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Light. By F. BRAY. (бs. Arnold.)

Essays of a Naturalist: a Selection from the Works of Sir Ray
Lankester. (Is. 6d. Methuen.)

Easy Lessons in Wireless. By R. W. HUTCHINSON.
University Tutorial Press.)

(IS. 6d.

Everywoman a Nurse: Health and Nursing Notes for the Use of Nursing Societies, Technical School Classes, Red Cross and Ambulance Associations, &c., and in the Home. By EDITH NEWSOME. (3s. 6d. net. Oxford University Press.) Elementary Practical Physical Chemistry. By Dr. J. F. SPENCER. (5s. Bell.)

A Course of Volumetric Work: for Day and Evening Students of
Pure and Applied Chemistry. By E. CLARK. (4s. 6d. net.

The Science of Everyday Life. By E. F. VAN BUSKIRK and EDITH
L. SMITH. Revised and Enlarged Edition. (8s. net.
Matriculation Magnetism and Electricity: a Text-Book for Use
in Schools and Colleges, Arranged for Modern Methods of
Teaching. By Dr. R. H. JUDE and Prof. J. Satterly.
Third Edition. (6s. 6d. University Tutorial Press.)
Social Life in the Animal World. By Prof. Fr. ALverdes.
(10s. 6d. net. Kegan Paul.)

Problems of Modern Physics: a Course of Lectures Delivered in the California Institute of Technology. By Prof. H. A. LORENTZ. Edited by Prof. H. BATEMAN. (16s. 6d. net.


A Manual of Automatic Telephony. By C. W. WILMAN. (7s. 6d. net. Lockwood.)

The Magneto Manual: a Practical and General Reference Work for Automobile Engineers, Aeronautical Engineers, Mechanics, Apprentices, Chauffeurs, Car-Owners, &c. By H. R. LANGMAN. (7s. 6d. net. Lockwood.)

Modern Ignition Simply Explained: a Simply-written Handy Book on Modern Ignition Systems—the Construction, Maintenance, and Light Repairs; an Exposition of Principles, and illumined by Reference to the Leading Types of Ignition Devices. By H. H. U. Cross. (4s. net. Lockwood.) Relativity: an Exposition without Mathematics. By Prof. J. RICE. (6d. Benn.)

Chemistry. By Dr. P. E. SPIELMANN. (6d. Benn.)

Episodes from the Sea and the Jungle. By H. M. TOMLINSON, (Is. 6d. Harrap.)

Astronomy: a Revision of Young's Manual of Astronomy. By
Dr. H. N. RUSSELL, Dr. R. S. DUGAN, and Dr. J. Q.
STEWART. Vol. I. The Solar System. Vol. II. Astro-
physics and Stellar Astronomy. (10s. 6d. net each vol.

The Conquest of the Air: an Historical Survey. By C. L. M.
BROWN. (2s. 6d. net. Oxford University Press.)
Farm Projects and Problems : a Complete Text for Elementary
Schools. By Prof. K. C. DAVIS. (7s. net. Lippincott.)
A New Experimental Science. By J. G. FREWIN. Part II.
(1s. 6d. net. Clarendon Press.)

Chemistry. By W. H. BARRETT. (5s. net. Clarendon Press.)
Wave Mechanics: an Introductory Sketch. By H. F. BIGGS.
(4s. 6d. net. Oxford University Press.)
Thermometric Conversion Chart for the Use of Mathematicians,
Chemists, Physicists, Schools, &c. By P. L. MARKS. (35. 6d.
net. Crosby Lockwood.)

Stars and Atoms. By Prof. A. S. EDDINGTON. (7s. 6d. net. Clarendon Press.) My.

Modern Astronomy: its Rise and Progress. By Dr. H. MACPHERSON. (бs. net. Oxford University Press.) D. Black's Elementary Science Note Books. Book III. A Course of Experiments on Plant Growth and the Soil in Relation to Foodstuffs. By G. N. PINGRIFF. (IS. 6d. Black.) Economic Biology for Students of Social Science. By Dr. PHILIPPA C. ESDAILE. Part I. Harmful and Useful Animals. (7s. 6d. net. University of London Press.)

The Corridors of Time. I. Apes and Men. II. Hunters and
Artists. By H. PEAKE and H. J. FLEURE. (5s. net each.
Clarendon Press.)

A Bird Book for the Pocket: Treating of all the Regular British
Species, with Coloured Plates to Scale and an Illustrated
Chapter on Eggs. By E. SANDARS. (7s. 6d. net. Oxford
University Press.)
Environment and Race: a Study of the Evolution, Migration,
Settlement, and Status of the Races of Man. By Dr. G.
TAYLOR. (21s. net. Oxford University Press.)
The Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. By Dr. G. FORBES. (6d.
(Contiuued on page 680)

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Each Crown Quarto (71⁄2 × 10 in.), consisting of 32 to 40 pages, printed
on drawing paper and bound in manilla covers.
Price, 10d. per part.

Original, scientifically arranged and sufficiently diverse in scope, the Exercises constitute a medium through which the essential facts governing events and movements in historywhether of primary or secondary importance can be ascertained. Each page contains a chart or diagram for completion by the pupil on the page itself, and, in addition, a number of supplementary exercises bearing upon the particular subject under consideration. Thus, by working through the books, not only is a systematic study of the periods ensured, but the pupils become familiar with the type of question set in the modern history examination. Copies will be sent for inspection if desired.

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Criminology and Penology. By Prof. J. L. GILLIN. (25s. net. Cape.)

This book is a fine example of the application of scientific method to social facts. The author first discusses crime generally, and then proceeds to describe the factors-physical, mental, hereditary, economic and social-involved in the making of a criminal. In the second part of the book the author begins with a history of punishment, then proceeds to a full account of modern penal institutions, and lastly discusses the machinery of justice. As the author is professor of sociology in the University of Wisconsin the outlook of the book is naturally American. But it would be quite wrong to infer that such a treatise is of limited interest to English folk. The facts, for example, that the law's delays and uncertainties are far greater in America than in England, and that serious crime is far more prevalent, suggest fertile comparative studies. Manifestly the subject touches education closely at many points, and notably in what is said about the making of the criminal, punishment, reformatories, and so on. The book is a mine of well arranged information and of sound criticism.

The Public Schools Year Book, 1927. (10s. 6d. net. Year Book Press, H. F. W. Deane & Sons.)

The thirty-eighth annual issue of the official book of reference of the Headmasters' Conference provides a concise record of all matters of educational interest connected with the public schools. The present volume keeps up to the high standard attained in previous issues.

Abstracts of Theses. Humanistic Series. Volume III. Arts

and Literature, Divinity, Social Service Administration: Submitted to the Faculties of the Graduate Schools of the University of Chicago for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, August 1924-June 1925, with Abstracts of some Theses Submitted at an Earlier Date. (158. net. University of Chicago Press. London: Cambridge University Press.) A. This volume includes, among many others, abstracts of eight educational theses, mainly on subjects of interest only in the States, but it will be of use in this country in that it may suggest topics and methods for further research.

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Though opposed to

A brilliant study by an able writer. communism, Prof. Laski is less concerned to denounce its moral obliquity and its economic unsoundness than to show why it finds adherents-" by its idealism and not its realism, by its spiritual promise, not its materialistic prospect." He is aware that it is" a creed in which there is intellectual error, moral blindness, social perversity." But he reminds us that "religions make their way despite these things," and concludes that the new faith can only be overcome by those who can show that their own faith offers mankind an ideal.

An Introduction to Old Norse. By Prof. E. V. GORDON. (10s. 6d. net. Clarendon Press.)

Bell's Acrostic Dictionary. Compiled by W. M. BAKER. (3s. 6d. net. Bell.)

The Plan of the Educational Colonies Associations (of Great Britain and India). How America's Prosperity might be Shared by all the Substance of a Series of Lectures on the Plan Delivered in the Universities of Calcutta, Madras, and Dacca. By J. W. PETAVEL. (The Educational Colonies Associations.)

A New Conception of Office Practice: Based on an Investigation of Actual Office Requirements. By Prof. F. G. NICHOLS. With the assistance of MARie S. Anselmo, Agnes DubUC, M. MAXIM, W. H. MECHLER, L. A. NEWTON, C. C. OLSON, FLORENCE E. STACEY. (2s. 6d. net. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. London: Oxford University Press.) Careers for Girls. By ELEANOR PAGE. (2s. net. Allen & Unwin.)

My Best Game of Chess, 1908-1923. By Dr. A. ALEKHIN Translated from the original MSS. (in French) by J. Du MONT and M. E. GOLDSTEIN. (10s. 6d. net. Bell.)

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"A general impression left as the result of the inspections is that the number of songs learned is much smaller than it should be.. The ideal should be to familiarize the pupils with as large and varied a store as possible... Dr. SOMERVELL. Curwen Edition 6051 ENGLISH FOLK SONGS FOR SCHOOLS. The The words edited by Rev. S. Baring-Gould, M.A. music edited and the accompaniments written by Cecil Sharp, B.A. Contains 53 songs. Vocal edition, both notations, cloth, 28. Pianoforte edition, voice part in Staff, 6s. Words only, 6d. Twenty-one of the songs may be had separately at 3d. each. 6335-6 THE SONGS FROM SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS. Collected and edited by T. Maskell Hardy. Two books of about 18 songs in each, with the songs arranged as in the plays, with notes as to their origin and history. Price 6d. each. Pianoforte edition, 3s. 6d. each. 6334 TUNES FROM THE GREAT COMPOSERS, Collected and edited by H. Coleman. A work for musical appreciation and voice training classes. Price: Pianoforte edition, 5s.; Vocal edition, Is.


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THE SHANTY BOOKS, PARTS I & II. The popular collections by Sir Richard Terry. Each part contains about 30 Sailor Shanties for unison singing. Price Is. 6d. each part. Pianoforte edition (2951-2) 6s. net cash each.

THE COMMUNITY SONG BOOK. A collection of 56 songs and four rounds arranged for unison singing. An unique selection. Price 6d. Pianoforte edition, 4s. 6d. STANDARD UNISON SONGS. Parts I & II. Collections of classical and other songs of the highest class. Vocal editions, Sol-fa or Staff, 6d. each. Staff editions, with accompaniments, 3s. 6d.

Full Catalogue upon application.

London J. CURWEN & SONS, Ltd., 24 Berners St eet, W.1.


French of To-day: A Dictionary

of Words and Phrases in common use:
French-English. By H. N. ADAIR, M.A. Cloth,
2s. 6d. (post paid, 2s. 10d., or on approval).
"May be warmly recommended for wide adoption."

-The Journal of Education.

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The Carfax Books of English

A new School Anthology; Junior, Intermediate,
and Senior Eight Books from 10d. List with com-
plete Contents on application.

Poems of To-day

1st and 2nd series. Compiled by the English Association. Cloth, with Biographical Notes, 3s. 6d. net each. Stiff paper covers, without Notes, 2s. each.

An Arithmetic of Citizenship

By E. RILEY, B.Sc., and J. RILEY, B.Sc. Everyday problems of Savings, Insurance, Rent, Rates, Taxes, &c., &c. Third Impression. 2s. With Answers, 2s. 6d.

Music for Children

First steps in Appreciation. By M. STORR, M.A. With musical annotations, diagrams, analyses, rhythmic exercises, lists of music, &c. Demy 8vo.

Plant and Flower Forms

By E. J. G. KIRKWOOD, B.Sc. Eighty full-page Studies of typical forms of Plants and Plant Organs, with descriptive Notes. Crown 4to, cioth, 7s. 6d. net.

Detailed Prospectuses from

44 Museum Street, W.C. 1


University Day Training Colleges


The Teachers' University Scholarships Committee is prepared to receive applications for five Scholarships awarded by the Worshipful Company of Drapers, each of £25 per annum, and tenable for four years at Oxford or Cambridge. Candidates must be men, who agree to serve as Teachers in approved schools, in accordance with Section 15 (b) of the Regulations for the Training of Teachers, and who are eligible for admission to a four-year University Course at a Training College in October, 1928. The Scholarships will be awarded after an Examination to be held early in February, 1928. The authorities of certain Colleges may offer further exhibitions to successful candidates.

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Children, Can You Answer This? The Children's Question

Book. By G. A. BIRMINGHAM. (2s. 6d. net. Fisher Unwin.) Board of Education. Report of H.M. Inspectors on the Provision in England of Instruction in Commodities for Persons Employed in Commerce. (6d. net. H.M.S.O.) Report of the Committee of Council on Education in Scotland, 1926-27. (9d. net. H.M.S.O.)

University of London. Westminster Hospital Medical School. Prospectus, Calendar, and Directory. Sessions, 1927-28. (Adlard.) Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature. No. XVI, dealing with

Publications of the year 1926. Edited by Dr. H. TEMPERLEY. (Bell.) Historical Association Leaflet, 70. Short Bibliography of Medieval History (A.D. 400 to 1500). By BEATRICE A. LEES. (Bell.) The Incorporated Society of Musicians. Year Book and Register of Members, 1927-1928. (3s. 6d. net. Birch.) The London Advisory Council for Juvenile Employment. Third Annual Report, 1926-27. (4d. net. H.M.S.O.) Fifty-Fourth Annual Report by the Accountant in Edinburgh to the Scottish Education Department. (9d. net. H.M.S.O.) Stockport College. Calendar, 1927-1928.

Bulletin XXXIII. Libraries in Adult Education, An English Tutor in Germany, The German Group, &c. (Is. The World Association for Adult Education.)

The Professional Classes Aid Council. Annual Report, 1926-1927. (251 Brompton Road, London.)

University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Reports submitted to the Court of Governors, October 22, 1926. (IS.) Natural Science in Adult Education. Paper No. 8 of the Adult Education Committee. (6d. net. H.M.S.O.)

Public Libraries Committee. Report on Public Libraries in England and Wales. (6s. net. H.M.S.O.)

Woodcraft. By E. T. SETON. (6d. The Order of Woodcraft Chivalry.)


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Woodcraft Chivalry: Arms, Ideals, and Methods. "Evolution by Synthesis." (6d. The Order of Woodcraft Chivalry.) The Place of Dionysos. By (the late) E. WESTLAKE. (Is. The Order of Woodcraft Chivalry.)

The New Prayer Book: an Address delivered to the London Diocesan Conference, 1927. (6d. net. Nisbet.) Scottish Education Department. Training of Teachers. Report, Statistics, &c., 1924-1926. (Is. 9d. net. H.M.S.O.) London County Council. Annual Report of the Council, 1926. Vol. III. Public Health (Including the Reports for the Year 1926 of the County Medical Officer of Health and School Medical Officer, Main Drainage and Housing). (2s. 6d. King.) Diamond Jubilee of the Confederation of Canada. Sixty Years of Canadian Progress, 1867-1927. (10 cents.) Board of Education. Staffing of Public Elementary Schools in England: Statement showing for the Area of each Local Education Authority in England the Number of Schools, Average Attendance, Number of Classes (by Size of Class), and Staff per 1,000 Pupils in Average Attendance (by Grade of Teacher), with Summaries by Type of Area for England and Wales. 1925-26. (1s. 3d. net. H.M.S.O.) Scottish Education Department. Lists of Education Authorities; Voluntary Schools; Reformatory and Industrial Schools; Secondary Schools; Central Institutions; Continuation Classes not under Education Authorities; National Committee for the Training of Teachers; Training Centres and Colleges, with the Names of Correspondents; H.M. Inspectors' Districts, Staff and Headquarters. (Is. net. H.M.S.O.) Museums and National Life: The Romanes Lecture Delivered in the Sheldonian Theatre, 17 June, 1927. By Sir F. G. KENYON. (25. net. Clarendon Press.)

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching: Twenty-First Annual Report of the President and of the Treasurer. (New York: The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.)

The Directory of Women Teachers, 1927: a Directory of the Women engaged in the Work of Higher and Secondary Education (25s. net. Deane.)

Education in Wales: Report of the Board of Education under the Welsh Intermediate Education Act, 1889, for the Year 1926. (4d. net. H.M.S.O.)

The Iceland Year-Book: a Handbook of General Information. Edited by S. JONSSON. (IS. 8d. Reykjavík, Iceland: Zoëga.) Quarterly Report of Financial and Economic Conditions in Japan. (Tokyo: Dept. of Finance)

JUST READY, 1s. 6d. net


For Council Schools.

Prepared by the Oxfordshire Education Committee.

The intention of this Syllabus is to enable teachers to use the Bible as a text-book for religious instruction and to give the children a conception of the teaching of the Bible as a whole.

THOMAS MURBY & CO., 1 Fleet Lane, London, E.C. 4

"I hope it will soon be in every school library in the Kingdom."-" ARTIFEX" in Manchester Guardian.


R.V. text.
Vol. I. Genesis to Ruth. 16s. net

Messrs. T. Murby & Co. have to announce that, owing to the regretted death of Dr. Knapp, Vols II and III of his work on the Old Testament will not be published. Although much work had been done upon the volumes, failing health prevented their completion, and no section of them had received the Author's final revision.

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By Dr. L. DUDLEY STAMP, Sir Ernest Cassel Reader in Economic
Geography in the University of London.

ROCKS. 6d. net.

Only rocks and minerals mentioned in text-books of geography and which are of importance in the teaching of geography have been included. The brochures have been written to describe the following sets.


MURBY'S SET OF THIRTY COMMON ROCKS; SET OF THIRTY ECONOMIC MINERALS AND ROCKS The set for the teacher in each case consists of specimens 5 in. × 4 in., a specially large size, and thus adapted for class demonstration. Prices: Rocks, £2 18s. 6d. for 30; Economic Minerals and Rocks, £3 7s. 6d. for 30.

The hand specimens in the set for use by the pupils are 3 in. X 2 in. Prices: £1 3s. for 30; Economic Minerals and Rocks, £1 5s. for 30.

An article appeared in Geography pointing out the value of specimens in teaching Geography.

THOMAS MURBY & CO., 1 Fleet Lane, London, E.C.4

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