How Canada was Held for the Empire: The Story of the War of 1812

T.C. and E.C. Jack, 1905 - 372 páginas

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Página 43 - Had I any doubt of eventual success, I might ask your assistance — but I do not. I come prepared for every contingency. I have a. force which will look down all opposition, and that force is but the vanguard of a much greater.
Página 42 - Inhabitants of Canada ! After thirty years of peace and prosperity, the United States have been driven to arms. The injuries and aggressions, the insults and indignities of Great Britain have once more left them no alternative but manly resistance or unconditional submission.
Página 45 - ... of its first settlers, the intrinsic value of its commerce, and the pretensions of its powerful rival to repossess the Canadas, are pledges that no peace will be established between the United States and Great Britain and Ireland, of which the restoration of these provinces does not make the most prominent condition.
Página 45 - Europe with a rod of iron ? If not, arise in a body, exert your energies, co-operate cordially with the king's regular forces, to repel the invader, and do not give cause to your children, when groaning under the oppression of a foreign master, to reproach you with having...
Página 138 - It became too evident that our numbers and means of defence were inadequate to the task of maintaining possession of York against the vast superiority of force brought against it. The troops were withdrawn towards the town, and were finally ordered to retreat on the road to Kingston : the powder magazine was blown up, and the new ship and the naval stores destroyed. Lieut. -Colonel Chervett and Major Allan of the militia, resident...
Página 239 - ... upon principles of perfect reciprocity not inconsistent with the established maxims of public law, and with the maritime rights of the British empire.
Página 44 - The unprovoked declaration of War, by the United States of America, against the United Kingdom, of Great Britain and Ireland, and its dependencies, has been followed by the actual invasion of this Province in a remote Frontier of the Western District by a detachment of the Armed Force of the United States.
Página 16 - Quebec, or any where else; but I would take the whole continent from them, and ask them no favors. Her fleets cannot then rendezvous at Halifax as now ; and, having no place of resort in the north, cannot infest our coast as they have lately done. It is as easy to conquer them on the land, as their whole navy would conquer ours on the ocean. We must take the continent from them. I wish never to see a peace till we do.
Página 324 - I am also of opinion that there was not the least necessity for our squadron giving the enemy such decided advantages, by going into their bay to engage them ; even had they been successful, it would not in the least have assisted the troops in storming the batteries; whereas, had our troops taken their batteries first, it would have obliged the enemy's squadron to quit the bay, and given ours a fair chance.
Página 240 - I have nothing to add," said the secretary ; : " the sentiments of the President have undergone no change on that important subject. This degrading practice must cease ; our flag must protect the crew, or the United States cannot consider themselves an independent nation.

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