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selves, and never think of any absurd and shocking as elevating him who was sent to an equality with the self-exiffent Being who sent him,

Lastly, The doctrine on which I have insisted has a tendency to console us under the troubles of life; and, particularly “a under the distresses arising from the havock which death is making continually among our friends. Chrift rose from the dead as the first-fruits of them that feep, He has assured us that since he lives, we shall live also. Had we not been blest with this information, our prospect in circumstances of sorrow would have been discouraging. We should have looked forward to death, not (as we now may) with hope and triumph, but with doubt

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h What follows was occafioned by the death of one of the principal members of the society to which these discourses were addressed ; and by the attendance of his family, the first time after his death, on the morn: ing when this discourse was delivered.

and anxiety; and this king of terrors, instead of appearing a friend and deliverer, would have appeared an enemy and destroyer. Happy then is the lot of every true Christian. His religion kindles for him a bright light in this benighted world, and enables him to descry beyond the grave a better world, and millions in it raised to honour and bliss, and uniting in taking up St. Paul's song of triumphOb! death where is thy sting? Ob! grave where is thy victory? Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The apprehension of our liableness to such sufferings as sometimes attend a dying illness (and as the friend went through for whom some of us now appear in mourning) has a tendency to deject us. But we ought not despond. All is wisely ordered, and all will end well. While waiting for our last conflict, we should study to keep our minds undisturbed, committing our existence to him who gave

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it, resolving not to feel pain till it comes, åttending to nothing anxiously but our duty, and looking forward with joyful hope to that period when, at the call of the Saviour of the world, we shall spring up from the dust, and draw immortal breath, in those new heavens and that new earth where all the virtuous are to meet and never more to feel pain or forrow. Wherefore let us comfort one another with these words,

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