The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Guide to the Loan Exhibition of the J. Pierpont Morgan Collection

Gilliss Press, 1914 - 158 páginas

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Página ix - What's the use of bothering about one little piece when I might get them all?" and promptly made a large offer for the whole collection. Nor did he like to waste time. Once he was just getting into his automobile to take the steamer for Europe when a dealer came along and told him that such-and-such a collection was for sale. It was a collection which Morgan knew all about. "Very...
Página 158 - Catalogue of the collection of jewels and precious works of art, the property of J. Pierpont Morgan.
Página 159 - Catalogue of the collection of miniatures, the property of J. Pierpont Morgan; compiled at his request by GC Williamson.
Página viii - Had such an assemblage represented the results of several generations of a family of collectors it would have been a most remarkable achievement, but formed as it was by one man, and the greater part during a comparatively short period of his life, it is probably without parallel in the history of collecting, as there is to-day no collection which in range, variety, and the high average of quality, outranks it.
Página 159 - Catalogue of the collection of watches; the property of J. Pierpont Morgan; compiled at his request by GC Williamson, Litt. D.," London, privately printed, 1912.
Página 155 - ... New York, is continuing its public spirited policy of presenting to the Library of Congress one copy of each of its current imported publications of British books, numbering this year 96 volumes. Notable gifts of individual works were received as follows : From Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan, a copy of his "Collection of J. Pierpont Morgan; bronzes of the Renaissance and subsequent periods; introduction and descriptions by Wilhelm Bode.
Página 143 - If a glass could expand Cooper's pictures to the size of Van Dyck's, they would appear to have been painted to that proportion. If his portrait of Cromwell could be so enlarged, I do not know but Van Dyck would appear less great by comparison.
Página 155 - Catalogue of the Morgan Collection of Chinese Porcelains. By SW Bushell and WM Laffan.
Página vii - To form an idea of the extent of his collections in their entirety it should be remembered that in addition to what is now placed on view there is in the Museum a vast amount of material belonging to them, distributed through its various departments, such for example as the large gallery of Chinese porcelains, the rich and important Hoentschel collection of mediaeval works of art, the Merovingian and Germanic antiquities, many paintings exhibited in our picture galleries, and individual objects in...
Página xiii - French gray. 1 he walls of the galleries around the area are finished with a rough plaster surface, tinted in a creamy tone, as an appropriate background for the tapestries which are displayed upon them, and a color which is not too sombre for the porcelains; and the Miniature room is covered with a soft, greenish...

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