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There is no one but only you,
that I do thus admiré,

And dearest Celia there's but few
whose love is so entire.
Then cease, Oh! cease your cruelty
and prove but kind unto me,
O do not, do not torture me,

for fear you quite undo me.
What is the reason, cruel maid,

that you do thus deceive me, When oftentimes you promised

that you would never leave me? You love to hear me thus complain,

and thus to see me languish, You glory, glory in my pain

and triumph in my anguish.
Forgive me if I you accuse

for loving of another,
I think I do not you abuse

since that I do discover
Your cruelty to me of late

when I for love implore ye, Be kind or cruel, 'tis my fate

that I must still adore ye. But if you any mercy have,

come quickly and relieve me,
O do not, do not dig my grave,

But now from death reprieve me.
My life or death depends on you,

then do not wretched make me,
For I shall live if you prove true,
But die if you forsake me.



Poems. By M. G. Lewis, Esq.

Oriental Customs, or an Illustration of the Sacred Scriptures, by an explanatory Application of the customs and manners of the Eastern nations; and especially the Jews, therein alluded to. Collected from the most celebrated Travellers, and the most eminent critics. By the Rev. Samuel Burden, A. M. of Clare Hall, Cambridge; Lecturer of the United Parishes of Christ Church, Newgate-street, and St. Leonard, Foster-lane. 2 vols. 8vo.

Temper; or, Domestic Scenes, a Tale; in 3 vols, 12mo. By Mrs. Opie. Biographical memoirs of Adam Smith, L. L. D.-of William Robertson, L. L. D. and of Thomas Reid, L. L. D. collected in 1 vol. with additional notes. By Dugald Stewart, Esq.

The Life of R. Cumberland. By William Mudford.


By Joseph Delaplaine, Philadelphia,

The first number of the Emporium of Arts and Sciences, conducted by John Redman Coxe, M. D. Professor of Chymistry in the University of Pennsylvania, for May, containing four elegant engravings.

By Bradford and Inskeep, Philadelphia,

A selection from Bishop Horne's Commentary on the Psalms. By Lindley Murray, author of an English Grammar, &c. &c.

Also-Soldier's Orphan, a new Novel.

Also-Banks of Wye, a poem, in four books, by Robert Bloomfield, author of the Farmer's Boy.

Also-The 5th vol. of the American Ornithology, or the Natural History of the Birds of the United States. Illustrated with plates, engraved and coloured from original drawings taken from nature By Alexander Wilson.

By D. Fenton, Trenton,

The first Drills, of Elementary Principles of Military Exercise. Adapted to the modern system of Tactics. Intended for the use of the uniformed militia corps of the United States; and founded on the principles of common sense and natural analysis. By John Hollinshead, Lieut. in the U. S. Reg. of Light Dragoons.

By Moses Thomas, Philadelphia,

Memoirs of Charles J. Fox. By John Bernard Trotter. 1 vol. 8vo.
Also-Kelroy: a Novel. By a Lady of Pennsylvania.
And-A new Song Book.


In 3 volumes, Tales of the East. By Henry Weber, Esq. These volumes will contain upwards of 1000 stories, and comprise besides original transla tions, the whole of the Arabian, Persian, Turkish, Mogul, Tartarian, and Chinese Tales, which are entitled to find a place in this collection.

Hector Macneil, Esq. author of William and Jane, will publish in a few days, the Scottish Adventurers, or, The Way to Rise, an Histórical Tale.

The complete works of Peter Pindar, in 5 vols.

Mrs. West is preparing for publication a new Novel, on the subject of the civil wars in the 17th century.

Travels in Albania, Roumelia, and other provinces of Turkey, in 1809 and 1810. By J. C. Hobhouse.

The entire works of Aristotle, by Thomas Taylor, Esq.


An Apology for the Life of James Fennell, written by himself.

By Thomas J. Rogers, Easton, Penn.

By subscription-A new American Biographical Dictionary, or A Remem brancer of the departed Heroes and Statesmen of America. To be confined exclusively to those who signalized themselves in either capacity, in the revo lutionary war, which obtained the independence of their country. Compiled from the best publications.

In one large octavo volume, Memoirs of the Life of David Rittenhouse, L. L D. F. R. S. President of the American Philosophical Society Philadelphia, &c. &c. &c. Interspersed with various notices of many distinguished men, and remarks on some public institutions and measures connected with the main object of the work. With an Appendix, containing sundry philosophical and other papers, the most of which have been hitherto unpublished. By Wm. Barton, M. A. Counsellor at Law, of Lancaster, Pa.

By D. Allinson, Burlington, and D. Fenton, Trenton,

A Treatise on the Jurisdiction and Proceedings of Justices of the Peace, in Civil Suits in New-Jersey, with an Appendix. By William Griffith, Esquire, Counsellor at Law.

By D. Fenton, Trenton,

Lectures on Moral and Political Philosophy. By the Rev. S. S. Smith, D. D. L. L. D.

By Whiting and Watson, New York,

Memoirs of the Rev. John Rogers, D. D. By Samuel Miller, D. D.

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