Why Europe Will Run the 21st Century

Fourth Estate, 2005 - 170 páginas
Those who believe Europe to be weak and ineffectual are wrong. Turning conventional wisdom on its head Why Europe Will Run the 21st Century sets out a vision for a century in which Europe will dominate, not America. This is the book that will make your mind up about Europe. Why is this book important now? / This book is a timely, confident and optimistic antidote to recent events on the world stage, particularly to the alarming nature of US foreign policy. / With the referendum announced by Tony Blair taking place next year, it will become a crucial part of the debate, at a time when the people will be called upon to make a decision / Ten new countries joined the EU in May 2004 and a new US president will be sworn in early next year. Why Europe Will Run the 21st Century will be a perfectly-timed response to these two major events Why will Europe run the 21st century? / Europe only looks dead because it is seen through American eyes.

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Mark Leonard founded the leading independent think tank The Foreign Policy Centre at the age of 24, under the patronage of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and is now Executive Director of The European Council on Foreign Relations'. When he was only 23, Mark wrote the famous pamphlet, 'Rebranding Britain', coining the phrase 'Cool Britannia'. He has written regular commentary for all the leading newspapers and magazines, has presented the BBC' Analysis programme, and has appeared as a commentator on CNN and on all of Britain's most prestigious news programmes (from Today and Newsnight to the Jimmy Young Programme and Start the Week). Mark was named by the Sunday Times as one of the 500 most influential powerful people in Britain. He is 31 years old.

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