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THOMAS ROBERSON, ESQ. Sept. 4. At Oxford, in the 70th year of his age, Thomas Roberson Esq. Town Clerk and Clerk of the Peace of that City, and Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes.

He was a native of Oxford, and began to practise as an attorney, in partnership with the late Mr. John Meysey, upwards of forty years since, which partnership continued a few years only. He was elected Common Councilman in 1800; Chamberlain in 1803; and senior Bailiff in 1807. On the death of Sir William Elias Taunton, in 1825, Mr. Roberson became a candidate for the vacant office of Town Clerk, and was opposed by Mr. Henry Taunton, the son of Sir William. A very severe contest ensued, which excited much interest. Indeed it was quite equal to any one for the representation of the City, for the London and other distant voters were brought to the poll at a very great expense. Mr. Roberson gained the election by a considerable majority.

He was of a most urbane and benevolent disposition, and ever shewed the greatest kindness to the poor and the unprotected. He possessed considerable literary as well as professional talents. In 1795 he com'menced the publication of a periodical work, of which only a few numbers appeared. It was well written, and much talked of at the time; and a gentleman of high rank in the University, and of considerable literary fame, was supposed to have been its author. Mr. Roberson was one of the proprietors of a weekly newspaper, called the "Oxford Mercury,' which finished its career at the commencement of the present century, and he often aided it by literary contributions. In performing the official duties of Town Clerk, his talents were occasionally displayed in addresses of gratulation and condolence, petitions, memorials, &c. proceeding from the City; which were all much admired for their terse, concise, and expressive language.

In 1799 he married the sister of the late Mr. Alderman Cox, who, with six sons and five daughters, deeply lament the irreparable loss they have sustained.

MRS. STAFFORD SMITH. Sept. 23. At her house in Queen'ssquare, Bath, aged 81, Mary Elizabeth, relict of the late Rev. Martin Stafford Smith, Rector of Fladbury, Worcestershire.

She was the daughter of Thomas Plaisted, esq. of Ticehurst, in Sussex, and Joyce, daughter of Stanford Wolferstan, esq. of Statford Hall, in the county of Stafford; and was married to Mr. Staf.

ford Smith in 1797 after the decease of her friend, his first wife, the niece of Ralph Allen, esq. of Prior Park, and relict of Bishop Warburton. This venerable and amiable person was one of the last connecting links between the present age and the classic days of Prior Park: and her graphic recollections of scenes and persons connected with that centre of taste and literature were full of interest. Her chief personal characteristics were a placid benignity of disposition, and a graceful simplicity of manners. Her declining years had long been solaced and supported by the exercise of an enlightened devotion, and of an extensive but discriminating charity both public and private ; and her habitual piety, her cheerful resignation, and the pleasure she took in doing good, made her to the last an edifying example to her numerous friends. She has bequeathed handsome legacies to several public charities.



June 23. Aged 70, Lieut.-Col. Andrew Clarke, K. H. of Bristol, late Major of the 46th regt. in which he was appointed Ensign 1806, Lieut. 1808, Captain 1813, and Major 1825. He was promoted to the rank of Lieut. - Colonel by brevet in 1838.

July 2. At the house of his sister, Mrs. Wyndham Lewis, Grosvenor-gate, Lieut.-Col. William Vincy Evans, Major of the 29th foot; in which he was appointed Ensign 1808, Lieut. 1809, Captain 1819, and Major 1827.

July 6. In Grafton-st. aged 65, Col. Charles Henry Dillon.

Aug. 12. In Dorset-square, aged 51, Major William Saunders, R. Horse Art. He was appointed 2d Lieut. in that corps 1805, 1st Lieut. 1806, Captain 1820, brevet Major 1827. He served in the Peninsula, and was wounded at the attack of Christoval.

Aug.... Rowland Wilks, esq. Vestry Clerk of the parish of St. Luke, Oldstreet. He was son of Mr. John Wilks, M.P. for Boston, and grandson of the Rev. Matthew Wilks, who was for very many years minister of the Tabernacle Chapel, the friend and immediate successor of the Rev. George Whitfield. The family of Wilks had thence very powerful support from the Dissenters in St. Luke's parish, and Mr. John Wilks, the Member for Boston, was for many years the vestry clerk and chief manager of the parochial affairs, until the disappearance of one of his clerks caused a violent ferment and much litigation between him and the other authorities, who

sought to make him responsible for the defalcation of his clerk. Mr. Wilks then retired from office, and was succeeded by his chief clerk, Mr. Wall, who, however, resigned a few years back, having received a large accession of fortune, and was succeeded by Mr. Rowland Wilks, now deceased, who was very generally respected by the parishioners.

Sept. 10. At Hammersmith, aged 40, Joseph Powe, esq. a native of Whitehaven, in Cumberland.

Sept. 13. At Kensington, George Hubback, esq. late of the county of Durham.

Sept. 18. In Berners-st. aged 39, John Sweatman, M.D. physician accoucheur to the Middlesex Hospital.

Sept. 19. In Chester-place, Regent'spark, aged 68, Thomas Jones, esq.

Sept. 20. In Billiter-sq. aged 75, the relict of William Coles, esq. of Croydon.

Sept. 21. At Woolwich, Robert Dashwood, esq. R. Engineers.

Sept. 22. At Clarence-terrace, Regent's-park, aged 59, John Kingston, esq.

Aged 62, Augustus Todd, esq. of Mornington-place, Hampstead-road.

Sept. 23. In Hunter-st. aged 66, Frances, widow of Charles Bartrum, esq. In Union-row, Mile End, aged 74, Peter Bacon, esq. a gentleman who had retired from the Stock Exchange with a large fortune very honourably acquired, part of which he has munificently bestowed in the promotion of education, by bequeathing 10,0007. East India Stock (of the present value of 25,0007.) to University College, London, after the death of his widow, a lady about sixty years of age, and who is also his residuary legatee, he having left no children.

Sept. 24. At Lisson-grove, aged 80, Mary, relict of Henry Taylor, esq. of Kingston-upon-Thames.

Sept. 25. At New Palace-yard, aged 52, Captain A. Thornton.

Sept. 28. At Stoke Newington, William Beetham, esq. F.R.S. a Magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant of Middlesex.

At the house of her son-in-law, Henry Gompertz, esq. North-end, Fulham, aged 70, Ann, relict of Richard Wilks, esq. of the Gunpowder Mills, Dartford.

Mrs. Mary-Anne Tuckey, of Walthamstow.

Sept. 30. At Gray's Inn, aged 27, Henry Harvey Cropper, only son of Joseph Almond Cropper, esq.

Lately. Mr. Turnerelli, the celebrated sculptor, leaving a wife and family in great destitution.


At Kensington, Benj. Kerr, esq. barrister-at-law.

Oct. 1. In Camden Town, aged 42, Mr. Joseph Goodyear, historical engraver. He was a native of Birmingham; and, for some years previously to his removal to the metropolis, employed in the engraving-room of Mr. Josiah Allen, in that place. His professional talents are generally known. His last great work was the magnificent plate of "The Greek Fugitives," in Finden's "Royal Gallery of British Art," lately published; the intense labour and anxiety attendant upon which materially hastened his dissolution. His body was interred on the 7th Oct. in the Kentish Town and Highgate Cemetery.

Lieut. Renwick, of Greenwich Hospital.

In Bedford-sq. aged 59, John Plum. mer, esq.

Oct. 2. In Lower Bedford-place, Mrs. Rundall, late of Bath.

Oct. 3. At Brixton-hill, aged 48, Susannah, wife of Charles Pennington, esq. late of Godstone.

Oct. 4. In Sloane-street, Elizabeth, youngest dau. of the late Charles Browning, esq. of Horton Lodge, Surrey.

At Upper Clapton, Baron de Faro, Lieut.-General in the service of Her Most Faithful Majesty.

Oct. 5. In Berners-st. aged 82, Ann Agnes, widow of John Jarvis, esq. of Darlaston Hall, Hale, Staffordshire.

Oct. 6. At the Tower, aged 52, Elizabeth, wife of S. Thomas, esq. of the Ordnance Department.

Aged 80, Robert Bree, M.D. F.R.S. of Park-square West, Regent's-park. He was born at Solyhull, in the county of Warwick; matriculated of University Coll. Oxf. April 6, 1775, and graduated B.A. 1778; M.A. 1781; B.M. 1782; and D.M. 1791.

Oct. 8. Aged 67, Mary Jane, wife of Benjamin Cooke Griffinhoofe, esq. of Kentish Town.

In her 74th year, Mary, wife of John Falconer Atlee, esq. of Wandsworth.

In Wigmore-st. aged 61, Capt. John Freeman, late of the East India Company's naval service.

In Manchester-square, Mr. Peter Bouquet, the house-steward of Gen. Sebastiani, the French Ambassador. He had been thirty-six years in his Excellency's service; was with him in all the eventful campaigns in Spain, Germany, Russia, &c. &c.; and in the disastrous retreat from Moscow. His body was interred on the 16th, in the Kentish Town and Highgate Cemetery.

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Oct. 9. In Clifton-st. aged 30, Wm. Alphonsus Upjohn, surgeon, eldest son of the Rev. William Upjohn, M.A. Vicar of Field Dalling and Binham, Norfolk.

At Islington, in his 85th year, James Hill, esq. of Gray's Inn, and of Bradwell, co. Buckingham.

Sarah-Jane, wife of John Wimbridge, esq. of Bentinck-street.

Aged 60, Selina- Catharine, wife of Samuel Fearn, esq. of Camberwell-grove.

Oct. 10. In Park-square, the Right Hon. Cornelia-Jacoba dowager Lady Radstock, widow of the late Adm. Lord Radstock. She was the second daughter of David Van Lennep, esq. was married in 1785, and left a widow in 1805, having had issue the present Lord and a numerous family.

At Camberwell-terrace, in the 93d year of her age, Elizabeth, relict of Henry Blaxland, esq. of Broad-st. City.

At Islington, aged 79, Emanuel de Bergareche, esq.

At St. John's-wood, aged 39, Charlotte, wife of Henry Crichlow, esq. of Barbadoes, leaving nine children.

At Great Cumberland-st. MarriannBarbarina, wife of Thomas Carvick, esq. of Wyke, West Riding of Yorkshire, and Highwood-hill, Middlesex.

Plaisted Norris, esq. of Old Broad


In her 6th year, Anna Clarke, wife of W. S. Angell, esq. of Hornsey, Middlesex.

Oct. 11. Mary, wife of W. Hooper, esq. of Finchley.

Oct. 12. Mr. William Kinnaird, Architect, District Surveyor of St. George's, Bloomsbury, and St. Giles's; editor of the new edition of Stewart's Athens, &c.

At Stratford-green, age 71, Mary-Caroline, wife of William Maiden, esq.

Oct. 13. Aged 75, Joseph Blockey, esq. of Montague-place, Hammersmith.

Oct. 14. At the house of her son-inlaw, James Farish, esq. Lancaster-place, Waterloo-bridge, aged 47, Sibella-Milner, wife of the Rev. Bowater James Vernon, Curate of Petersfield, Hants. Her body was interred in the Kentish Town and Highgate Cemetery.

In Fitzroy-sq. aged 77, Mary, widow of George Saltwell, esq. of Upper Gowerstreet, Comm. E. I. service.

Oct. 16. In Portland-place, aged 67, the Hon. Charlotte Gosling, relict of William Gosling, esq. sister of Lord Walsingham. She was the dau. of Thomas the second Lord, by the Hon. AugustaGeorgiana-Elizabeth Irby, only dau. of William first Lord Boston. She was married to Mr. Gosling in 1806, and left his widow in 1834.

Oct. 17. In Orchard-st. Pierce Hackett, esq. M.D. late of Southampton.

Oct. 18. By jumping from the top of the Monument, aged 15, Richard Daniel Hawes, a foot-boy in the service of Mr. M'Donald, surgeon, in Prince's-st. Hanover-sq. This suicide was committed in imitation of that of Margaret Moyes, recorded in our last number. The lad was educated at the St. Ann's Society School, Brixton, and was there remark able for his eccentricities. It was also ascertained that his father had destroyed himself.

At the house of his sister, Mrs. Forbes, Greenwich, aged 46, Capt. George Silvester Maule, R.A.

In Brunswick-sq. aged 82, the relict of T. Rose Swaine, esq. of Highgate.

Oct. 19. James- Henry Chambers, esq. of Fitzroy-square.

Oct. 23. At Brompton-square, aged 28, Frances, wife of Capt. W. H. Walker, E. I. Service, dau. of the late Richard Bathurst, esq. of Sittingbourne.

BERKS.-Sept. 23. Aged 75. J. R. T. Dalzell, esq. of Wallingford.

Sept. 28. Aged 50,Nevile Reid, esq. of Runneymede.

Oct. 6. At St. Leonard's, near Windsor, aged 18, Harry-Charles Lambton, third son of Col. the Hon. Henry F. C. Cavendish.

Oct. 17. At Hedsor, aged 21, the Hon. William Drake Irby, second son of Lord Boston. He was appointed Cornet in the 1st dragoon guards 1829, Lieut. 1831, and Captain 1836.

BUCKS.-Sept. 27. At Aston Abbot's, aged 32, Edwin Bull, esq.

CHESHIRE.-Aug. 28. At Aston, Arthur - Wellington - Hervey Aston, esq. Lieut. 1st Life Guards, brother to Arthur Aston, esq. Minister at Madrid. He was appointed Cornet in that regiment 1832, and Lieut. 1836.

Oct. 1. Richard Edleston, esq. of Nantwich.

CORNWALL.-Sept. 28. Richard Kingdon, esq. of Newcott, in the parish of Bridgerule; lately a resident in Exeter. DERBY.-Lately. At Darnley, Walter Evans, esq.

DEVON.-Aug. 30. At the Royal Ordnance Hospital, Devonport, Lieut. Huntly George Hooper, R. A. 2d Lieut. 1832, 1st Lieut. 1834.

Sept. 30. At Colyton, at the residence of her son-in-law, Capt. Liddon, R. N. aged 79, Mrs. Bilke, of Christ Church, Surrey, relict of the late Samuel Bilke, esq. one of his late Majesty's Justices of the Peace for that county.

Lately. At Bideford, Commander Robert Haverfield, T. R.N. second son of

the late John Haverfield, esq. Kew, Surrey, and brother of the Rev. T. T. Haverfield. He was made Lieut. 1804; and afterwards served in the Isis 50 at Newfoundland, and Bucephalus frigate on the East India station. He attained the rank of Commander in 1814. Oct. 2. At Torquay, Robert Fitzwilliam De Barry Barry, esq. M.D.

At Barnstaple, aged 22, John, 2nd son of the late Rev. John Edgecumbe, Rector of Thornbury.

Oct. 7. At Exeter, Mr. Rogers, formerly Editor of the West of England Conservative, and philosophical lecturer.

DORSET.-Sept.5. At Lyme, John Hingeston, esq. Solicitor, Clerk to the Borough Magistrates, and to the Commissioners of the Lyme Turnpike Trust.

Oct. 6. At Weymouth, Elizabeth, relict of Capt. Thomas Story, 20th Foot. DURHAM.-Sept. 15. Aged 83, Jacob Maude, esq. of Selaby Hall.

Sept. 20. At Fell House, near Gateshead, aged 55, the wife of Thomas Wilson, esq.

ESSEX-Oct. 17. At Saffron Walden, aged 49, Miss Gibson, only sister of Messrs. Gibson, bankers, of that town.

GLOUCESTER.-Aug. 26. At Westbury-on-Severn, aged 20, Mr. William Henry Legge, third son of the late Major Gen. Richard Legge.

Sept. 19. At Sevenhampton Court, aged 70, Mary, relict of William Morris,


Sept. 29. At Gloucester, aged 81, Anne, relict of the Rev. Iltyd Nicholl, D.D. of the Ham, Glamorganshire.

Sept. 30. At Cheltenham, aged 74, John Chichester, esq. M.D.

At Cheltenham, aged 71, Susanna, relict of Rev. Edward Earle, Rector of High Ongar, Essex, and mother of James Earle, esq. surgeon. He died from the effects of taking a wrong medicine.

Lately. Aged 52, F. C. Colmore, esq. of Moor End, Charlton King's.

At Admington, Mary-Anne, relict of M. Corbett, esq.

Oct. 2. At Bristol, aged 84, Hannah relict of the Rev. Henry Bevan, Vicar of Congresbury.

At Cheltenham, Capt. W. H. Martin, late of 9th dragoons.

Oct. 4. Aged 29, Mr. Joseph Osborne, heraldic artist, eldest son of Mr. John Osborne, of Clifton.

At Clifton, aged 60, Lieut. Robert Watts, R.N.

Oct. 7. At Cheltenham, John Bather, esq. Recorder of Shrewsbury, and one of the revising barristers for the eastern division of Gloucestershire, He was called

to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 24' 1807, and went the Oxford circuit.

Oct. 8. Aged 51, Mary, wife of Thomas Harmer Sheppard, esq. of Clifton.

Oct. 11. At Cheltenham, Eliza, wife of J. David Potts, esq.

Oct. 14. At Clifton, Anne, eldest dau. of the late Rev. John Witts, Vicar of Cardington, Salop.

Oct. 15. At Clifton, aged 63, Charles Morgan, esq.

Oct. 21. Aged 86, Richard Critchett, esq. of Cheltenham.


HAMPSHIRE.-June 21. Col. Sir Richard Williams, K.C.B. late Commandant of the Royal Marines at Portsmouth. He was nominated K. C.B. at the enlargement of the Order in 1815. married Amy, widow of the Rev. Peregrine Bingham, Rector of Berwick St. John, Wilts, who died in 1826, daughter of the Rev. W. T. Bowles, Rector of Uphill, Somerset, and sister to the Rev. W. L. Bowles, Canon of Salisbury.

Sept. 29. At Winchester, Frances, wife of George Parkhouse, esq. of Eastfield, near Southampton.

Lately. At Fair Lawn, near Portsmouth, T. Deering, esq.

Oct. 4. At Shanklin, Isle of Wight, aged 39, Laura, daughter of the late Rev. Wm. Short, D.D. of King's Worthy.

Oct. 5. At Milford House, on her 14th birthday, Henrietta- Catherine-Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Joseph Chamberlayne Chamberlayne, esq. of Maugersbury House, Gloucestershire.

Oct. 12. At Milford, aged 79, Catharine, relict of John Jennins, esq.

Oct. 14. At Kimpton Lodge, near Andover, aged 70, George Soley Foyle, esq.

Oct. 19. At Tichfield, aged 85, the widow of Capt. Covey, R.N. HEREFORD.-Lately. Aged 66, Middleton, esq. of Broomfields. In her 71st year, Charlotte, relict of Charles Honiatt, esq. of Hereford.

Oct. 1. At Canon Frome Court, aged 53, Grace-Ann, wife of the Rev. John Hopton.

HERTS.-Oct. 16. At the Lawn, Hemelhempsted, aged 6, Arthur Lennox Napier, second son of Capt. H. E. Napier, R.N.

KENT.-Aug. 23. At Maidstone, aged 63, John Warde, second son of the late Rev. John Warde, Vicar of Yalding.

Aug. 27. At Fairmile, Cobham, aged 68, John Hawes, esq.

Sept. 20. At Hayes, in his 97th year, John Mumford, who, when a boy, was attendant on Admiral Byng, for some time previous to his execution, and laid

the cushion for him to kneel on at his execution. He was afterwards groom to the great Lord Chatham, at Hayes Place. (See some interesting anecdotes, connected with both situations, in the Mirror for Oct. 13, 1833.) For the last sixtythree years he had resided on Hayes Common, of which parish he was a native.

Sept. 24. At Sydenham, aged 20, Jane Duff, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Bowdler. Sept. 26. At Margate, aged 27, W. Hayes Lewis Bird, esq of the 12th Bengal N. Inf.

Oct. 3. At Chatham, aged 55, Augusta, wife of Dr. Piper, of the Provisional Battalion.

Oct. 7. At Swanscombe rectory, aged 71, Mrs. Catharine Renouard, daughter of Peter Renouard, esq. and Mary his wife,

Oct. 9. At Stede Hill, aged 83, William Baldwin, esq.

At Sharstead House, Mary, relict of Alured Pincke, esq. in the 100th year of her age, yet in the possession of her faculties. By the decease of this venerable lady the poor have lost a munificent benefactress.

Oct. 12. At Margate, aged 78, Jenny, widow of Godfrey Roberts, esq. of Rich. mond, Surrey.

LANCASHIRE.-Sept. 27. Francis Bayley, esq. of Ardwick, Manchester, youngest son of Samuel Bayley, esq. late of Didsbury.

Lately. At Manchester, aged 26, T. Peel, esq. fourth son of the late R. Peel, esq. of Accrington-house.

LEICESTER.-Sept. 28. Anne, wife of the Rev. J. P. Newby, M.A. Vicar of Enderby-cum-Whetstone.

Oct. 7. At Ashby-de-la-Zouche, the Right Hon. Anne, dowager Viscountess Tamworth, widow of William late Lord Tamworth, the only son of Washington present Earl Ferrers. She was the daughter of Richard Weston, esq. was left a widow in 1830, having had issue Washington-Sewallis, now Viscount Tamworth, born in 1822, and another son.

LINCOLN.-Sept. 17. Ann, youngest daughter of the late James Young, esq. of Kingerby House.

Sept. 28. At the house of her grandfather, William Marshall, esq. of Grimsby, aged 17, Anna-Maria, only daughter of the late Rev. John Myddelton, B.D. Rector of Bucknall.

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offices of Mayor, Alderman, and Councillor of the borough.

Oct. 7. Samuel Sandars, esq. of Morton, near Gainsburgh.

Oct. 17. At Blyton Vicarage, near Gainsborough, in her 53d year, Margaret, the wife of the Rev. Joseph Cheesbrough.

MIDDLESEX.-Sept. 7. At her apartments, Hampton Court Palace, aged 82, Charlotte, relict of the Rev. John Bainbrigge, Rector of West Haddon, Northamptonshire.

NORTHAMPTON.-Sept. 4. At Sudbury house, aged 80, the relict of John Dore, esq.

Sept. 14. Susannah, wife of Mr. Thomas Bromhead, of Duddington, mother of the Rev. R. G. Bromhead, of Jesus College, Camb. and, youngest dau. of the late Rev. Robert Graham, Vicar of Gretton with Duddington.


NORTHUMBERLAND. - Sept. 23. Newcastle, in the 82d year of his age, General Terrot, of the Royal Artillery. He served his country faithfully for nearly fifty years in Europe, Asia, and America.

NOTTS.-Sept. 30. Aged 66, Sarah, wife of the Rev. Joshua Brooke, Rector of Gamston.

SALOP.-Sept. 18. At his residence, Bridgnorth, aged 69, highly respected, Andrew Harding, esq. formerly an alderman of that borough, and upwards of eighteen years Secretary to the Bridgnorth Savings Bank.

Oct. 6. At Shrewsbury, Catharine, relict of the Rev. Charles Wager Allix, of Mere, Wilts, dau. of the late Colonel Townley, of Belfield Hall, Lanc.

Oct. 10. At Badger Hall, aged 70, Elizabeth, relict of Isaac Hawkins Browne, esq.

SOMERSET.-Sept. 17. Aged 31, Sophia Jane, wife of H. Bull Strangeways, esq. only dau. of the Rev. G. H. Templer, M.A. Vicar of Shapwick-cum-Ash


Sept. 19. At Chilcompton, near Bath, aged 26, Elizabeth-Gwinnett, youngest dau. of the late Rev. Wm, Gwinnett Hornidge, M.A. Vicar of Churcham, Glouc.

Sept. 22. At Bath, Judith-Margaretta, relict of Lieut.-Col. Jabez Mackenzie, Bengal Service.

Sept. 23. At Bath, aged 75, Philip Barneby, esq. formerly Receiver-general for the county of Hereford, and late of the College Precincts, Worcester,

Sept. 25. At Yeovil, Elizabeth, wife of Dr. Penkivil, dau. of the late Thomas Shorland, esq. of Bristol, formerly of Yeovil.

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