 20. Lancelot Sharpe, esq. Accountant of the Bank of Australasia, in Adelaide.

June 26. At Sydney, N.S. W. leaving a widow and infant daughter, John Johnson Cory, esq. Lieut. R.N.

July 1. On board the ship Boyne, on his return from Bombay, aged 27, Chas. Grey, esq. eldest surviving son of the late Hon. and Right Rev. Edward Grey, Bishop of Hereford, and nephew of Earl Grey.

July 16. At the Cape of Good Hope, Mrs. Bourhill, relict of Henry Bourhill, Deputy Assistant Commissary Gen.

July 27. At Houston, Texas, Vincent De Camp, esq. long and favourably known to the theatrical public, both in England and America. He was the brother of Mrs. Charles Kemble, and uncle of Fanny Kemble, now Mrs. Butler. De Camp was a lively and clever performer, and in private life was highly esteemed as a gentleman and a scholar.

At Manchester, in the state of Mississippi, aged upwards of 70, the veteran actor Chapman, long known at Covent Garden theatre. He bore an excellent character, and has left a large family.

July. At the Cape, W. Benister, esq. surgeon in the Hon. East India Company's service, and Assay-Master of the Mint, Madras.

Auy. At Sierra Leone, Robert Rankin, esq. Chief Justice of that colony, eldest son of Thos. Rankin, esq. of Bristol. The just discharge of his important duties, during a period of six years, obtained for him universal esteem and respect.

Aug. 9. At Sorento, near Naples, Miss Isabella Keir, sister of Sir W. K. Grant, K. C.B.

Aug. 22. At New Orleans, U. S. of yellow fever, Baron Hackett, of Hackett's Town, a native of Holland, whose ancestors emigrated from Ireland. was an Aide-de-camp to the Prince of Orange, and served with distinction in


the French army, particularly at the battle of Waterloo, and at the siege of Antwerp. The barony of Hackett's Town is said to be one of the Irish peerages that have become dormant, and the dignity is said to devolve upon the cousingerman of the late baron-Mr. Hackett, the American comedian, at present in London.

Aug. 30. At Toulouse, aged 21, William Tennent Dillon Tennent, B. A. only son of Richard Dillon Tennent, esq. and grandson of the late William Tennent, esq. of Belfast.

At L'andiboulon, near Denánt, Coté du Nord, aged 77, George Prior, esq. formerly of Tewkesbury.

Sept. 2. At Calais, aged 47, Caroline, wife of Ford Brown, esq. Purser R. N. Sept. 3. At Sorento, near Naples, Mary, the wife of the Rev. William Smyth, late of Lathbury, Bucks.

Sept. 7. At Lisbon, aged 49, John Smallpiece, esq.

Sept. 8. At the Baths of Lucca, Charlotte, relict of Gilbert Neville Neyle, esq.

Sept. 18. At Gibraltar, Ensign Fred. Hulton, 48th regt. third son of William Hulton, esq. of Hulton Park, Lanc.

Sept. 20. At Lausanne, in his 89th year, Col. Thomas_Prescott.

Sept. 30. At Loretto, aged 70, Susannah, relict of the Rev. Edward Earle, of High Ongar, Essex.

Lately. On board H. M. S. Hyacinth, in the Straits of Malacca, Lieut. J. S. Christian, R. N.

Near Orsova, on the Danube, by the upsetting of a boat, Lieut. Duncan Pirie, 9th foot; Ensign 1836, Lieut. 1838.

At Havre-de-Grace, Clarissa-Marion, wife of George Buckley Bolton, esq. of Pall Mall.

At Rome, at an advanced age, Henry Voogd, the celebrated Dutch landscape painter, who was termed the Dutch Claude Lorraine.

At Boulogne, T. M. Anderson, esq. late Paymaster 4th foot.

Oct. 2.

At Villanuova, James Gwatkin Cochrane, esq. of E. I. Civil Service.


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VOL. VII. p. 207. A tablet to the memory of the late Rev. C. Simeon has been erected in Trinity church, Cambridge. The workmanship is very chaste, in the Decorated Gothic style, with a figure on either side representing Religion and Piety, and at the top the coat of arms of Mr. Simeon, with the motto Serviendo" underneath. It is erected solely at the expence of the parishioners, and bears the following inscription :-" In memory of the Rev. Charles Simeon, M. A. Senior Fellow of King's College, and fifty-four years Vicar of this Parish; who, whether as the ground of his own hopes, or as the subject of all his ministrations, determined to know nothing but 'Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.'-1 Cor. ii. 2. Born Sept. 24, 1759, died Nov. 13, 1836. Erected by the congregation."

VOL. X. p. 321. On a square monument in the church-yard of Walton-uponThames, is the following inscription:"Sacred to the memory of Sir Thomas Brown, K.C.B. Colonel of the First Regiment of Bengal light cavalry, a Lieut.-General in the army, and late ofthis parish. At an early age he joined the forces of the East India Company; and his important services in the field, from the defence of Fort Marlborough in 1793, to the storming of Jawnd with a small force of cavalry towards the end of

the Mahratta war, are recorded in the frequent thanks of the Commanders-inchief under whom he served, the Indian Government, and the Court of Directors; and obtained from his Majesty the high distinction of the Order of the Bath. He was born at Monaghan, 15th August 1761, and died at Thames Ditton, 19th May 1838."

P. 342. Sir John Drummond Stewart, Bart. was a liberal benefactor to the Royal Institution of British Architects, and a few days before his death had transmitted further additions to the collection of drawings he had already presented.

P. 657. The will of the late Earl of Sefton passed the seal of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, to the Right Hon. Maria-Margaretta Countess of Sefton, his widow, the sole executrix named. The personal estate was sworn under 25,000l. the whole of which, together with the splendid mansion in Arlingtonstreet, and other freehold property, is left to the widow. The will, which is extremely short, in one sheet, is dated in 1836.

P. 663. The will of the late Alderman Atkins was proved in the Preroga tive Court, by his son John Pelly Atkins, esq. his sole executor and residuary legatee. The testator bequeaths the whole of his property to his son, with

the exception of the interest of two sums of 10,000l. each, which he gives to his two daughters for life, and after their deaths to their children, should they have any; if not, the 20,0007. reverts to his son. The deceased's personal property was sworn under 90,000l. independent of large freehold estates, and a very large property in Bermuda. The will, which is short, is dated in 1837.

VOL. XI. p. 96. Mr. Mangles left two other sons: Ross Mangles, esq. Government Secretary in India, and Charles-Edward Mangles, esq. of the Indian navy. They married sisters, named Newcombe, and have issue. A daughter married to Captain William Preston, R. N. of H. M. ship Electra; and another daughter is unmarried.

P. 220. Lady Throckmorton was the Catharina of the poet Cowper, and there is a pleasing portrait of her in the recent edition of his Works. The body of this amiable and benevolent lady was deposited in the family vault at Weston Underwood. After her death, a valuable library was sold at her house in Northampton, where she had long resided.

P. 319. The will of Peter Cæsar Labouchere, late of Hamilton-place, esq. has been proved in the Prerogative Court, by John Baring, esq. the third son of Sir Thomas Baring, Bart. and Robert Robertson, esq. the executors.

The per

sonal estate was sworn under 300,000l. The testator bequeaths to his son, John Labouchere, of the banking-house of Williams, Deacon, Labouchere, and Co. of Birchin-lane, the sum of 50,000l. to be paid within six months; to his son, Henry Labouchere, the house, Hylands, Essex, the same in Hamilton-place, and another on the Marine Parade, Brighton; and the residue (after paying the several legacies and an annuity of 30007. a-year to his wife,) is given to the children of his two sons, Henry and John Labouchere. He also bequeaths to his executors 10007. each. By a codicil, also in his own handwriting, he bequeaths legacies to domestics, besides various legacies to other relations in Amsterdam, and also the following charitable bequests:-To the church of Writtle, in Essex, 5007.; to the church of Widford, Essex, 2501.; to the French Reformed Church at Amsterdam, 3000 guilders; to the Dutch Reformed Church at Amsterdam, 3000 guilders; to the English Episcopal Church at Amsterdam, 1000 guilders; to the English Presbyterian Scotch Church at Amsterdam, 1000 guilders; to the Synagogue of the German Jews at Am. sterdam, 1000 guilders; to the Portuguese Jews at Amsterdam, 1000 guilders; the

whole in trust to be distributed amongst the poor.

P. 430. The funeral of Lord St. Helen's took place on the 26th Feb. at the Cemetery in the Harrow road; attended by Sir Henry Fitzherbert, Bart. and Mr. Gally Knight, M.P.; the carriages of the Duke of Cambridge, the Duchess of Gloucester, dowager Duchess of Leeds, Marquesses of Exeter and Salisbury, and many other of the nobility, &c.

P. 431. On the 4th Feb. the remains of the late Sir John Elley were removed from his residence, West Cholderton, near Andover, for interment in the Chapel Royal, at Windsor. At the request of the gallant General, the funeral was private, and eight of his brother officers of the Blues bore the pall.

P. 652. The will of the Earl of Essex has been proved in the Prerogative Court, by John Drummond, esq. the sole executor. The personal property was sworn under 120,000l. The Dowager Countess of Essex, late Miss Stephens, derives an annuity of 3,000l. a year under this will, a legacy of 10,000l., and the furniture of the house in Cashiobury Park. The house and furniture in Belgrave-square are bequeathed to her absolutely, by a codicil lately made. The residue of his property is directed to be laid out in purchase of freehold estates, and the rents arising from the same to go in the same manner as is directed by his said will, namely, to his nephew, the present Earl, and the heirs male of his body for ever. The will is extremely long, being written upon no fewer than forty sheets of paper, and occupying twenty-two skins of parchment. The dowager Countess is, in addition to the above, entitled by the last codicil to all moneys in the banker's hands, or out at interest, to above the value of 3,000l. The sum of 5,000. was settled upon her on her marriage.

P. 654. The mortal remains of Sir Herbert Taylor were brought from Italy, and immediately on being landed were conveyed to St. Katherine's Chapel in the Regent's Park, where the ceremony of interment was performed on the 14th of June. There was a numerous attendance of the personal friends of the deceased; and among them, his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, the Duke of Wellington, the Marquesses Camden and Ely, Lord Hill, Lord Fitzroy Somerset, Lord Byron, Lord Francis Egerton, Sir William Clinton, and upwards of 100 noblemen and gentlemen. Sir Herbert's will has been proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, by Dame CharlotteAlbina Taylor, widow and sole executrix,

The personal property of the deceased was sworn under 12,000l. consisting principally of various policies effected on his life. The will, which is very short, is dated in 1834, and is in the testator's hand-writing. The whole of the property, with the exception of two annuities of 201. each to two stewards, is bequeathed to his wife and two daughters.

P. 661. The late lamented John Cressett Pelham, Esq. was on his return to England, in the Nerbudda; when off the Isle of France, the small-pox being on board, and Mr. Pelham having caught the infection, the vessel was immediately put under quarantine; but the Governor having been informed that an English gentleman of family and distinction was a passenger, communicated to the captain his desire that the sufferer should be removed on shore, and offered the best attention that could be procured. Mr. Pelham, on hearing of the offer, respectfully, but resolutely, refused to avail himself of it, remarking, with his wonted consideration, that he would not carry such a frightful disease on shore. Shortly after, this good and beloved being breathed his last. The Governor, and all the public functionaries of the island, were present when his body was mournfully committed to the deep.

P. 667. The will of Andrew Henry Poulett Thomson, of Austinfriars, and of Marlow, in the county of Buckingham, merchant, has been proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, by George Julius Poulett Scrope, the brother of the deceased. The personal property of the deceased was sworn under the value of 50,000Z., 31,000l. of which he has bequeathed to his wife and daughter, viz. 15,000l. to Mrs. Thomson and a legacy of 10007, and 15,000l. to his daughter, Mrs. Weyleim; the remainder of his property, after two annuities of small amount, together with a legacy of 500l. to his executor, is bequeathed to the issue, should there be any, of his second wife. The deceased was the brother of the Rt. Hon. Charles Poulett Thomson, now Governor-general of Canada; and a memoir of their father, the late John Poulett Thomson, esq. is given in our number for last April, p. 432. Mr. Andrew Thomson (who was formerly a Bank Director), was drowned in the Weir, at Buckingham, together with Captain Wyndham, on the 28th of April last, on returning from church. His will was executed only three days before. He had been married to his second wife about two years. VOL. XII. p. 87. The will of the late Bishop of Peterborough was proved

in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, on the 15th of June, by Marian-EmilyCharlotte Marsh, his widow and sole executrix, to whom the testator has bequeathed the whole of his property. The personal estate was sworn under 25,000l. but the freehold property is large. will, which is in the handwriting of the deceased, is dated in 1816, and a codicil in 1818.


P. 93. "Mansie Wauch" should not have been inserted among the works of Mr. Galt. It was written by Dr. Moir (Delta of Blackwood's Magazine).

P. 98. Edward Drinkwater Bethune, Esq. the youngest son of Colonel Drinkwater Bethune, of Letherhead, Surrey, and nephew of Lord Minto, First Lord of the Admiralty, had just reached his twenty-seventh year. His literary attainments, which were of a high order, and talents, gave promise that he would have become a distinguished and useful servant of the public. He held the appointment of Assistant Secretary to the Tithe Commission; and in the performance of the duties of that situation he recommended himself to the respect and esteem of all who came within the range of his employments.

P.205. The will of Mr. Nicholas Mori, the celebrated violinist, has been proved in the Prerogative_Court of Canterbury, by George Frederick Anderson and Edw. Willson Duffie, the executors. The personal property of Mr. Mori was sworn under the value of 16,000l. which is bequeathed to his three daughters, Julia-Eliza, Elizabeth-Maria, and Christiana-Margaret. The will is dated in August, 1838, and he died on the 14th of June, 1839.

P. 214. Lord Langford was in politics an uncompromising ultra-radical, and unsuccessfully contested the borough of Stamford, at the general election in 1837, against Colonel Chaplin and the Marquess of Granby.

P. 312. The body of Lord Howden was interred on the 4th of August at the cemetery in the Harrow-road.

P. 321. Mr. Saunders was also the author of "A Treatise on Theatres. Lond. 1790," 4to; and of "Observations on the Origin of Gothic Architecture," in a letter to Sir Joseph Banks, printed in the Archæologia, vol. xvii. pp. 1-29. He erected the theatre at Birmingham, which has been considered one of the best for the audience ever designed.

P. 430. The body of Edgar Taylor, Esq. was interred in the Kentish Town and Highgate Cemetery.

P. 514. The late Mrs. Stafford Smith

has bequeathed the following sums to Charities of Bath, to be paid free of legacy duty-To the General Hospital, 2001.; United Hospital, 2007.; Bluecoat School, 1007.; National School, 1001.; House of Protection, on Walcotparade, 1001.

P. 549. The will of Thomas Hill, Esq. formerly of South Lambeth, and late of Surbiton, near Kingston on Thames, has been proved in Doctors' Commons, by his executors, J. Squire, J. Brady, T. Willett, and C. Bennett, esqrs. to each of whom he has left 10007. His property was Sworn under 120,000l. He bequeathed 20007. each to Blind School and Deaf and Dumb Asylum, 10007. each to Female Orphan Asylum and Middle

sex Hospital, 5001. each to Female Orphan School, Lord Eldon's School in the Wandsworth Road, and the Licensed Victuallers' School, and 20,000l. each to the London Missionary, Home Missionary, London Bible, and London Evangelical Societies, the latter to form a fund, of which the proceeds are to be applied to widows of the Evangelical Society only. So large a sum has not recently been bequeathed to charitable purposes, with exception of Mr. Day, blacking manufacturer, who left 100,000l. for endowing a Hospital for the Blind, but which is at present in Chancery. Mr. Hill was a widower, without any relative whatever.

BILL OF MORTALITY, from Oct. 29 to Nov. 19, 1839.

Females 696







Whereof have died under two years old...313


2 and 5 152 | 50 and

60 96

5 and 10 67

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70 97

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Sussex Pockets, 21. Os. to 31. Os.-Kent Pockets, 21. Os. to 61. 6s.

PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW AT SMITHFIELD, Nov. 25. Hay, 37. 10s. to 4l. 12s.-Straw, 17. 14s. to 17. 18s.-Clover, 41. Os. to 6l. Os. Od. SMITHFIELD, Nov. 25. To sink the Offal-per stone of 8lbs.



Head of Cattle at Market, Nov. 25.

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..4s. Od. to 5s.
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3387 Calves 87 22,160 Pigs 494

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At the Office of WOLFE, BROTHERS, Stock and Share Brokers,
23, Change Alley, Cornhill.

Birmingham Canal, 219.-Ellesmere and Chester, 80.- -Grand Junction, 183. Kennet and Avon, 27.- -Leeds and Liverpool, 750.- - Regent's, 12. -Rochdale, 112.- -London Dock Stock, 64.- -St. Katharine's, 106.--East and West India, 1054.Liverpool and Manchester Railway, 185.--Grand Junetion Water Works, 67.--West Middlesex, 99.- Globe Insurance, 132.Guardian, 351. Hope, 54. Chartered Gas, 57.-Imperial Gas, 54.Phoenix Gas, 29. - Independent Gas, 50.—General United Gas, 37.---- Canada Land Company, 28.-Reversionary Interest, 133.

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