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Faraday Scholarship of 50 guineas per annum, tenable for two years in college and one year in works: Maurice V. Ratcliffe (Alleyn's School, Dulwich). Maxwell Scholarship of 50 guineas per annum, tenable for one year in college and one year in works: Kenneth B. Blake (Portsmouth Grammar School). Exhibition of 40 guineas per annum, tenable for one year in college and one year in works: Rex Hammond (Alleyn's School, Dulwich). Exhibition of 30 guineas per annum, tenable for one year in college and one year in works: John H. Hovell (King Edward VI Grammar School, Norwich). Exhibition of 30 guineas per annum, tenable for one year in college and one year in works: Harry St. G. Gardiner (Felsted School). Exhibition of 30 guineas per annum, tenable for one year in college and one year in works: Stanley P. Smith (City of London School). Special Prize of 20 guineas: George A. Wallace (Fettes College).


War Memorial Scholarship in Arts (£40 per annum for four years): F. W. Clare (Lindisfarne College, Westcliff-on-Sea). Entrance Scholarshp in Science (£40 per annum for four years): G. B. Brummitt (Deacons School, Peterborough). GUY'S HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL, LONDON Entrance Scholarship in Arts (100): M. J. F. McArdle (Wimbledon College). Entrance Scholarship in Science (100): S. B. Smith (Sir George Monoux Grammar School, Walthamstow). Confined Scholarship in Science (£100): W. P. Stamm (Haileybury College and Preliminary Science Classes, Guy's Hospital Medical School).


Entrance Scholarships. Sambrooke Scholarships: Arts: S. G. West (Norbury College and King's College, London). Natural Science: G. F. Keast (Eastbourne Secondary School). Engineering: B. E. Willett (Westminster City School). Medical Science: E. C. Moody (Chatham House County School, Ramsgate). Founders' Company's Scholarship in Engineering: S. B. Thomas (St. Olave's and St. Saviour's Grammar School). Engineering Entrance Scholarship: M. V. Ratcliffe (Alleyn's School). Warneford Scholarships: R. D. Clay (Dulwich College), F. Summers (Sir J. Williamson's Mathematics School, Rochester). Exhibitions.-Theological Exhibition: Senior: S. C. Thompson, B.A., R. L. Scale, E. J. H. Evans. Junior: B. Sharp, C. Simmonds, H. E. Hutchison, A. R. J. Liddon, E. R. Lewis. Rabbeth Medical Scholarship: A. H. Galley, Miss A. M. Kaye. Daniel Scholarship: Miss D. M. Brasher. Second-year Medical Scholarship: J. D. H. Bird.

KING'S COLLEGE HOSPITAL, MEDICAL SCHOOL, LONDON Scholarship in Science: A. J. Glazebrook (Latymer Upper School). Raymond Gooch Scholarships: T. S. Cave (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, and King's College, London), R. D. Harding (New College, Oxford). Burney Yeo Scholarship: W. E. S. Merrett (New College, Oxford). Burney Yeo Exhibitions of £60 each: H. W. Davies (New College, Oxford), J. G. Sleigh (Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge), F. E. Pilkington (Emmanuel College, Cambridge). Epsom College Scholarship of £60: G. H. Bateman (University College, Oxford.)


Major College Scholarship (£80 per annum for three years) for Natural Sciences : J. Mills (Perse High School for Girls, Cambridge). Minor College Scholarships (£40 per annum for three years): A. Clough (Municipal Secondary School, Rochdale), L. McLaughlin (Bath High School and Private Tuition).


Price Scholarship in Science: F. H. C. Hester (Eltham College). Science Scholarship: A. J. P. Brown (Tollington School).


St. Dunstan's Medical Exhibition: Miss S. C. B. Walker (Clapham High School). Isabel Thorne Scholarship divided between Miss C. L. Taylor (Queen Margaret's School, Scarborough) and Miss F. D. Wride (Howell's School, Llandaff). Mrs. George M. Smith Scholarship: Miss N. J. Gould (Gartley School, Watford). Mabel Sharman Crawford Scholarship: Miss L. Reder (North London Collegiate School). Dr. Margaret Todd Scholarship: Miss D. E. Courtney (Haberdashers' Aske's School, Acton). Sarah Holborn Scholarships: Miss C. Steer (Milton Mount College, Crawley), Miss H. C. Tester (London School of Medicine for Women). Fanny Butler Scholarship: Miss M. C. Goodchild (St. Mary's Hall, Brighton). Alfred Langton Bursary: Miss C. A. Conway (London School of Medicine for Women). Ellen Walker Bursary: Miss V. H. King (London School of Medicine for Women). Flora Murray Bursary: Miss M. E. Roberts (London School of Medicine for Women). Dr. Edith Pechey Phipson Post-Graduate Scholarship: Miss G. H. Newell (London), Miss D. M. Scott (Edinburgh). LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON

Economics Scholarships: C. Love (Holloway School), J. H. G. Lebon (Leyton County High School). Arts Scholarships: J. Safkin (Latymer Upper School). Additional Scholarship: S. H. Cole (Westminster City School).


The Lady Visitors' Scholarship (£20 for two years): Nancy Vincent Smith. ROYAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE, LONDON Scholarship of £62 10s. for Mathematics: Elsa Wasserman (Godolphin and Latymer School).

ROYAL HOLLOWAY COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON Scholarship of £40 a year for three years: P. Godfrey (Clapham High School for Girls).


Catherine Maud Pearce Scholarship: Winifred M. Curtis. Jews' Commemoration Scholarship: W. M. Worthington. Jessel Studentship: Hilda M. Gurry. Mayer de Rothschild Scholarship: Hilda M. Gurry. Ellen Watson Scholarship: D. Ralph. Tufnell Scholarship M. M. Muirs. Scholarship of £60 for French: Ena Hassid. Victory Scholarship (Gold Medal and Premium of £150 awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects): H. T. Dyer (Bartlett School of Architecture). Andrews Scholarships: Classics: J. D. S. Watling (Wellington College). Arts: Greta A. Black (Rochester Grammar School). Science: D. H. Smith (Minchendon County School, Southgate). Goldsmid Scholarships: Science : H. W. Nightingale (Strand School, Brixton Hill). Engineering: J. Jackson (Archbishop Tenison's Grammar School, Leicester Square). Rosa Morison Scholarship: Stella Jackson (Dame Alice Owen's School, Islington). West Scholarship: R. E. Green (Eltham College). Bursary (£25 a year for three years): Myrtle Brixey (County Secondary School, Clapham). Medical Scholarship: F. R. Bettley (Whitgift Grammar School, Croydon). Physiology: Sharpey Scholarship: L. E. Bayliss. Buckmill Scholarship (160 guineas): E. A. Devenish (St. Mary's College, Trinidad). First Exhibition (55 guineas): J. Appelbaum

(Regent Street Polytechnic Secondary School). Second Exhibition (55 guineas): R. S. Ogborn (Glendale County School). Greek: Hollier Greek Scholarship: R. V. Pledge (Malden Scholar), W. L. Hughes. Hebrew: Hollier Hebrew Scholarship: J. Halpern. English: Quain Studentship in English: W. A. G. DoyleDavidson. Rosa Morison Scholarship: Kathleen Laurie and Marjorie Rushforth (equal). German: Fielden Research Scholarship: Dorothy K. Coveney. Eleanor Grove Scholarship: Clare R. Pollak. Philosophy: John Stuart Mill Scholarship: J. O. Edwards (Slade School of Fine Art). Robert Ross Scholarship: A. C. Gravell. Slade Scholarships: Helen Brook, W. M. Coldstream, Ellerie B. Smith. Entrance Exhibition to School of Architecture: M. J. H. Goodchild (Tollington School, Muswell Hill). Second Exhibition: Divided between C. P. Saurin (St. Ignatius' College, South Tottenham) and D. E. Kerswill (Whitgift Middle School, Croydon). Entrance Exhibition to School of Librarianship: Divided between L. W. A. Andrews (Redland Hill House School, Bristol, and University of Bristol) and Miss F. E. Cook (Bede Collegiate Schcol, Sunderland, and University of Durham).

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL Goldsmid Entrance Exhibitions: J. H. Bentley (Downing College, Cambridge), S. Scher (University of Cape Town). Exhibitions in Journalism (£100 per annum for two years): H. E. Clapp (County Boys' School, Windsor) given by The Liverpool Post and Echo: D. R. C. Franklin (Cheltenham Grammar School) (given by the Midland Federation of Newspaper Owners).


Dudin Brown Scholarship for French: C. M. Williams (Girls' County School, Newtown, Montgomeryshire). Dudin Brown Scholarship, Botany: W. L. Barnes (County Secondary School, Sydenham). College Scholarship, English: E. E. Smith (St. Saviour's and St. Olave's Grammar School for Girls). Girl's Realm Guild Scholarship, History: A. M. C. Le Lesurier (St. Mary's School, Calne). College Scholarship, French: G. E. King (Girls' Grammar School, Hitchin). College Scholarship, English: K. A. W. Jepps (James Allen's Girls' School, Dulwich). Honorary Scholarship, French : A. M. Corlett (Calder High School, Liverpool). Exhibitions: Botany: M. P. Foster (James Allen's Girls' School). Classics: C. R. Brierley (South Hampstead High School). History: E. G. Lane (Alcester Grammar School). Classics: L. E. Braddick (Christ's Hospital, Hertford). Mathematics: M. E. Portsmore (Clapham High School). Botany: E. V. Griffiths (St. Brandon's School, Bristol).


Rogers Scholarship (£40 per annum for two years): S. J. Wilson (Manchester Grammar School). Hulme Scholarship (£35 per annum for three years): E. Harrop (Royal Grammar School, Clitheroe). Jones Scholarship (£35 per annum for two years): H. Richardson (Salford Municipal Secondary School). Charles Robinson Scholarship (£50 per annum for two years): Divided between Olga Bell (Leeds Girls' High School) and G. H. J. Champion (Manchester Grammar School). Derby Scholarship (£25 per annum for three years): G. R. Western (Batley Grammar School). James Gaskill Scholarship (£35 per annum for two years): H. M. Parker (Accrington Grammar School). Entrance Scholarship in Science (£50 per annum for three years): C. Stead (Stockport Grammar School). Theodores Exhibition (£20 per annum for one year): Elsa Schlesinger (Salford Municipal Secondary School). Beckwith Scholarship (1): (£45 per annum for three years): F. L. Smith (Rochdale Secondary School). Beckwith Scholarship (2) (£40 per annum for three years): F. Ashton (Glossop Grammar School). William Kirtley Scholarship (£70 per annum for three years): G. McLeod (Stockport Municipal Secondary School). Matthew Kirtley Scholarship (£60 per annum for three years): H. Page (Widnes Secondary School). Lewis Atkinson Scholarship (£40 per annum for one year): Florence Unsworth (Widnes Secondary School). John Russell Medical Scholarship (45 per annum for one year): J. N. Strauss (Manchester Central High School for Boys). Adams Scholarship (40 per annum for one year): H. Chessell (Manchester Y.M.C.A. Commercial Evening School). Sir Clement Royds Memorial Research Scholarship in Chemistry: W. Bradley. Platt Physiological Scholarship: B. Finkleman. Harry Thornton Pickles Post-Graduate Studentship in History: D. Douie. Matthew Kirtley Senior Scholarship in Engineering: O. Elsden. Prof. Tom Jones Exhibition in Anatomy: C. H. F. Wade. Kay Shuttleworth Exhibition: H. Wildman. Grammar School Entrance Scholarship: N. B. Fletcher. Victoria Scholarship in Classics: L. W. Ling. Bradford History Scholarship: W. G. Weston. Shuttleworth History Scholarship: T. F. Johnson (Honorary) and Marie Simms. Shakespeare Scholarship in English: Dorothy S. Boothman. Walters Scholarship in French: N. Haycocks (Honorary) and Sarah Rabinowitz. Manchester Institute of Builders Travelling Scholarships in Architecture: Divided between H. J. Ashworth, R. Bradbury, and J. S. Walkden. Dauntesey Legal Junior Scholarship: G. W. Cowley. Derby Scholarship in Mathematics: H. Davenport. Bishop Harvey Goodwin Scholarship in Mathematics: E. T. Norris. Dalton Mathematical Scholarship: First Year: Edith Winstanley. Second Year: A. Page.

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, NOTTINGHAM Engineering Scholarship: H. Bloor (Wyggeston Grammar School, Leicester), Eileen Tunnicliffe (Parkfields Cedars School, Derby), T. Dowd (Wyggeston Grammar School, Leicester), Florence M. Sharp (High School for Girls, Loughborough), J. H. Burnham (County Secondary School, Alfreton), E. Clarke (County Secondary School, Alfreton), S. Wass (Evening Technical College, Mansfield), Eden Jackson (Girls Secondary School, Halifax), A. Deaton (County Secondary School, Ilkeston).


Exhibition in Classics: H. Bygrave (Preston Grammar School). Exhibition in Modern History: D. G. Farrow (Bancroft's School). Open Exhibition in Modern History: G. W. N. Dunn (St. Paul's School).


Mathematical Scholarship: L. Bielby (Sir William Turner's School, Coatham). Mathematical Exhibition: H. B. Squire (Bedford School). Junior Mathematical Scholarship: A. A. Baden-Fuller (Balliol College). Junior Mathematical Exhibition: L. E. Lefevre (Balliol College). Elton Exhibition for English Literature: R. G. di Cadilhac (Balliol College). Goldsmiths' Company's Exhibition: Classics: F. H. King. Modern History: W. Newton. Chemistry and Physics: J. St. L. Philpot. De Paravicini Scholarship: S. M. Krusin (Balliol College.)


Open Scholarship in Natural Science: J. C. Hosken (Oundle School). Hulme Exhibition: D. G. Winckles (Whitgift School, Croydon). Colquitt Exhibition : F. D. Sparks (St. Edmund's School). Heath Harrison Exhibitions: W. H. Corbett-Lowe (Winchester, Canterbury College) and C. W. N. C. Twite (Charterhouse).


Scholarships in Classics: P. G. Rendall (Rugby), J. R. Liddell (Haileybury), J. P. Watson (Edinburgh University), J. P. Angold (Altrincham). Scholarship in History: J. A. C. Cruickshank (Berkhamsted). Scholarship in Mathematics: G. H. Andrew (Manchester). Scholarship in Natural Science: J. Howard (Oundle).


For Classics: Open Scholarship: C. A. Hodgkinson (St. Paul's School). Waugh Open Scholarship: A. C. Boyd (Belfast Academy). Carter Scholarship open pro hac vice): H. M. Watson (Bradford Grammar School). Close Stapledon Scholarship: P. D. Thomas (Clifton College). Loscombe Richards Exhibition: A. E. T. Benson (Wolverhampton School). For Modern History: Open Scholarship: P. W. Radice (Blundell's School). Open Exhibition for Natural Science: W. F. Shaw (Dulwich College). Open Scholarship: N. S. Jackson (Bradford Grammar School). Close Stapeldon Scholarship: W. E. Joy (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Bristol). Channel Islands Scholarship for Classics: A. S. T. Swan (Victoria College, Jersey) (elected in February). Channel Islands Exhibition for Mathematics: F. de L. Bois (Victoria College) (elected in February). Hubert Parry Organ Scholarship: B. J. Maylor (Royal College of Music). Passmore Edwards Scholarship: J. L. Nevinson. Hasker Scholarship of £80 per annum for Classics and Theology: J. McCulloch (Liverpool Collegiate School).


Classics: Open Scholarship of £100 per annum : G. B. Wilson (Whitgift Grammar School). Sons of Fellows Scholarship (open pro hac vice) of £100 per annum: J. F. Harrower (Winchester College). Founder's Kin Scholarship of £100 per annum: J. H. Campion (Charterhouse). Meeke Scholarship of a maximum value of £60 per annum (open pro hac vice): P. H. S. Drew (Christ's Hospital). War Memorial Exhibition of a maximum value of £50 per annum: A. C. Marshall (St. Paul's School). Domus Exhibitions of £30 per annum: E. H. P. Lowenthal (Winchester College), H. M. Allen (Christ's Hospital). Modern History: Open Scholarship of £100 per annum: J. L. Davenport (St. Paul's School). Meeke Scholarship of a maximum value of £60 per annum : B. L. H. Short (Royal Grammar School, Worcester). War Memorial Exhibition of a maximum value of £50 per annum: J. R. V. Collin (Oundle School). Domus Exhibition of £30 per annum : H. P. Booth (St. Olave's Grammar School), L. Cartwright (Rossall School).


King Charles I Scholarship for Mathematics: E. C. Queeree (Victoria College, Jersey). King Charles I Exhibition for Modern Languages: L. P. de la Perelle (Elizabeth College, Guernsey). Goldsmiths' Company's Exhibition: Modern History: G. E. Vaughan. Heath Harrison Travelling Scholarship in French : H. A. Layland.


Senior Scholarship: E. Olozewska (Leeds). Scholarships (in order of merit): E. M. Barker (St. Paul's Girls' School) (Classics); B. Viney (County School for Girls, Peterborough) (English) (Mary Talbot Scholarship); E. Lyman Brown (Francis Holland School, Graham Street) (French); M. A. Wileman (Hendon County School) (French); A. M. Hugh Jackson (Cheltenham Ladies' College) (French); E. P. Corley (Farringtons, Chislehurst) (Classics) (Tullis Scholarship); M. F. Saumarez Smith (Oakdene, Beaconsfield) (English); J. H. M. Murray (St. Leonards, St. Andrews) (English); J. H. D. Weiner (Clapton County Secondary School) (English). To Exhibitions: L. Haworth (Blackburn High School) (French and German); D. M. Wills (Bishop Fox School, Taunton) (History).

LINCOLN COLLEGE, OXFORD Goldsmiths' Company's Exhibitions: Modern History: F. E. Firminger. Chemistry and Physics: J. T. Lemon.


Junior Denyer and Johnson Scholarship: V. H. Elwin. Natural Science: Open Postmastership: J. W. Tate (Shrewsbury School). Open Exhibition: S. Bridge (Sir Walter St. John's School, Battersea).


Classical Scholarships: W. B. Green (Portsmouth Grammar School), G. V. Stopford (Radley College). Scholarship in History: S. Adler (Leeds High School). Exhibition in History: A. C. Marples (Winchester College). Scholarship in Natural Science: G. E. D. Godber (Bedford School). Exhibition in Natural Science: S. MacD. Smith (Nottingham High School). Hertford Scholarship: R. O. Wilberforce (New College).


King Charles I Scholarship of £100 awarded for Mathematics: K. C. B. Mackenzie (Marlborough College). King Charles I Exhibition of £75 awarded for Modern History: C. F. K. Goldthorpe (Victoria College, Jersey). Abingdon Scholarship of £80 for Classics: E. Clark (Roysses School, Abingdon). Townsend Scholarship of £90 for Natural Science: D. F. Markham (Chipping Campden Grammar School).


Sentor Mathematical Scholarship: U. S. Haslam-Jones. Laming Scholarship (open pro hac vice) for Spanish: R. E. Storrar (Malvern College). Eglesfield Scholarship (open pro hac vice) for French: H. V. Dacombe (Taunton's School, Southampton). Jodrell Scholarship (New Foundation) for Classics : Peter Horsley-Phelps (Felsted School). Scholarship for Mathematics: Clement J. Tranter (Grammar School, Cirencester). Jodrell Scholarship (Old Foundation) for Classics: B. G. Newton (Queen Elizabeth's School, Wakefield). Foundation Scholarship for Classics: H. N. Southern (Wyggeston School, Leicester). Jodrell Scholarship (New Foundation) for Mathematics: G. W. A. Ashwin (Lancing College). Thomas Exhibition (open pro hac vice) for Modern History (possible maximum, £75): H. Beeley (Highgate School). Open Exhibitions for Classics (possible maximum, £50): G. J. Ashton (Christ's Hospital), P. M. W. Butler (Malvern College). Open Exhibition for Modern History (possible maximum, £50) C. G. H. Cardo (St. Paul's School). Sir Herbert Cayzer has nominated C. Bland (Brighton College) for a Tylney Exhibition.


Goldsmiths' Company's Exhibition: Chemistry and Physics: L. W. Andrew and R. G. A. New.

SOCIETY OF OXFORD HOME STUDENTS, OXFORD Philosophy, Politics, and Economics: Margaret A. Bland (Godolphin School, Salisbury, and private tuition). Botany: Margaret Cattle (Oxford High School). English Enid M. Hill (Southlands School, Exmouth, and private tuition). French (Gilchrist Scholarship): Hilda M. Johnston (St. Leonard's School, St. Andrews).


Clothworkers' Scholarship (£80 per annum) in French: Phoebe Ashburner Redland High School for Girls, Bristol).


Exhibitions of £40: For Classics: B. M. Forrest (Shrewsbury School). For Modern History: A. E. Smith (Brighton College and St. Edmund Hall). For French F. R. M. Murray (Brentwood School). For English: J. L. N. O'Loughlin (Strand School, Brixton). Goldsmiths' Company's Exhibition: Modern Languages: E. L. G. Powys.

ST. HILDA'S COLLEGE, OXFORD Goldsmiths' Company's Exhibition.-Botany and Zoology: V. F. Collingwood. Exhibition: Bertha Wilkinson (South Hampstead High School). Exhibition (£25) for Mathematics: Muriel Barringer (Godolphin and Latymer School).

ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE, OXFORD Scholarships and Exhibitions confined to members of Merchant Taylors' School. Sir Thomas White Scholarships of £100 per annum : Classics: K. Unwin, J. R. Penzer; Science: E. G. Hancock. Andrew Scholarship of £100: A. T. Pilichowski. Junior Fish Exhibition of £90: P. S. Taylor. Open Scholarship in Mathematics: S. Weintroub (Manchester Grammar School).


Open Scholarships in Classics: M. H. Rossington (Royal Belfast Academical Institution), W. E. D. Broughton (Eton College), K. V. Ramsay (Portsmouth Grammar School), D. S. Hanson (Gainsborough Grammar School) (on the foundation of Robert Gunsley). Open Scholarship in History: H. I. Rabinovitch (Portsmouth Grammar School). "S" Scholarship in History: S. Day (Man chester Grammar School), subject to his qualifying for matriculation before next Michaelmas term.


Amy Mary Preston Read Scholarship: H. W. Parke (Wadham College). Scholarship in Natural Science (Physics): E. T. Humby (Portsmouth Grammar School). James New Rabbinical Hebrew Scholarship: N. S. Doniach (Wadham College).


Entrance Scholarships.-Major Open Scholarship (£80 per annum): Eileen P. Littlecott (Mary Datchelor Girls' School, Camberwell) for Arts. Major Open Scholarships (£85 per annum): Alfred H. Blatchford (Devonport High School for Science; David G. Whitelaw (Christ's Hospital, Horsham), for Agriculture. Wantage Scholarships (£80 per annum): Ninian A. P. Bisset (Eltham College, for Arts; Arthur J. Glazebrook (Latymer Upper School, Hammersmith, for Science. St. Andrew's Hall Scholarship (60 per annum): Florence M. Carter (County Secondary School, Fulham), for Science.


Earnshaw Scholarship: L. Horsfall (Central Secondary Boys' School, Sheffield Edgar Allen "A" Scholarships: J. P. Allinson (Sir William Turner's School, Coatham), A. Bradley (King Edward VII School, Sheffield), Winifred M. Hems worth (High School, Loughborough). Edgar Allen "B" Scholarships: A. H Briggs (King Edward VII School, Sheffield), H. Moore (Central Secondary Boys' School, Sheffield), H. Miller (Netherthorpe Grammar School, Staveley). Ezra Hounsfield Linley Scholarships: J. Brazier (Netherthorpe Grammar School Staveley), J. Davies (Netherthorpe Grammar School, Staveley). Town Trustees Scholarships (subject to approval of Town Trustees): Margaret Y. Guenault (High School for Girls, Sheffield), W. F. Cryer (King Edward VII School, Sheffield), W. L. Woolhouse, G. E. Gordon (Central Secondary Boys' School, Sheffield). Medical Scholarship: H. E. Holling (Grammar School, Barnsley. Firth Scholarship: A. Goodlad (Secondary School, Mexborough). Corporation Scholarship: Mary Hallam (High School for Girls, Sheffield). Robert Styring Undergraduate Scholarships: L. Jackson, H. C. Garner (King Edward VII School, Sheffield).

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, SOUTHAMPTON Milner-White Scholarship (£70 per annum, tenable for three years): J. E. W. Percival (Gosport Secondary School). Borough Scholarships: G. H. Jeffery, J. H. Olding, S. J. Sluce (Taunton's School). Borough Exhibitions: R. F. Clark, A. J. Hooper, C. J. Steward, E. D. Sebborn (Taunton's School), Freda Vaughan (Grammar School for Girls).


Residential Entrance Scholarships (£100 for three or four years): J. D. Downie (Bell-Baxter School, Fife), J. H. Gillies (George Watson's Boys' College, Edinburgh), J. S. Hunter (Barnard Castle School, County Durham), D. M. McIntosh (Harris Academy, Dundee), J. A. Whyte (Morgan Academy, Dundee Taylour Thomson Bursary (£50 for four years): D. Malcolm (Perth Academy, W. H. Blair (Bo'ness Academy), J. Clark (Dollar Academy). Simson Bursary (£50 for four years): Dorothy M. Purves (Bell-Baxter School, Fife). Russell Bursary (£50 for four years): H. Pirie (Morgan Academy, Dundee). Taylor Thomson Bursary (£40 for four years): J. Carmichael (Madras College, St Andrews). Foundation Bursary (£20 for four years and Grant of £5 for four years) Isabella K. Brown (Bell-Baxter School, Fife). Russell Bursary (£25 for four years) A. Kilgour (Dollar Academy). Ramsay Bursary (50 for seven years): R. Macpherson (Glasgow Academy and Campbeltown Grammar School. Patrick Kidd Bursary (£32 for three years): T. L. White (George Heriot's School, Edinburgh). Bruce Bursary (£30 for three years): E. M. Dawson (Perth Academy). Mitchell Bursary (£25 for four years): D. J. Balfour (Breadalbane Academy, Aberfeldy). Duncan Bursary (£22 for four years): D. Duncan (Waid Academy, Anstruther). Taylour Thomson Bursary (£22 for four years): A. F. Robertson (Harris Academy, Dundee). Foundation Bursary (£10 for four years): Lilian R. Sinclair (Buckhaven Secondary School). Stuart Bursary (17 for four years) A. Taylor (Fraserburgh Academy). Foundation Bursary (10 for four years): Janet B. Buchanan (Buckhaven Secondary School). Malcolm (Medical) Bursary (£40 for five years): Agnes J. Herring (St. Leonards School, St Andrews). Taylour Thomson (£15 for three years): T. R. Cochrane (Roya) Academy, Irvine). Foundation Bursary (£10 for four years): Jane J. Camera (High School, Dundee). Taylour Thomson Bursary (£15 for three years): D. C. Carrie (Morgan Academy, Dundee). Taylour Thomson Grant (10 for three years): H. T. Whamond (Morgan Academy, Dundee). Taylour Thomson Bursary (£50 for four years): Jessie G. Gilroy (Bradford Girls' Grammar School. Taylor Thomson Grant (£50 for four years): Mary D. Wood (Harris Academy, Dundee). UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NORTH WALES (BANGOR) Isaac Roberts Scholarships: Science (£50): D. Davies, J. W. Jones. Owen Pritchard Scholarship: Science (£50): Minnie Richardson. Osborne Morgan Studentships (£43 10s.): A. Hudson-Williams, E. G. Jones, J. Hudson-Williams (one year). Dean Edwards Prize (£35, with £7 10s. added from Sir A. L. Jones Fund) P. Wright. Sir A. L. Jones Scholarships: Science (£22 10s.): G. D. H. Bell, Catherine E. Thomas. R. A. Jones Prize: Mathematics (22); J. P. Mainer. Jones Morris Memorial Prize (£4 16s.): A. Jones. Muriel Edwards Prize (£2 10s.): D. Roberts. Renewal of Exhibitions: H. Evans (award of £5 raised to John Hughes Exhibition of £10, now raised to £15), A. R. Jones (John Hughes Exhibition of £10 now raised to £15), A. O. Morris (award of £5 raised to John Hughes Exhibition of £10), M. J. Chleboun (College Award of £5), J. Owe (award of £5 now raised to John Hughes Exhibition of £10), R. E. Roberts (award of £5 now raised to John Hughes Exhibition of £10), Rowena Tayler, R. C. Smith, A. H. Williams, Elsie G. Walter (College Awards of £5 each). Awards to Senior Students for Post Graduate Work: J. L. Jones, Evelyn Roberts (Eytan Williams Exhibitions of £15); W. A. B. Boast, Dorothy Cleave, W. T. Williams (Eyton Williams Exhibitions of 10); R. T. Jones (College Exhibition of 10 R. Parry (Richard Hughes Exhibition of £10). Awards to Third Year Students

for Honours Work: I. O. Davies (Eyton Williams Exhibition of £10); Catherine D. Roberts (College Exhibition of £10); D. L. Davies, B. J. Roberts, W. G. D. Walters (College Awards of £5 each); E. Williams (John Hughes Award of £5). Awards to Second Year Students: Dorothy G. Cash, J. Rogers (College Exhibitions of £10); Margery P. Evans, S. Hughes, Beryl I. Treharne (College Awards of £5 each); W. Griffith, E. E. Williams (John Hughes Awards of £5 each); N. Morris-Jones (Richard Hughes Award of £5). Awards to First Year Students: P. O. Davies (Eyton Williams Exhibition of £10); A. L. Montgomery, G. F. Rees (College Exhibitions of £10); B. F. Brown, L. Hughes, E. Jones, H. E. Lloyd (John Hughes Awards of £5); O. R. Davies, V. R. Gibbons, Mabel M. V. Williams College Awards of £5); A. Jones (Richard Hughes Award of £5).

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Edwin Tate Scholarships (£30 a year for three years with free tuition for a full time day course in Chemical Engineering): S. C. Waterton (Owen's School, Islington). (£20 a year for three years with free tuition for a full time day course in Chemistry): Edith K. Waller (County Secondary School, Clapham). May Edward Tate Scholarship (£30 a year for three years with full tuition for a full time day course in preparation as Teacher of Domestic Science): Bessie Wilson (Whitcliffe Mount School, Cleckheaton).


House Exhibition (50): G. R. Goude (Norbury College). Exhibitions : J. C. H. Gover, A. F. Stephenson, P. Brown, A. M. Forbes, A. F. Johnson, J. D. Minett, F. M. Symonds, C. R. Wynne-Roberts, K. N. Wylie, A. W. Gledhill (Bedford School). Nominations: J. H. Elliott (Mill Mead, Shrewsbury), A. D. Grant (Galway Grammar School), B. L. Tozer (Hollingbury College).


Scholarships: J. Hotson and D. C. Lloyd (Bishop's Stortford College Preparatory School), H. Scott (Col. Colley, St. Aubyn's, Woodford Green, and Mr. J. Bruce-Payne, The School, Bishop's Stortford). Exhibitions: J. P. Shillingford (Bishop's Stortford College Preparatory School), D. A. Greenhill (Col. Colley, St. Aubyn's, Woodford Green).


Recommended for election to Foundation Scholarships or Exhibitions : E. M. K. Jellicoe (Mr. Walters, Bramdean, Exeter). J. R. Bolton (Mr. G. P. Dymond, Hoe Grammar School, Plymouth), G. E. Atkins (Mr. H. A. Falkner, St. Peter's, Exmouth), P. M. Radice (Messrs. Shirley and Ranger, Pinewood, Farnborough), J. H. Winterbotham (Mr. H. C. Brown, Northcliffe House, Bognor), C. H. Tweedy (Blundell's School, previously Mr. W. E. Dyson, Junior School, Westward Ho !).


Entrance Scholarships: J. T. Reese (the Rev. G. Earle, Bilton Grange, Rugby). R. J. le Grand (Mr. M. C. Pitkin, Earlywood School, Ascot), R. N. Rayne (Mr. G. K. Thompson, The Abbey, Beckenham), P. K. Braid (Mr. E. F. Titley, St. Wulfram's, Bournemouth), R. C. Hall (Major G. Davison Brown, Cottesmore, Brighton), J. B. Chapman (the Rev. H. W. Waterfield, Temple Grove, Eastbourne), T. W. Chalmers (Mr. C. L. Webb, Carn Brea House, Bromley), J. M. Calvert (Mr. H. U. Gilbert, Lynchmere School, Eastbourne), G. C. Booth (Mr. H. E. Whicker, Harewood, Bexhill-on-Sea).


Hervey Scholarships (81): H. A. F. Graham (Mr. C. H. T. Hayman, Winchester House, Brackley), D. Napper (Messrs. Arnold and Gaussen, Brighton College Preparatory School). Gill Memorial Scholarship ((81): F. H. Kirkby (Brighton College). Newton Scholarship (£60): K. A. Powell (Messrs. Crofton-Atkins and Riddall, Sydenham Hill School). Foundation Scholarships (60): D. L. Combridge (Brighton College), A. R. Serraillier (Rev. H. H. Hockey, St. Michael's School, Uckfield). Exhibition (£45): H. J. P. Appleyard (Messrs. Arnold and Gaussen, Brighton College Preparatory School).


School Scholarships: E. V. Thomas (Mr. J. T. Lloyd, Craig-y-nos, Swansea), W. J. I. Owen (Mr. F. S. Cooper Venables, Orleton, Scarborough), C. A. Amoore (Mr. C. L. Webb, Carn Brea, Bromley). School Exhibition: F. S. Hampshire (Messrs. Griffiths and Thorne, and Boxgrove School, Guildford). House Exhibitions: C. R. Quarttey (Mr. F. C. Webb, Canynge Square, Clifton), R. D. Young (Mr. E. H. V. Elliott, Braidlea, Stoke Bishop).


Junior Scholarships (in alphabetical order): G. A. E. Burrows, D. C. Coulter, J. G. Diamond, G. H. B. N. Hunter (Campbell College); R. D. Macrory (Rockport, Craigavad); G. B. G. McConnell (Campbell College); C. M. McKee (Aravon, Bray); F. G. C. Walker (Campbell College).


Scholarships: I. W. Bell (Yarlet Hall, Stafford), R. A. Cruse (St. Wulframe's, Bournemouth) and G. R. Owen-Jones (Gorse Cliff, Bournemouth) (bracketed equal), J. L. Faithfull (Gorse Cliff), L. N. R. Hobson (Great Ballard, New Milton), A. Mouravieff (Chateau Riant, Geneva), G. W. W. Stevens (Canford School), R. A. Stevens (Cottesmore School, Brighton).


Entrance Scholarships: E. P. Lougher (County School, Bridgend), A. McLay (St. John's School, Porthcawl). Philpottine Scholarships: R. H. Jerrome, R. B. Thomas, H. R. J. Lewis (Hereford Cathedral School), T. R. Holtom (Westbourne House, Penarth).


Junior Scholarships (recommended for election): A. J. L. Bowes (Mrs. Pearce, Ripley Court), J. D. Lambert (Mr. Lynam, Dragon School, Oxford), A. N. Goode (Belhaven School, Dunbar), P. Henderson (Mr. Sanctuary, Warden House, Deal), H. R. Trevor Roper (Belhaven School), J. C. Taylor (Holmwood School, Formby), J. W. A. Nicholl-Carne (Mr. Thompson, The Abbey, Beckenham), P. C. M. Hingston (Rimpton, Broadstairs), R. H. Backwell (Eastmans, Southsea), R. F. Oakes (Mr. Millard, Shrewsbury House, Ditton Hill), R. S. Jenkinson (Mr. Joy, Aysgarth School).


Entrance Scholarships (confined to boys not already members of the College, nor of the Junior School): (90): G. M. Strover (James of Hereford Scholar) (Mr. A. H. Richardson, Beaudesert Park, Minchinhampton); (£80): P. M. Inglis (Harvey Scholar) (Mr. R. V. Barker-Mill, Stoke House, Seaford); (£80): P. T. C. Rolt (including Cheltonian Society's Scholarship) (the Rev. H. W. Waterfield, Temple Grove, Eastbourne); (80): G. H. K. Hewlett (Southwood Scholar) (Mr. A. E. Lynam, Dragon School, Oxford); (£80): W. A. Vinycomb (Dobson Scholar) (Mr. A. E. Lynam, Dragon School, Oxford); (£50); J. K. Young (Mr. W. L. McIsaac, Ryde Grammar School); (£50): G. M. Haslam (Mr A. S. Johnson, St. Hugh's, Bickley). Entrance Exhibitions: (£40): A. E. Johnstone (Jex-Blake Exhibitioner) (Mr. H. L. Whytehead, Chafyn Grove, Salisbury); £40*): J. R. H. Fawkes (Mr. C. Clayton Perman, Glyngarth, Cheltenham) (£25): J. B. Atkinson (Mr. F. Bond, Lake House, Bexhill); (£25): E. N. Griffith-Jones (Mr. H. E. Forrester, Norfolk House, Beaconsfield); (£25*): J. R. H. Jeens (Mr. C. Clayton Perman, Glyngarth, Cheltenham), R.A.M.C. Memorial Exhibitions: (50): G. H. H. Dunkerton (Mr. F. G. Turner, Tormore, Upper Deal); (£25): C. H. T. MacFetridge (G. FitzGerald Steade, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin). Home Scholarships and Exhibitions (confined to boys already members of the College, or of the Junior School).-Re-elected Scholars (100): G. S. Whittuck (formerly Mr. E. R. Gurney, Brandon House, Cheltenham); (90): W. R. Upcott-Gill (formerly Mr. H. C. McDonell, Twyford, Winchester). Newly Elected Scholars: (£50): B. D. G. Little (formerly the Rev. W. N. Willis, Ascham St. Vincent's, Eastbourne); (£50): A. M. H. Ainley (formerly Mr. M. H. Raikes, The Old College, Windermere). Newly Elected Exhibitioners: (40): R. E. Marsden (Junior School, Cheltenham College); (25): J. H. G. Cooper (formerly Mr. B. W. King Hall, Emsworth House, Emsworth).

*Note. For day boys the actual value is two-fifths of the nominal value shown above. CHELTENHAM LADIES' COLLEGE University Scholarships: The Gertrude Griffith Scholarships of £80 a year for three years: M. Zvegintzov (tenable at St. Hugh's College, Oxford); a Scholarship of £50 a year, for three years: F. M. Sashse (tenable at Somerville College, Oxford); a Hay Scho arship of £60 a year, for three years: B.J. Byers (tenable at St. Hilda's College, Oxford). Entrance Scholarships and Exhibitions: A Scholarship of £50 a year, for three years: P. B. Lapworth (Eversfield School, Sutton); a Scholarship of £40 a year, for three years: D. F. Farquharson (St. Helen's School, Northwood); House Exhibitions of 33 guineas a year each: B. M. Borrow (Wiston's School, Brighton), and E. Campbell Gibson (Surbiton High School).


The Guthrie (50): J. F. Cornes; under 16 (25): G. D. G. Perkins; under 15 (25): F. J. Nabarro; the Bush Scholarship (60) S. H. Vernon; Old Cliftonians' Scholarship (25): G.Micklethwait; Junior School Scholarship (£25): K. L. Fawdry; Edgar Gollin Scholarship (25): P. M. Thomas (Mr. Fosbery, Oakley Hall, Cirencester). Entrance Scholarships: (100): F. D. R. Seaton (Clifton Junior School); (100): G. D. Wedgwood (Mr. Wallace, Cargilfield, Midlothian); (£80): A. D. M. Cox (Mr. Moore, Wavertree, Horley); (£80): K. G. Beauchamp (XIV School, Clifton); (£60 honorary): M. G. Haworth (Mr. Maitland, Banstead); (40): J. Waterston (Mr. Gardiner, Warriston, Moffat); (25) N. O. Brown (Clifton Junior School); (£25): J. G. Daunt (Mr. Francis, St. Peter's, Weston-super-Mare (25): M. D. Parkes (Clifton College, previously XIV School, Clifton); ̊ (£25): K. H. Smith (Mr. Wilcox, Alleyn Court, Westcliffon-Sea); (£25): J. R. W. Hobson (Mr. Furnival, Greyfriars, Leamington Spa). CRANBROOK SCHOOL

Scholarships of £40 a year: T. V. Clark (Cranbrook School), R. H. Innes (Feltonfleet, Cobham, Surrey). Exhibitions of £30 a year: B. Whitehead (Rye Grammar School), K. F. Murray (Hastings Grammar School). Exhibition of £20 a year: J. H. Clark (Oakwood, Ashford, Kent).


Entrance Scholarships: P. L. Cloete and E. R. A. Tier (Eastmans, Southsea). DEAN CLOSE SCHOOL, CHELTENHAM

Scholarships: (480): W. M. Dravers (Mr. H. C. Davies, Harrow View House, Ealing); (60) P. G. Francis (Messrs. Robathan and Brice Smith, Brightlands, Newnham, Glos); (30): P. D. Figgis (Mr. F. J. Terry, Northwood School. Middlesex); (30): P. Hornsby (Dean Close School, formerly with Mr. G, Meakin, Pembroke Lodge, Southbourne, Bournemouth); (£25): L. R. Skipper (Mr. A. H. Machell Cox, Hartley, Plymouth); Exhibition (£25): M. H. Foster (Mr. A. T. Watts, Kingsmead School, Hoylake); Exhibition (£15): W. B. G. Bown (Mr. T. R. Coombe, Cathedral School, Llandaff).


Scholarships (60) R. H. Gaman (Rev. A. Postance, Hilton Court, Seaford); (50): W. Bestwick (Rev. A. Ashcroft and Mr. J. Glover, Smallwood Manor, Uttoxeter); (£50): J. Beaves (Preparatory School, Victoria Place, Carlisle). Exhibitions: J. S. Reany (King Edward VI School, Stafford), N. Duck (St. John's School, Porthcawl).


Entrance Scholarships: (£70 a year): D. W. Hall (Mr. A. D. B. Wanton, Garth Place, Bexhill); (£50 a year): J. F. Aldous (Mr. H. R. Yates, Wootton Court, Canterbury; (£30 a year): Rev. C. H. S. Gmelin (Holmwood School, Formby, Lancs).


Senior: Classics: G. G. V. Knight, L. B. Hutchings, R. Fisher, J. R. Attree; Modern Languages: A. Gerard, W. R. Middleton, N. A. P. Sands, G. H. B. Harris Science: E. H. Rogers. Junior: (D.C.P.S.): P. Clark, G. F. Huntley, H. K. Douglas, R. H. Walton, W. T. Gray, J. D. Blencowe, R. J. Knight.


Entrance King's Scholarships: (70): R. W. Gill (Bow, Durham), T. M. Gray (West Hartlepool Boys' School); (£50): S. A. Moles (Ascham House, Newcastle); (£30) J. J. Mullins (Gunnersbury School, Chiswick), A. B. Ellis (Ascham House, Newcastle); (£20): A. D. Forster (Colonel Mozley, Red House, Marston Moor). Close Scholarship: (50) F. H. Kendall (Choristers' School).

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Open War Memorial Scholarship: C. D. S. Kennedy (Mr. Macdonald, Amesbury School, Hindhead). Open Scholarship: A. M. Kennedy Mr. Wallace, Cargilfield, Edinburgh). Open Exhibitions: A. D. Taylor (Mr. Wailes, Craigflower, Dunfermline, and Glenalmond), C. M. G. Bird (Mr. Mylne, Dalhousie Castle, Midlothian). War Memorial Bursary: F. D. McJannet (Mr. Crawshaw, Selwyn House, Broadstairs). Honorary Scholarship: M. D. Mills (Mr. Le Maitre, St. Salvators, St. Andrews, and Glenalmond).


Open Scholarships (£50 per annum): M. W. Lister (Beechmont, Haywards Heath), J. F. Hope Simpson (Heddon Court School, Cockfosters, Herts), F. V. Price (honorary), (Gresham's School, Holt), R. S. Crawford (honorary) (Heath Mount School, N.W. 3), M. F. M. Meiklejohn (Dorset House School, Littlehampton). Open Scholarship (£30 per annum): D. D. Maclean (Gresham's School). County Scholarships (£100 per annum): P. M. Chase (Lydgate House School, Hunstanton), G. C. Watt (St. Michael's School, Limpsfield, Surrey). Holt "A" Scholarships (exemption from tuition fees): J. W. Burrows and P G. C. King (Gresham's School, Holt).


Entrance Scho'arship: Shepherd Churchill Scholarship: E. B. Peel (with credit in Latin, Greek, English, French) (Mr. R. Crawshaw, Selwyn House, Broadstairs); Nivison Scholarship: B. M. Parfrey (credit in Latin, Greek, History, French, Mathematics) (Mr. G. B. Innes Hopkins, Orley Farm, Harrow); J. W. R. Harris (credit in Latin, Greek) (Mr. W. N. Bernard, St. Clair, Walmer); A. F. Reynard (credit in Latin, Greek, History) (Mr. R. Tomkinson, Cothill House, Abingdon); T. A. Sleeman (credit in Latin, History, French) (Mr. G. B. Innes Hopkins); Hugh Taylor Scholarship: J. M. H. Bennett (credit in English) (Rev. E. L. Browne, St. Andrew's, Eastbourne); Stanhope Scholarship: L. A. T. Gamble (credit in French and Mathematics) (Mr. G. B. Innes Hopkins). Entrance Exhibitions: A. H. Robertson (credit in French) (Mr. G. C. Beall, Port Regis, Broadstairs), J. D. Harrison (credit in Mathematics) (Rev. E. L. Brown, St. Andrew's, Eastbourne).


Entrance Scholarships: (51 per annum): C. A. Surrey (Mr. K. G. Sandberg, Parkside School, Ewell): (42 per annum): D. M. W. Dear (Mr. H. D. Moseley, Gate House School, Kingston Hill); (30 per annum): E. K. Brownrigg (Mr. N. G. Brownrigg, Fernden School, Haslemere); C. W. T. Bird (Mr. H. B. Evington, Hardenwick School, Harpenden); (21 per annum): J. L. Metcalf (Mr. E. S. Stanley, Marlborough House, Reading).


Foundationerships: (90): H. M. Batten and W. F. C. Grant-Dalton (Kelly College). Scholarships: (450): J. D. Morton (Mr. E. W. Peach, Oakmount, Southampton); (£20): D. W. G. Feaver (Mr. E. F. Stokes, St. Dunstan's, Burnham), A. P. Lyon (Mr. T. S. Sewell, South Lodge, Lowestoft). Exhibitions for sons of naval officers: J. E. A. Pettman (Mr. H. R. Yates, Wootton Court, Canterbury), A. N. Hamilton (Mr. H. Pooley, Dane Court School, Woking).


Clapham Graves Scholarship: F. M. Majdalany (Mr. S. H. Creese, Didsbury School, Manchester). Trustees Scholarships: A. N. McKerrow (Colonel Mozley Red House, Marston Moor), J. B. Driver (Mr. A. Dudley-Smith, Holm Leigh' Buxton), J. A. Brittain (Normanton Grammar School). R. B. Noble Scholarship! F. E. Swann (King William's College). Baume (Science) Scholarships: J. A Brittain (Normanton Grammar School), J. R. Ardern (King William's College)* H. B. Noble (Minx) Scholarships: J. G. Kee (Ramsay Grammar School)* H. McCombe (King William's College). Clucas (Manx) Scholarship: J. K. Green'


Scholarships.-Classics: (40): H. C. Godfray (Rev. H. W. Waterfield, Temple Grove, Eastbourne); (£30): A. W. Andrew (Mr. E. M. S. Cherrill, St. Petroc's School, Bude), G. A. Burfield (Mr. B. M. Peek, Gorse Cliff, Herne, Kent); J. N. Higgins (Rev. K. G. Sandberg, Parkside, Ewell). Exhibition (£25): J. W. Greenwood (King's School, Bruton).


Junior King's Scholarships: P. H. Hemery, A. C. Roberts, C. G. A. Paris, R. M. Clarke (all of the King's School). To Probationer King's Scholarships: J. R. W. Hobson (Mr. Furnival, Beechlawn, Leamington Spa), K. J. Lovatt (Mr. Meakin, Pembroke Lodge, Southbourne), N. G. Levey (Mr. Lightowler, Quernmore, Bromley), A. S. Woodgate (Mr. Stuart, Hillcrest, Frinton-on-Sea), H. P. Cooke (Junior King's School), R. P. Powell (Mr. Gilbert, Lynchmere, Eastbourne), R. F. Cartwright (Messrs. Lyon and Dewé, Allen House, Hook Heath), H. R. E. Wallis (Junior King's School). To Entrance Scholarships: (School House): J. R. W. Hobson (Mr. Furnival, Leamington Spa), K. J. Lovatt (Mr. Meakin, Southbourne), R. P. Powell (Mr. Gilbert, Eastbourne), R. F. Cartwright (Messrs Lyon and Dewé, Hook Heath); (Langley House): A. S. Woodgate (Mr. Stuart, Frinton-on-Sea); (Holme House): N. G. Levey (Mr. Lightowler, Bromley). To a Junior Greaves Scholarship: D. R. Minett (Junior King's School).


King's Scholarship: K. F. Herbert and D. R. Lane (King's School, Ely), R. S. Seth (Ely Cathedral Choir School), E. Lakeman (Sheringham House, Hampstead). KINGSWOOD SCHOOL, BATH

Entrance Scholarships (£30 each): H. F. Howard, D. G. Neill, R. H. Mole. Leaving Scholarships (third year): Lord Moulton Scholarship of £50: G. R. Gedye; Mr. F. J. Cleminson's Scholarship of £50: C. L. Mitton. Scholarships of £50 H. M. Phillipson and S. L. Smith. Exhibitions of £20: P. M. Wright and E. O. Pearson (second year). Posnett Scholarship of £100: S. W. K. Morgan. Exhibition of £50: B. V. Dodd. Mr. A. R. Cleminson's Scholarship of £50: H. A. Wade (first year). Mr. J. A. Rank's Scholarship of £50 and a Scholarship from the Trustees of £50: K. A. Matthews. Lamplough Scholarship of £100: A. C. Rees. Posnett Scholarship of £100 J. M. Holford. Elvins Scholarship of £50 M. W. Pritchard. Scholarships of £50: R. N. Currey and J. W. Morris. Fernley Scholarship of £35: J. L. Brewin.


Entrance Scholarships: Classics and Mathematics: R. S. Fryer (Mr. P. D. Fee Smith, Old Hall School, Wellington, Shropshire). Classics: J. H. Ritchie (Mr. J. L. Stow, Horris Hill, Newtown, Newbury). Latin, Divinity, and English: C. A. Eland (Rev. F. N. Bird, Norwood, Exeter). French F. J. P. Gore and D. K. Robinson (Messrs. King and Anson, Doon House, Westgate-on-Sea). French and Mathematics: D. K. Anderson (Mr. Edgar Dodd, Downside, Purley).


Scholarships of £50: G. R. Glendinning (Mr. N. G. Pearson, Alton Burn, Nairn), L. H. Watson (King Alfred School, Streatham, S.W.), E. L. Sykes (Capt. A. J. Rooker-Roberts, Belmont, Mill Hill, N.W.), F. E. Holdsworth (Mr. J. M. Barnes, Earnseat, Arnside, Westmorland). Honorary Exhibition: K. C. H. Rowe (Rev. F. N. Bird, Norwood, Pennsylvania, Exeter). Exhibitions of (25: T. G. J. Mathias (Mr. C. Walford, Homefield, Sutton), N. G. Williams (Mr. R. B. Lockhart, Eagle House, Sandhurst, Berks), B. J. Garnett (Mr. T. H. Jones, County School, Pembroke Dock), R. B. Aldridge (Mr. E. F. Tetley, St. Wilfram's, Bournemouth).


Entrance Scholarships (value £45 a year): P. Watkinson (Mr. P. S. Dealtry, The Leas, Hoylake), E. S. Whitehead (Mr. R. C. Statter, Elleray School. Wallasey), M. H. Barsley (Mr. C. W. Bourne, St. Christopher's, Liverpooli. Entrance Exhibitions (value (21 a year): R. F. Vickers (St. Christopher's. G. S. Robinson, and S. A. Milne (Elleray School). Dean Howson Exhibitions value £21 a year): K. Siviter (Mr. A. T. Watts, Kingsmead School, Hoylake, W. R. Wilson (Orme School, Newcastle, Staffs).


British Empire Scholarships in the Faculty of Engineering (£75 per annum): G. Maclead (Stockport Municipal College), W. H. Medcalf (Woodbridge School, Suffolk), T. Marash (Scots College, Galilee), J. le P. Webb (Cheltenham Grammar School), R. G. Martin (Wyggeston Grammar School, Leicester), G. L. Ryan and F. Lawrence (Loughborough Junior College).


Scholarships J. G. Friedeberg (Mr. Gilderdale, Eastmans, Southsea), C. G. Nairn (Mr. Sparrow, Seacroft School, Lincoln), J. T. Milnes (Rev. A. Hooper. Hillstone, Malvern), C. F. Cooke (Mr. Henderson, St. Peter's, Seaford), R. A. Wylde (Mr. Johnson, St. Hugh's, Bickley), C. A. G. Coleridge (Mr. Walters, Bramdean, Exeter), T. Quilliam (Mr. Gregory, Fairleigh, Weston-super-Mare), A. J. Stephens (Rev. A. Hooper, Hillstone, Malvern). Exhibitions: A. D. Holland (Mr. Webb, Seafield Park, Fareham), G. E. M. de Galleani (Malvern College, late Mr. Williams White, Holyrood School, Bognor).


Senior: Herbert Leaf Scholar: J. W. Head. Classical Scholars; D. C. Tayler, R. C. Ledger (Hon.), G. C. Stead. Ireland Scholar: A. H. Tomlin (Hon. Mathematical Scholars: R. M. Chapman, E. F. F. D. Price. Science Scholars (Douglas Joseph Geere): W. D. Godin, B. R. Waddy. Authors Scholar: G. L Crawford. Modern Language Scholar: G. L. McDermott. Junior: J. G. Monroe (L. K. Meryon Scholar), Marlborough College (Mr. A. W. Hooper, Acreman House, Sherborne, J. S. Maples (House Scholar) (Messrs. Pitkin and Sandwith. Earleywood, Ascot), J. A. Townend (Mr. A. O. Snowden, Hildersham House, St Peter's, Broadstairs), A. C. Jamieson (Mr. A. F. Lynam, Dragon School, Oxford C. C. Nightingale (Messrs. Shirley and Ranger, Pinewood, Farnborough, Hants P. H. Scholfield (Mr. A. G. Grenfell, Mostyn House, Parkgate, Cheshire, C. Wilkinson (Mr. T. Pellatt, Durnford House, Langton Matravers), J. R. Trevaldwyn (Mr. G. G. T. Gilbert, Park House, Paignton), A. P. Fletcher (Mr. J. Douglas Hillside, Godalming). Foundation Scholarships: L. W. Burton (Mr. W. B. C Drew, Kingsland Grange, Shrewsbury), P. H. Scholfield (Mr. A. G. Grenfel Mostyn House, Parkgate, Cheshire), F. W. Hanford (Mr. R. Tomkinson, Cothi House, Abingdon), J. R. Trevaldwyn (Mr. G. G. T. Gilbert, Park House, Paignton, A. G. H. Gardiner Brown (Mr. W. B. Harris, St. Ronan's, West Worthing), J. V. Wilkinson (Mr. R. Pidcock, Bramcote, Scarborough), L. H. Waddy (Mr. C. Malden, Windlesham House, Southern Cross, Brighton), R. H. Baugh (Rev. E. Healey, Lickey Hills School, Rednal), T. S. Garrett (Mr. C. L. Webb, Carn Brea. Bromley, Kent), M. Warburton (Mr. A. H. Raikes, The Old College, Windermere, P. G. Whately-Smith (Rev. E. Whately-Smith, Hordle House, Milford, Hants R. F. Tambling (Mr. H. N. Gilbert, Lynchmere School, Eastbourne), B. C. M. McLean (Mr. H. H. C. Buckley, Magdalene Court, Broadstairs), A. R. D. Ramsay (Mr. G. P. Saville, Avondale, Clifton, Bristol), J. C. C. Matthews (Rev. E. L Browne, St. Andrew's, Eastbourne). Ernest Heap Scholarship: L. W. Burton (Mr. W. B. C. Drew, Kingsland Grange, Shrewsbury).


Junior Scholarships: J. D. Clark (Merchant Taylors' School), J. S. Crisfield (Mr. H. D. Moseley, Gate House School, Kingston), A. R. Duncan Jones (Rev. K. G. Sandberg, Parkside, Ewel!), J. H. Hedgcock (Mr. G. R. Thompson, The Abbey, Beckenham), G. H. Poyser (Mr. A. O. Lightowler, Quernmore School. Bromley), F. A. Andrews (430) (St. Saviour's School, Ardingley).


Open Scholarships: G. F. Hourani (Didsbury Preparatory School), A. G Charlton Cox (Boys' Intermediate School, Aberdare), E. Shephard (Norman Court, Potters Bar), J. E. Terry (Shrewsbury House, Surbiton), D. E. Mannering (Norman Court), A. F. Toms (Harlow College, Essex). Open Exhibitions: W. H Reeve (The Hall, Hampstead), L. A. Gardner (Warwick House, King Henry's Road, N.W.), K. G. Chandler (Hardenwick, Harpenden). Ministerial Exhibition W. G. Holmes (Lemington-on-Tyne Secondary School).

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Scholarships: W. S. Ault (F. S. Cooper Venables, Orleton, Scarborough', H. Coates (E. Owen, Terra Nova, Birkdale, Southport), P. de C. Jones (F. S. Cooper Venables, Orleton, Scarborough), H. H. Lamb (A. J. M. Bacon, Tenterden Hall School, Hendon), M. W. Lister (Messrs. Bode & Knott, Beechcroft, Haywards Heath), J. C. Wykes (T. R. Wilcox, Alleyn Court, Westcliff-on-Sea).

PERSE HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, CAMBRIDGE School Leaving Exhibition (£25 per annum) awarded by Trinity College. Cambridge: S. R. Drummond and M. Milne. Junior Scholarship in Form Lower Va. I. (£15 a year for two years) awarded by the Governors: H. Duff.

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C. F. C. LETTS and G. M. JACKSON. Crown 8vo. 4s. Part I, separately 2s 6d. This book has been written with the idea of providing a satisfactory Latin Prose Composition for boys and girls of the ages of ten to fourteen who have learnt Latin long enough to master the Simple Sentence. It is divided into two parts, the first covering what is required for the Common Entrance Examination, the second what is required for Scholarship Examinations. The authors have paid particular attention to the order in which the constructions are introduced.

VERGIL. ÆNEID, Book IV Edited, with an introduction, notes, and a vocabulary by


(First issue with a vocabulary.) Foolscap 8vo. 2s 3d. (Cambridge Elementary Classics.)



Edited by


With notes, a vocabulary, and a map.
Crown 8vo. 4s 6d.

This edition of Maria Chapdelaine has been prepared with the hope that Louis Hémon may become as well known in schools as he deserves to be.



The late C. GODFREY, M.V.O., M.A.,



New Edition, re-set. Cloth limp. Demy 8vo. Is 3d.
Special Edition, with marginal thumb-index.
Cloth boards. Demy 8vo.
2s 6d.

The type has been reset throughout, and certain improvements have been introduced.




J. ARBUTHNOT NAIRN, Litt.D. Crown 8vo. School edition.


(Library edition, with author's own versions of

passages. Crown 8vo. Ios 6d net.)

A companion book to the same author's Latin Prose Composition, published in 1925 that is to say, the first part comprises an introduction on the writing of Greek prose and the second part contains a number of passages for translation into Greek. The book is based on an examination of the styles of Thucydides, Lysias, Isocrates, Plato, and Demosthenes.

EURIPIDES. THE CYCLOPS Edited with an introduction, notes, and a vocabulary by


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The extracts have been chosen to represent the best elements in the work of Charlotte and Emily Bronte. It may indeed be claimed that they are part of the best literature of the last century. It is hoped that, for young readers especially, they may serve not only as an illustration of the style of these writers, but as an inducement to read their novels intact.

MEMORANDUM ON THE TEACHING OF ENGLISH Issued by the Incorporated Association of Assistant Masters in Secondary Schools. Revised Edition. Cloth boards. Crown 8vo. 3s 6d. The revision includes very considerable modifications of the original issue.

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