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Oh! freely still your aid bestow,
Help us to live—the old to die,
And blessiog others here below,

Yourselves be doubly blest on high.

"The collection taken on this occasion, in aid of the society, exceeded seven thousand dollars.''''

On a first reading of the above, it impressed on my mind that it was an account of the London Society for Evangelizing the Jews; being placed in company with the "Massachusetts Society for meliorating the condition of the Jews," "Salem Jews' Society? "Northampton Jews' Society," "Providence Auxiliary Society;" all

which are illegitimate, that is, societies of tittns who assume the name of Jews'

Societies; and it surprised me to find H. It. H. the duke of Sussex in such company. I also noticed the strangeness of the wording and punctuation. On a reperusal, the wrong beoame apparent—and behold my agreeable surprise on the discovery of a friend. It is a garbled account of an annual meeting of the Society of London, the members arc principally Jews ; it is called pljfn xV\i Nivhy Uatsedek, the righteous refuge or dwelling, a charitable institution for aged infirm Hebrews, and poor Jew children; they have a large elegant Hospital in Mile-end road, called the Jews' Hospital, where manufactories of several kinds are in successful operation. The aged and infirm are supported for life: the children receive an education, are taught a trade or handicraft, and when of age set up in business. The institution is entirely a Jews' institution. The children are educated in Judaism; it is supported by voluntary contributions and annual subscriptions. The subscribers have an annual meeting, when the duke, being a patron, usually presides for the day.'

Israel's Advocate has introduced this society to the notice of its readers in such a

manner that it may be mistaken for a society of ians, calling themselves a Jews'

Society; it therefore became our duty to notice it here, to correct the erroneous idea it is calculated to impress. Would that all societies calling themselves Jews' Societies were like this, and would that all pious ians were like the Duke of Sussex.

Blessings on his head! May he see the delight of Israel and be satisfied!

Now, reader, will you please to say by what name shall such doings be called? It is neither murder nor robbery! It does not "make me poor indeed," neither does it "make him the richer!" The plumage is indeed borrowed; and I would not willingly pluck a single feather from him. Let it then stand, a thing without a name, and so in future shall all misdoings in that work be, till it is otherwise conducted.


No. 12 concludes the first volume of the Jew; those who wish to withdraw their subscription will please to signify the same to the publisher, at the office, 265 Broadway, before the 6th day of March next, or they will be considered as pledged to continue their subscriptions.

Subscribers to the Jew, who wish to replace any numbers which may be wanting to complete the series for the first volume, are reminded to supply themselves before the 6th of March next, after which we may not be able to supply them.

MALABAR JEWS. We have latterly been favoured with the perusal of an original account of the Jews of Cogin, (Cochin) in China, and are in hopes of being favoured with a communication on that subject, which will correct Missionary misrepresentations on that head!








-. -p-iin nan "rh nitsyS ny

"'Tis time to work for the Lord j they make void thy law.

"And I will answer the blasphemers of the word; for I depend upon thy words."

Psalm, cix.


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Bible, the edition of the London Bible Society, called Simion's edition,

shown to be a false copy . . . ,

Camden's address to the Jews

Answer to ....

ian religion establishment of, foretold by Daniel

Conversion of Rabbi Drach.—

Relapse to Judaism .

Relapse to ianity

Cranganor massacre of the Jews

Dea's letters . . .279 309 336 350 355 419

Faith ian, a great miracle .

Gog, an Emperor of Russia

Isaiah's message to the American nation, answered . . 319

Israel's Advocate, strictures on

Judea, boundaries of

Jews, of Malabar account of

Sargon's account of, confuted
Buchanan's account of, confuted
Their own account of themselves established
Chinese Jews account of
Jews, G. F. address to

Matthew St. Examination of 255 258 295 344 368 382 397
/Writer of the Gosple of, no Jew - 380 395 397 414
Was a Pagan .....
Meliorating societies addressed ....
Messiah not God nor part of the Godhead .



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Not priest to the exclusion of the sons of Aaron
Ned Mc. answer to his address to the Jews . .

Paul St explanation of Isa. ix. 10. shown to be false

His reasonings on Gen. xxii. 18. shown to be erroneous
Predestination, thoughts on . . .

Romans, their generosity explained .

Wolf, his argument on Isa. ix. 6. confuted .


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