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History, The Teaching of Imperial, by J. S. Davies, M.A. [A.], 530.

Holidays, school, 305, 379; tour in Dordogne valley, 674.

Holland, 415; adult education, 161.
Homework, 305.

Honours, King's Birthday, 508.
Huddersfield Technical College, 22.

Humberstone, T. LI., B.Sc., Registration of Teachers [A.], 181.

Husbands and wives, 636.

Hygiene, social, 791.

Iceland, holiday resort, 600.

Income-tax relief, 306.

Indexing, proposed Institute of, 892.

India, 40, 274, 745; CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY, 306; women's education, 248, 274.

Infant Welfare, silver challenge shield, 98. Inspector, H.M., The Education of the Adolescent [A.], 518.

Ireland dearth of teachers, 90; educational esti

mates, 309; FREE STATE: art teaching, 310;
compulsory attendance, 98; curriculum, 863
honorary degrees, 236; medical education, 392;
primary teachers, 13; schools report, 13;
secondary schools, 488, 658, 727; secondary
teachers' pensions, 160, 581; teachers' registra-
tion, 794; technical schools, 582; training
teachers, 309; NORTHERN: education costs,
532; education report, 727; local authorities,
161; rate aid, 489; secondary schools, age
statistics, 236; secondary teachers' complaints,
teachers' federation, 309; technical
instruction, 582.

Irish language, compulsory, 13, 90, 160, 310, 488, 581; Gaeltacht, 237.

Italy, 98; St. Francis of Assisi, 174; Montessori, 599. Journal of Education-records, 498; retrospect, 789, 796.

Journalism-school, 517; training, 583.
Jugo-Slavia, 640.

Juvenile delinquency, London, 12.
Juvenile unemployment centres, 11.

Kendall, G., M.A., The Importance of the Aesthetic
Environment in Education [A.], 239.

Kent Education Committee, vocational guidance, 309.

Kenya, 600, 882.

"Kinaesthetic sense, 732.

Germany [A.], 92.

Kölling, H., Pestalozzi:

An Appreciation from

[blocks in formation]

League of Nations and the Schools [A.], 485; (M. K. Beer, M. Garnett, Writer of the Article) [C.] 590.

League of Nations Union, in schools, 518; international intellectual co-operation, 813. Leaving School, On [A.], 575. "Leavites," 583.

Lectures-Anthroposophical, 844; British Institute

of Philosophical Studies, 769; College of Nursing, 264; Foyle's, 264, 560. 602; Horniman Museum, 844; Huxlev memorial, 379; King Edward's Hospital Fund for London, 752; London University Extension, 776, 778; London Public, 813; National Book Council, 146; suburban, 583; People's League of Health, 38, 778; Free Public, 48, 144, 233; Victorians, 860. LEEDS UNIVERSITY, 159.

Leicestershire, religious problem, 382; University college, Leicester, 98, 237. Libraries-Coventry, 494; public, 494; school, 31, 325; Wiltshire County report, 579. Libraries in Modern Education, The Importance of, by L. M. Faithfull, C.B.E., M.A. [A.], 809; (E. Green) [C.], 886.

Liddell, M. F., The Prussian Schoolmaster of To-day [A.], 877.

Life, ultimate aim of, 334.

Light, ultra-violet anti-rachitic, 498.
Lloyd, J., A.C.P., Handwork [A.], 413.

Local Education Authorities, grant, 220; powers, 22.
London-City churches, 12; elementary schools,

11; "instructional films," 793; libraries, 866; public lectures, 813; teachers' course, 634; Battersea Polytechnic, 727; British Academy, 634, 860; College of Preceptors, 778; Crosby Hall, 578; Goldsmith's College, 12; Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute, 663; Imperial Institute, 220, 334; cinema, 586; dioramas, 35; National Institute of Industrial Psychology, 237; Northampton Polytechnic Institute, 769; Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music, awards, 38, 146, 594; Royal Holloway College, 792; Royal Institute of Public Health, 778; Royal Society of Arts, 778; School of Economics, Westfield 778; Verse-speaking choir, 566; College, 792. London County Council-Education Committee's delegation of powers, 306; Education officer's report, 11; lectures, teachers', 658, 752. LONDON UNIVERSITY-advice to students, 794; Bill for reconstituting, 10, 235; Bloomsbury site, 378, 486, 577; Council representation, 234; diploma in Dramatic Art, 778; draft statutes,

791; report, 487; School of Librarianship, 222; senate, 410, 486; sports ground, 577; King's College, 378, 634; University College, 264, 528, 577, 776.

Lucas, S. B., B.A., Fifty [A.], 639.

Major, E., Camping [A.], 807. Manchester, Municipal College of Technology, 778. Manifesto of the Incorporated Association of Assistant Masters (Member of the Education Committee of the I.A.A.M.) (C.], 592; (W. F. Witton, W. C. Burnet) [C.], 746; (W. C. Burnet) [C.], 800.

Map Work in Schools, by T. A. Smith, B.A. [A.], 811.

Mathematics, 866; not required, 794; secondary schools, 132.

Mathematics in Entrance Scholarship Examinations at Public Schools [A.], 157.

Medicine, Welsh National School of, 141.
Mexico, 40.

Migration, Empire. 164.

Minor Notices and Books of the Month, 61, 107,
184, 264, 356, 462, 556, 606, 666, 768, 835, 906.
Montessori training courses, 15, 142.
Mothers' Union, 146.

Moule, W. J. E., B.A., Wireless [A.], 739.

Music children's orchestral, 334; Elgar, 566;

religious, 444; schoolboys' 30.

Nairn, Dr. J. A., The Curriculum of Preparatory Schools [A.], 327.

National Book Council, bibliographies, 489. National Playing Fields Movement, The ("Custos ") [C.], 504.

New Zealand, education report, 274.
Newton commemoration, 248.
Nottingham, University College, 159.

Oakden, E. C., M.A., Some Observations on Ameri-
can Teachers' Colleges [A.], 416.
Obituary-Aggrey, Dr. J. E. K., 816; Bernard, Dr.
J. H., 736; Bewley, Rev. E. D., 100; Burns,
Miss C. S., 176, 254; Crank, Sir H., 254;
Emmott, Rt. Hon., Lord, 24; Galloway, Sir W.,
870; Green, Mr. G. B., 587; Keltie, Sir J., 176;
Lamprey, Mr. A. S., 644; Mellish, Lt. Col. H.,
C.B., 176; Moncrieff, Mr. R. H., 648; Oakley,
Mr. E. M., 870; Owen, Sir I., LL.D., 100;
Papillon, Canon T. L., 100; Pringle, Mr. G. C.,
M.B.E., 176; Reynolds, Mr. J. H., 606; South,
Rev. E. W., 510; Wix, Rev. R., 318.
Occasional Notes, 10, 86, 158, 234, 304, 378, 486, 576,
634, 722, 790, 858.

Officers' Training Corps-30, 306, 726, 807; abolished at Sheffield School, 794.

Onlooker. (See Personal Paragraphs.)
Optical Convention, 146.
Oriental studies, 88.

Overlapping in School and University, by C. W.
Bailey, M.A. [A.], 603.

Over pressure-leaving certificate examination, 235; Scottish secondary schools, 580; ("Custos,' J. S. Davies) [C.], 331.

OXFORD UNIVERSITY, 792, 866; women students, 237, 493; Lincoln College, 578; City, 858.

Pageantry, Castleford, 15.

Palestine, 640; Hebrew education, 540.
Parents' National Educational Union, 136.
Paris, British Institute scheme, 162, 634, 752.
Paton, J. L., School Societies [A.], 515.
Patriotism. 162.

Peddie, J. R., M.A., The Scottish Universities [A.], 93.

Pestalozzi, 40, 42, 98.

Pestalozzi: An Appreciation from Germany, by H. Kölling [A.], 92.

Peers, Prof. E. A., The Future of Spanish in England (A.), 35.

Peirson, L. G., B.A., Indoor Natural History [A.], 179.

Pensions, preparatory school teachers', 134.

Percy, Lord Eustace 10, 131, 158, 162, 488, 576, 584, 635, 636, 790.

Personal Paragraphs, 22, 100, 176, 254, 318, 406, 508, 587, 644, 736, 816, 870. Philippines, 68.

Pianola and Duo-Art in Schools, by P. A. Browne [A.], 868.

Playgrounds and fields, 240, 493; stadium, 814. Plays, school, 31, 132, 740; Shakespeare's, 886. Plymouth Education Committee, 264; education, 88.

Poland, 599.

Poliomyelitis, 14, 92.


Pre-Digestion, by E. Benson, M.A. [A.], 424. Prideaux, P. H., B.A., Democracy in the Schools [A.], 240.

Printing in Schocls: A Valuable Supplement, by P. V. Daley [A.], 244.

Private Effort in Education, Repression of (Veteran) [C.), 32.

Prize Awards-Translation: Ce que Dit la Pluie (J. Richepin), 436; Défense de l'Occident (H. Massis), 684; Die Kopierpresse (F. MüllerPartenkirchen), 890; Historia de España (R. Altamira), 822; Lírica Popular Española (S. de Madariaga), 278; L'Oiseau Bleu s'est endormi (J. Viollis), 114; Ma Vocation (Béranger), 754; Poem by R. M. Rilke, 192; Prière (SullyPrudhomme), 44; Si le Grain ne Meurt (A. Gide), 338; Suschens Vogel (E. Mörike), 616; Thomas Mann's Address, 536.

Prize Competitions, 44, 114, 192, 278, 338, 436, 536, 616, 684, 754, 822, 890.

Prize Competitions, World Essay Contest, 42. Prussian Schoolmaster of To-day, by M. F. Liddell [A.], 877.

Psychological tests, 63, 318.

Public Opinion and Patriotism, by Dr. J. C. M. Garnett [A.], 637.

Public School in Fiction, The, by D. C. Temple, M.A. (A.), 250. Public schools, 242; challenged, 581.

Public Schools Deteriorating, Are they (de V. Payen-Payne) [C.], 172.

Publications, 142, 170, 222, 566, 605, 816; periodicals, 142, 162, 198, 220, 334, 420, 520, 793, 826, 844.

Punishments, The Ethics of School, by S. Rowland, M.A. [A.], 164.

[blocks in formation]

Salaries, English teachers', 318; Scottish secondary
headmasters', 15; Scottish teachers', 724.
Samoa, Western, 89; education in, 792, 810.
Scholarships-agricultural workers, 248; awards,

406, 700; Canadian agricultural, 658; entrance 426; junior, 303; Oxford and Cambridge, Open entrance, 159, Rome, 600. School Certificate, The (Examiner) [C], 256; (J. M. Crofts, J. H. Arnold, W. T. Hurst) [C.], 330 ("Marchwithian ") [C.), 882. School Medical Service, Sir G. Newman's report, 9. School societies, 30, 139. Schools-boarding and day, 581; buildings and class rooms, 239, flower names, 726; central, 7326; compulsory day continuation, 11; debate on boarding or day school, 236; development since 1869, 796; dual control of voluntary, 380; elementary, 521; girls', 585; literary, debating, and scientific societies, 516; political propaganda, 86; preparatory, 238; rural, 518. (See also Secondary, Public.) Schools and Universities of Great Britain. XIV. The Scottish Universities, by J. R. Peddie, M.A., 93. Science-in adult education, 576, 793; materialistic, 727; physics or biology? 382; surface tension, 432; teaching in schools, 724, 791. Scotland-doctoral degrees, 490; Education Department (Circular 74) over pressure, 235; Education Department and salaries, 15, 862; educational endowments, 792; Educational Institute, 160, 724, 862; essay competition, 222; examinations, 862; Glasgow County Authorities and teachers, 792; graduate teachers, 579; post-primary education, 637; rural school probareligious education, 89; tioners, 724; secondary education, 732; secondary school science, 382; teachers' certificates, 235; universities' entrance regulations and religious teaching, 89; university class fees, 160. Dean Inge on, 12; Secondary education, 170;

statistics, 20; report, 521. Secondary schools-entrance age, N. Ireland, 727; ex-elementary scholars, 240; function, 486, 518; place of, 86.

Secondary Schools, Many-sided (E. C. Abbott) [C.), 254.

Selby, Major H. J., M.C., B.Sc. Athletics [A.], 259. Sheffield, King Edward VII School and O.T.C., 794. Shera, F. H., M.A. F.R.CO., Music [A.], 661. Sherborne School, 736.

Smith, T. A., B.A., Map Work in Schools [A.], 811. Soldiers and Sailors' Help Society, appeal to schools,


[blocks in formation]

Teachers and administration, 791; commerce,

487; disliked by journalists, 792; interchange, 133, 142, 521, Anglo-Austrian, 198, 436, 888, Dominions, 222, 248, 876; longer hours, 380; political rights, 86; sex war, 304; tests, 864 ; training, 305; unemployed, 488. Teachers, The Supply and Training of (H. B. Workman, E. E. Crosby, J. Compton, U. GordonWilson, A Scot in England, A. E. Warren, A. Shuttleworth, The Writer of the Leader) [C.], 32; (E. E. Crosby, The Writer of the Leader) [C.1, 172.

Teachers' Registration Council, 87, 134, 306, 618; election, 326. Technical education, 741; (A. E. Evans, H. Hall) [C.), 594; (E. Sladen, J. W. Murray [C.), 652; (The Writer of the Paragraphs) [C.], 750. Temple, D. C., M.A., Modern Inventions as Educational Aids [A.], 601; The Public School in Fiction [A.], 250.

Then and Now, by G. F. Bridge, M.A. [A.], 796. Topics and Events, 36, 141, 220, 248, 334, 426, 566, 600, 656, 752, 813, 888.

Training Colleges, 91; annual dramatic festival, 772; Council of Principals, 137.

Training of Teachers for the Protestant Rural Schools of Quebec, The, by A. Law, M.A. [A.],


United States-Commonwealth Fund, 142; immoral education, 174; self-maintained students, 498; universities, 306. Universities-centenaries, constitutions, 858; modern buildings, 159; statistics, 382. Universities, Modern (R. F. Rattray) [C.], 98. University and School Holidays and Functions (table), 116, 328, 818.

University College, London, 1827-1927 [A.], 528. University extension, Stuart House, Cambridge, 162. University for Foreigners, Royal Italian (M. A.

Johnstone) [C.], 332.

University government, 234.
University of South West, 578.

Uppingham School, poliomyelitis, 14.

Varia, 38, 146, 170, 264, 318, 424, 586, 778, 918.
Visualizing, by Dr. W. Ehrenstein [A.], 238.
Vitamins, 320, 498.

Vocational guidance, 635.
Vocational Training, Premature (E. M. Scheer)
[C.], 800.

Wales Coleg Harlech, 725; co-ordinated adminis

tration, 91; education statistics, 222; educational autonomy, 583; language, 862; National Library, 141, 307; National Museum, 141; nonprovided schools, 726; Pembrokeshire history of education, 15; rural schools, 861; School of Social Service, 745; secondary education report, 580; teachers, rural, 307; theological training, 861; university and rural areas, 14, 888; university colleges, 24; university news, 307; university principalships, 406; Central Welsh Board, 14, 580.

Weather forecasting, 336.

Wellington School, 587.

Wells, S. W., B.Sc., The Teaching of French in the

Initial Stage [A.], 398.

Welsh in Education and Life [A.], 744.
Wessex University, 237.

Women-memorandum on openings and trainings,
237; university education, 162, 493.
Women at Oxford (Resident M.A.) [C.], 656.
Work and Play Out of School. I. Introduction, by

Rev. C A. Alington, D.D. [A.], 29; II. Nature
Study: Excursions and Field Work, by C. von
Wyss, F.L.S., 103; III. Indoor Natural
History, by L. G. Peirson, B.A., A.I.C., 179;
IV. Athletics, by Major H. J. Selby, M.C.,
B.Sc. 259; V. Books and Reading, by F. H.
Doughty, 323; VI. Handwork, by J. Lloyd,
A.C.P., 413; VII. School Societies, by J. L.
Paton. M.A, 515; VIII. School Dramatic
Societies, by E. Fogerty, L.R.A.M., 597;
IX. Music, by F. H. Shera, M.A., 661; X. Wire-
less, by W. J. E. Moule, B.A., 739; XI. Camping,
by E. Major, 807; XII. Art, by G. L. Butcher,

Wyss, C. von, Nature Study [A.1, 103.

York, St. Peter's School, 566. Yorkshire West Riding, alternative courses, second ary schools. 486; Education Committee, 88.



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Architecture of the British Isles, An Outline Hstory

of (P. I. Dickinson), 61.

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[blocks in formation]

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