The Battle 100: The Stories Behind History's Most Influential Battles

Sourcebooks, Inc., 1 abr. 2005 - 368 páginas
A single day in the heat of armed conflict can shape the future of the world. Throughout history, individual battles have inspired the birth of nations, the devastation of cultures and the triumph of revolutions. Yet while some battles rise up as the cornerstones of history, others fade in our cultural memory, forgotten as minor skirmishes. Why is this so? What makes a battle "important"?
Celebrated veteran and military expert Michael Lee Lanning offers a provocative response with The Battle 100: The Stories Behind History's Most Influential Battles. Lanning ranks history's 100 greatest battles according to their influence, both immediate and long-term. Thought-provoking and controversial, Lanning's rankings take us to the heart of the battles and reveal their true greatness.

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Review: Battle 100: The Stories Behind History's Most Influential Battles

Reseña de usuario  - Timothy Boyd - Goodreads

Very well written reference book. The writer does a fantastic job telling about not only the battle but the events leading up to it's cause and the effects it has had on both world and military events since then. Nice book to read a few pages a day to learn something new. Very recommended Leer reseña completa


Tet 1968
Lepanto 1571
Sardis 546 B C
Poltava 1709
Panipat 1526
Syracuse 413 B C
Breitenfeld 1631
Metaurus River 207 B C

HuaiHai 1948
Waterloo 1815
Vienna 1529
Zama 202 B C
Tenochtitlán 1521
Normandy 1944
Salamis 480 B C
Saratoga 1777
Spanish Armada 1588
Gettysburg 1863
ArbelaGaugamela 331 B C
Mecca 630
Moscow 1941
San Jacinto 1836
Tours 732
Indus River 1221
Alesia 52 B C
Sedan 1870
Marathon 490 B C
Quebec 1759
Milvian Bridge 312
Manzikert 1071
San Juan Hill 1898
Crécy 1346
Tsushima Strait 1905
Granada 149192
Trafalgar 1805
Adrianople 378
Marne 1914
Châlons 451
Britain 194041
Constantinople 1453
Teutoburger Wald
Valmy 1792
Midway 1942
Orleans 1429
Manila Bay 1898
Kursk 1943
Blenheim 1704
Vicksburg 1863
Plassey 1757
Chaeronea 338 B C
Pydna 168 B C
Pearl Harbor 1941
Tannenberg 1914
Dien Bien Phu 1954
Poland 1939
Leuctra 371 B C
Carabobo 1821
Cerignola 1503
Bosworth Field 1485
Austerlitz 1805
Madrid 1939
El Alamein 1942
Sadowa 1866
Lexington and Concord 1775
Golan Heights 1967
Inchon 1950
Ayacucho 1824
Port Arthur 1904
Agincourt 1415
Yenan 193435
Hattin 1187
Guadalcanal 194243
Naseby 1645
Actium 31 B C
Charleston Harbor 1864
Desert Storm 1991
KovelStanislav 1916
Santa Clara 1958
Jidda 1925
Malplaquet 1709
San Pasqual 1846
La Bicocca 1522
Megiddo c 1479 B C
Rocroi 1643
Carthage 146 B C
Thames River 1813
Paardeberg 1900
TelelKebir 1882
Vyborg 1918
Little Big Horn 1876
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Lt. Col. Michael Lee Lanning retired from the U.S. Army after more than twenty years of service. He is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, where he served as an infantry platoon leader and company commander. Lanning has written fourteen books on military history, including The Military 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Military Leaders of All Time. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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