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name may have the honour; and we, with those who are assistant to us in this our work of instruction, may have comfort at the day of account.

Lighten our darkness, we beseech thee, O Lord! and by thy great mercy defend us from all perils and dangers of this night. Continue to us the blessings we enjoy; and help us to testify our thankfulness for them, by a due use and improvement of them.

Bless and defend, we beseech thee, from all their enemies, our most gracious Sovereign Lord King GEORGE, our gracious Queen CHARLOTTE, His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, the Princess of Wales, and all the Royal Family.

Bless all those in authority in church and state; together with all our friends and benefactors, particularly the conductors of this school, for whom we are bound in an especial manner to pray. Bless this and all ather seminaries for religious and truly Christian education; and direct and prosper all pious endeavours for making mankind good and holy.

These praises and prayers we humbly offer up to thy divine Majesty, in the name, and as the disciple of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord; in whose words we sum up all our desires. Our Father, &c.

A Morning Prayer to be used by a Child at Home.

GLORY to thee, O Lord! who hast preserved me from the perils of the night past, who hast refreshed me with sleep, and raised me up again to praise thy holy name.

Incline my heart to all that is good: that I may be modest and humble, true and just, temperate and diligent, respectful and obedient to my superiors; that I may fear and love thee above all things; that I may love my neighbour as myself, and do to every one as I would they should

do unto me.

Bless me, I pray thee, in my learning: and help me daily to increase in knowledge, and wisdom, and all virtue.

I humbly beg thy blessing upon all our spiritual pastors and masters, all my relations and friends, [particularly my father and mother, my brothers and sisters, and every one in this house]. Grant them whatsoever may be good for them in this life, and guide them to life everlasting.

I humbly commit myself to thee, O Lord! in the name of Jesus Christ my Saviour, and in the words which he himself hath taught me: Our Father, &c.

An Evening Prayer to be used by a Child at Home.

GLORY he to thee, O Lord! who hast preserved me the day past, who hast defended me from all the evils to which I am constantly exposed in this uncertain life, who hast continued my health, who hast bestowed upon me all things necessary for life and godliness.

I humbly beseech thee, O heavenly Father! to pardon whatsoever thou hast seen amiss in me this day, in my thoughts, words, or actions. Bless to me, I pray thee, whatsoever good instructions have been given me this day help me carefully to remember them, and duly to improve them: that I may be ever growing in knowledge, and wisdom, and goodness. I humbly beg thy blessing also upon all our spiritual pastors, and masters, all my relations and friends [particularly my father and mother, my brothers and sisters, and every one in this house]. Let it please thee to guide us all in this life present, and to conduct us to thy heavenly kingdom. I humbly commit my soul and body to thy care this night; begging thy gracious protection and blessing, through Jesus Christ our only Lord and Saviour; in whose words I conelude my prayer. Qur Father, &c.

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A short Prayer on first going into the Seat at Church LORD! I am now in thy house: assist, I pray thee, and accept of my services. Let thy Holy Spirit help mine infirmities; disposing my heart to seriousness, attention, and devotion: to the honour of thy hely name, and the benefit of my soul, through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Anien. Before leaving the Seat.

BLESSED be thy name, O Lord! for this opportunity of attending thee in thy house and service. Make me, I pray thee, a doer of thy word, not a hearer only. Accept both us and our services, through our only Mediator, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Grace before Meals.

SANCTIFY, O Lord! we beseech thee, these thy productions to our use, and us to thy service, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Grace after Meals


BLESSED and praised be thy holy name, O Lord, for this and all thy other blessings bestowed upon us, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Improved Elementary Books, for the Use of Schools and Young


READING EXERCISES for SCHOOLS, on a new and very popular plan, being a sequel to MAVOR'S SPELLING, and an Introduction to the Class Book, similar in plan and arrangement to Brown's Testament. By the Rev. David Blair. Price 2s. 6d. bound.

This Work recommends itself to general adoption in all seminaries by the following peculiar features:

1. It is printed in a large clear Type.

2. It is rendered interesting by numerous Embellishments

3. The subject matter is adapted to the capacity of Children, and is at once entertaining, moral, and instructive.

4. All the difficult and long words are selected, divided, and printed at the head of each Lesson, in the manner of Brown's Testament. POETRY for CHILDREN, consisting of selections of easy and interesting Pieces from the best Poets, with original Pieces. By Miss Aikin; adapted to Children between the age of Six and Twelve.

Price 2s.

The CLASS-BOOK; or, THREE HUNDRED and SIXTY-FIVE READING LESSONS, for Schools of either Sex: combining the elements of all knowledge, with a greater number of reading exercises, from the best authors, than are to be found in any other work of the same description; every lesson having a clearly defined object, and teaching some important truth, or some principle of science or morality. By the Rev. David Blair. A new edition, price 5s. 6d. bound.

The ARITHMETIC of REAL LIFE and BUSINESS, adapted to the Practical Use of Schools: including a complete Reformation of all the Tables of Weights and Measures; the Calculation of Annuities, Leases, Estates, Lives, Stocks, Exchanges, &c.; and more numerous examples under every rule than are to be found in any other book of this kind. By the Rev. J. Joyce; closely printed, price 3s. 6d. bound.

The following are the peculiar and superior features of this Arithmetic: 1. The Tables of Weights and Measures, corrected throughout, and adapted to modern usage.




2. Obsolete and useless Rules expunged, and a much larger portion applied to Stocks, Estates, Annuities, Discounts, Reversions, Tontises Banking, Insurances, Brokerage, Chances, Exchanges, &c. &c. as pre Wi tised by the Brokers and Commercial Companies of the City of Lond 3. More Examples under each Rule than are to be found in other Work.

4. Logarithms applied to calculations of Annuities, Compound terest, &c.




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A KEY to Ditto, for the Use of Teachers; to which is subjoined en System of Mental Arithmetic, and a concise mode of setting sums in the first four Rules. Price 3s. 6d.



The ELEMENTS of LAND SURVEYING, in all its branches, practically adapted for the use of Schools and Students: illustrated by highly finished E engravings, plain and coloured; complete Tables of Signs and Tangents Pr Logarithms, &c. &c. &c. By Abraham Crocker. 7s. 6d. bound.

An EASY GRAMMAR of GEOGRAPHY, being an Introduction, and Companion to the larger Work of the same Author, published under the title of "Geography on a Popular Plan," and esteemed the most practica work of this kind extant. By the Rev. J. Goldsmith. variety of Maps, &c. Price 3s. 6d. bound in red.

Illustrated with


GEOGRAPHY ILLUSTRATED on a POPULAR PLAN, for the use Schools and Young Persons. Containing all the interesting and amus features of Geographical knowledge, and calculated to convey instruction by means of the striking and pleasing associations produced by the pecu manners, customs, and characters of all nations and countries. By the Rev. J. Goldsmith. A new edition, enlarged and improved, illustrated with upwards of sixty beautiful engravings, representing the dresses, customs, per and habitations of all nations, with numerous maps, &c. Price 15s.



CLASSICAL ENGLISH POETRY, selected for the Use of Schools and Young Persons, from the best authors, with some Original Pieces. B Dr. Mavor and Mr. Pratt; with a Preface, indicating the several specs Th of poetry, and their best modes of recitation. Price 6s. 6d. bound.

A GAZETTEER of the BRITISH ISLANDS; or a TOPOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY of the UNITED KINGDOM, containing full modern De scriptions from the best Authorities, of every County, City, Borough, Town, Village, Parish, Township, Hamlet, Castle, and Nobleman's Seat, in Great Britain and Ireland. By Benjamin Pitts Capper, Esq. of the Secretary of State's Office; Editor of the Imperial Calendar, of the Population Returns, &c. &c. Illustrated with forty-six New County Maps. Price 11. 6s. bound and lettered, or 11. 11s. 6d. elegantly bound, and the Maps coloured

The UNIVERSAL BIOGRAPHICAL, HISTORICAL, and CHRONO LOGICAL DICTIONARY, including Thirteen Thousand Lives of eminent Persons of all Ages and Nations, the Succession of Sovereign Princes, and above twenty-five Thousand Dates, revised, enlarged, and brought down to the present Time. By John Watkins, LL. D. Price 19s. in boards,

er 20s. bound and lettered.

The THEOLOGICAL, BIBLICAL, and ECCLESIASTICAL DIC TIONARY, serving as a general Note-book to all Passages, Names, and Facts, connected with the Old and New Testament, and serving as a Cy pedia of Religious Knowledge. By John Robinson, D. D. &c. With maps Price 28s. in boards, or 30s. bound.

The BRITISH NEPOS, consisting of Select Lives of the illustrious Britons who have been the most distinguished for their Virtues, Talents, or remarkable









incement in Life, interspersed with practical Reflections; written pury for the Use of Young Persons, on the obvious and important princithat example is more powerful and more seductive than precept. By iam Mavor, LL.D. The Tenth Edition. Price 5s, bound. SELECTION of the LIVES of PLUTARCH, abridged for the Use of ols. By William Mavor, LL. D. &c. Price 5s. bound, and contain

Accounts of the most illustrious and estimable Characters of Antiquity. ERMONS for SCHOOLS, containing one for every Sunday in the Year; also for Christmas-Day, Good-Friday, Easter-Sunday, and Fast-Days; of dths and on Subjects adapted to Young Persons of either Sex; selected and alged from Horne, Blair, Gisborne, Zollikofer, Paley, Porteus, Jortin, eld, Horsley, Seed, &c. &c. By the Rev. §. Barrow. Price 6s. 6d. The ELEMENTS of BOOK-KEEPING, by SINGLE and DOUBLE TRY: comprising several Sets of Books, arranged according to present etetice, and designed for the Use of Schools. To which is annexed, an (roduction on Merchants' Accounts, with engraved Specimens. By James Prison, Master of the Mercantile Academy at Glasgow. In 8vo, price 8s. mebound.

and St

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The above Work divests the art of Book-keeping of its pedantry and J.Gusual intricacy; it commences with a Set of Books, in the simplest form, which are adapted to initiate beginners to a Retail Trade, highly useful din red to a numerous class of Students who have been perplexed by the cemplicated Systems of some Authors. Other Sets of Books follow, which are adapted to the most extensive Wholesale Concerns. The whole are illustrated by Questions for Exercise, and by engraved Forms of the various Documents used in Business.

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WATKINS'S PORTABLE CYCLOPEDIA, an invaluable and indissable work for Students and Schools, with plates. Price 15s. bound. The ELEMENTS of NATURAL HISTORY, for the Use of Schools. dfunded on the Linnæan Arrangement of Animals, with popular Descrip thus, in the manner of Goldsmith and Buñon. By William Mavor, LL. D. Price 7s. bound, illustrated by fifty NEW Engravings, indie Sixth Edition. Presenting Two Hundred of the most curious Objects.

DS: ora M. contains County, C

and No

"It is to be regretted that Buffon, with all his excellencies, is absolutely inadmissible into the library of a young lady, both on account of his immodesty and impiety. Goldsmith's History of Animated Nature has many references to a divine Author; and it is to be wished that some person would a new edition of this work, purified from the indeli cate and offensive parts."-Miss More's Strictures on Female Education. UNIVERSAL STENOGRAPHY; or a Complete and Practical SYSTEM the M SHORT-HAND. By William Maver, LL. D. The Eighth Edition,

of the P



ion of Sere

8vo. Price 7s. boards.

Thousand BARROW'S FIVE HUNDRED QUESTIONS on the NEW TESTA larged, lements of Christianity. Price Is.


all Passe

Dent, and

on, D.D.&

res of the

tues, Pales

IENT; being the only means ever devised for practically teaching the

The GRAMMAR of MEDICINE, with its Four Hundred Questions; being the only elementary work adapted to the use of Junior Students in Medicine. Price 7s.

BLAIR'S UNIVERSAL PRECEPTOR, or General Grammar of Arts, Sciences, and Useful Knowledge. Characterized by many eminent teachers as" the Sun of School Books.' 4s. 6d.

BLAIR'S SIX HUNDRED QUESTIONS on his UNIVERSAL PRECEPTOR, (called "the Sun of School Books;") being the only means ever devised for practically teaching the Elements of all Arts and Sciences during the period of ordinary Education. Price 1s.

ADAIR'S FIVE HUNDRED QUESTIONS on GOLDSMITH'S ABRIDGED HISTORY of ENGLAND; being the only means ever devised for teaching British Youth to reason on the causes and effects of the Events in the History of their native Country. Price 1s.

ADAIR'S FIVE HUNDRED QUESTIONS on MURRAY'S GRAM. MAR and IRVING'S ELEMENTS of COMPOSITION; being the only means ever devised for bringing the principles of Grammar and Taste into contact with the thinking powers of Youth. Price 1s.

GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR of BRITISH GEOGRAPHY, with its Four Hundred Questions; teaching to British Youth, for the first time, the Geography, Produce, Resources, and Government of their native Country and its Colonies all over the World. Price 4s. 6d.

ROBINSON'S GRAMMAR of UNIVERSAL HISTORY, with its Four Hundred Questions; being the only means ever devised for practically teaching History in Public Schools. Price 4s.



PHILOSOPHY, CHEMISTRY, &c. with its Four Hundred Questions; being the only means ever devised for practically teaching Natural Philosophy in Public Schools. Price 5s.

BLAIR'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR, with its Four Hundred Questions; being the simplest, completest, and easiest Grammar ever published. 2s. 6d.

The TUTOR'S KEY, or Answers to the Questions, for the ease of Tutors, in ten several Works: viz. The Universal Preceptor-the Grammar of Geography-the Grammar of British Geography-the Grammar of Historythe Grammar of Philosophy-Blair's English Grammar-Barrow's New Testament Questions-Adair's English History Questions-Adair's Questions on Murray and Irving-and the Grammar of Anatomy and Medicine. Es. GOLDSMITH'S GEOGRAPHICAL COPY-BOOKS, demy 3s. royal 5s, GOLDSMITH'S PROBLEMS on MAPS, with a ROYAL ATLAS. 12s. BOSSUT'S FOUR FRENCH BOOKS,-3000 WORDS, 1s.-2000 PHRASES, 1S.EASY GRAMMAR, 2s.-EXERCISES, 3s.


PELHAM'S FIRST CATECHISM, with a Clock-face and moving Hands. 1s.



IRVING'S ELEMENTS of ENGLISH COMPOSITION, being a Supplement to all English Grammars. 7s. Gd.

BARROW'S YOUNG CHRISTIAN'S LIBRARY; or, Present on going Apprentice, or into Service. 4s.

THE BOOK of TRADES; or, Library of the Useful Arts, illustrated by 66 Engravings, for the Instruction of Young Persons designed for Trade. 3 vols.

10s. 6d.

AN EASY GRAMMAR of SACRED HISTORY; or, Guide to the Events of the Old and New Testament,with plates. By MARY ANN RUNDALL. 48. The SOCIAL CATECHISM, of the Constitutional Rights and Legal Duties of Young Britons. By the Rev. S. Barrow. Price 6d.

The SIXTY WONDERS OF THE WORLD, Natural and Artificial, described from the best authorities, with 80 cuts. By the Rev. J. Adair. Price 7s. 6d. bound.


Thomas Wilson and Sons, Printers, High-Ousegate, York.

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