Afro-Latino Voices

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"Kathryn Mcknight and Leo Garofalo have produced a remarkable book in which the search for historical facts are subsumed by the voices who sought to describe the reality of their times and places. The authors ask the reader "to read these documents as rhetorical and symbolic texts rather than as straightforward sources of historical information. Some students of history or social sciences may find it uncomfortable to move from a search for what 'really happened' and what people 'really believed' to an examination of how historical actors presented that reality" (p. xviii).  This book covers politics and war, families and communities, religious beliefs and practices, and justice.  The book brings together a myriad of cultures from Kongo and Ndongo in Central Africa, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Spain, and Portugal, among others. Beyond being a mere reader for students, McKnight and Garofalo have created a sourcebook that reveals an entirely different world than what is seen in conventional history books and anthologies. In that sense, this edited volume has broken new ground. Aside from classroom use, this book is highly recommended to librarians, writers, and researchers of colonial Latin America." --Colonial Latin American Historical Review

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Sobre el autor

Kathryn Joy McKnight is Associate Professor of Spanish, University of New Mexico.

Leo J. Garofalo is Associate Professor of History, Connecticut College.

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