Richard I

Harper, 1901 - 336 páginas

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Página 70 - he cried, " a conquered king ! I, a conquered king ! . . . Cursed be the day on which I was born, and cursed of God the children I leave behind me ! " Some priests exhorted the disordered, raving man to retract these curses, but he would not.
Página 228 - The Great Spirit is no respecter of persons; He has made of one blood all the nations of the earth; He loves all his children alike; and his highest attributes are love, mercy, and justice.
Página 39 - ... barbers, courtesans, and parasites, making so much noise, and, in a word, such an intolerable tumultuous jumble of horse and foot, that you imagine the great abyss hath opened, and that hell hath poured forth all its inhabitants.
Página 299 - Cceur de Lion, grieved and mortified, was obliged to submit. A truce was therefore concluded with Saladin for three years, three months, three weeks, three days, and three hours, and then the crusaders prepared to return home. Saladin died at Damascus not long after this truce. He was a learned, courteous, humane, and generous warrior. Before he expired...
Página 183 - A satin tunic of rose-color was belted round his waist; his mantle was of striped silver tissue, brocaded with silver half-moons ; his sword, of fine Damascus steel, had a hilt of gold, and a silver-scaled sheath : on his head he wore a scarlet bonnet, brocaded in gold, with figures of animals. He bore a truncheon in his hand. His Spanish steed was led before him, saddled and bitted with gold, and the saddle was inlaid with precious stones : two little golden lions were fixed on it, in the place...
Página 285 - There were no trees or shelter of any kind to protect them from the scorching rays of the sun, and scarcely any water to be found to quench their thirst.
Página 99 - Penang, in 1799, the Kongsis uniting, set government at defiance, and were only reduced to subjection by the most vigorous measures. It came to light on the trial of the ringleaders, that they had bound themselves by the most solemn oaths to stand by each other to the last, in an attempt to shake off the British subjection, and render themselves an independent community. According to Major Low, Superintendent of Province Wellesley, the Chinese at the Battu Kawan sugar plantations nearly all belong...
Página 336 - His glory consisted in his reckless and brutal ferocity. He pretended to be the champion and defender of the cause of Christ, but...
Página 236 - When the expedition halted at night, heralds passed through the several camps to the sound of trumpets, and...
Página 325 - Troubadour had finished a stanza, he sang the next one through the bars of his prison window. Blondel recognized the voice, and instantly understood that Richard had been made a prisoner.

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