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ri<»?nS»eVi T L L your gUsses, banish grief,
g!p Y fm Laugh, and worldly cares despise;
'i?P Pi Sorrows ne'er will bring relief,
+<%?£&*£»'}' i°Ys> trom drinking, may amse.
For, why should we for worldly care,
Spoil what nature's made so fair:

Then drink, and set your hearts at reft;

And of a lad bargain make the best.

Busy minds, we know, alas!
With imagination run;
Like the fand, in the hour glass,
Runs and runs, and still runs on.
Never knowing where to stay,
But uneasy every way:

Then drink, &c.

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Some pursue the winged wealth,
Others to Honour doth aspire;
Give me freedom, give me health,
That's the sum of my desire.
Altho' the world doth more present,

It addeth not to my content:

Tien drink, &c.

Love, when mingled with good wine,

Makes the heart both light and free;

Let it rain, snow, or shine,

Still its the fame thing unto me.

For there's no standing 'gainst; our fate,

?L Daily changes on us wait:

K Then drink, &c.


The Soldier's Medley.

X HE lark was up, and the morning grey,
The drummer beat the reveille;
s And jolly soldiers on the ground,
Tn peaceful camp slept fase and sound:
Only one poor soldier, who'
Nought but love could e'er subdue,
Wandet'd to a neighb'ring grove,
There to vent his plaints and love.


O! women are lovely dangerous things,
Theirsweets, like the bees, are mingled with stings;
They're not to be had without care and cost;
They're hard to be kept, and easily lost:
In seeking a fair one, I found to my smart,
I knew not the way I lost my own heart,
I knew not the way I lost my own heart.

Too fondly once I thought to win the lovely
charmer, _ ,

And ev'ry method try'd in hopes to make her

warmer: But all my hopes are over, what scheme then can |j?

I try? &

But, like a hapless lover, here lay me down and die. >*

As on the ground he lay, V?

Minerva came that way,

In arms bright and gay, .

And thus to him did fay:

Rise, soldier, rise;—the drummer beats to arms,
Hark to the loud alarms;
Hang her beauty, mind your duty,
Think not of her charms.
Rise, soldier, rise ;—I'll take you by the hand,
And lead you to the land,
And give you the command ,

Of a chosen band.

Rise, soldier, rise;
Don't be stupid,

A a

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Drive away Cupid,
Think on Minerva's wise advice* .
Soldier, go home, go home,
Ne'er mind your mistress's scorn j
Slight, slight her again,
Slight, slight her again.
For slighted love should slights return.

The soldier than rose from his am'rous sloth,.

And hasted away to his duty;
Swore to Minerva a terrible oath,

He'd never thisk more of her beauty.
Sing bachelor blusf, bachelor bluff,.
Hey for a heart as flout as a buff.

Those that live Jingle they never wear horn»>

Those that live single are happy;
Those that are married do lye upon thorns,
They always go. ragged and shabby.
Sing cuckolds come dig, cuckolds come dig,
Roundabout cuckolds come dance to my jig.

Those that live, single do ne'er sear a rout,

Nothing to them can. be sweeter j
They have no wise for to. simper and poiit,
Crying, ito-w can yojiJiAve me, dear Petersi:
Sing batcbelor bluff, batchelar bluff,
Hey for a heart as itout as a buff

Ye belles and flirts,, that are so. fair,
Say, are not soldiers forn/d for love?

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