The Life of Hernando Cortes, Volumen 1


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Página 94 - Tlascalans their language was more insulting, and much more minutely descriptive. Throwing to them the roasted flesh of their companions and of the Spanish soldiers, they shouted, " Eat of the flesh of these teules, and of your brothers, for we are quite satiated with it ; and, look you, for the houses you have pulled down, we shall have to make you build in their place much better ones with 1 BERNAL DIAZ, cap.
Página 235 - ... harta suma y cantidad de oro ; pero digo que no ha sido tanta que haya bastado...
Página 85 - Mexicans, who were fighting behind a barricade, threw among the besiegers. We must now see how it fared with the other divisions. Alvarado's men had prospered in their attack, and were steadily advancing toward the market-place, when, all of a sudden, they found themselves encountered by an immense body of Mexican troops, splendidly accoutred, who threw before them five heads of Spaniards, and kept shouting out, " Thus will we slay you, as we have slain Malinche and Sandoval, whose heads these are.
Página 104 - ... tornar a hacer de nuevo, porque si ellos eran vencedores, ya ellos sabían que había de ser así, y si no, que las habían de hacer para nosotros; y desto postrero plugo a Dios que salieron verdaderos, aunque ellos son los que las tornan a hacer.
Página 210 - Malinche, it is long that I have known the falseness of your words, and have foreseen that you would give me that death which, alas ! I did not give myself, when I surrendered to you in my city of Mexico. Wherefore do you slay me without justice ? May God demand it of you.
Página 81 - bridge of affliction,' as he calls it, he saw many of the Spaniards and the allies retreating toward it, and when he came up close to it, he found the bridge-way broken down, and the whole aperture so full of Spaniards and Indians, that there was not room for a straw to float upon the surface of the water.
Página 178 - De algunas de ellas los españoles que en estas partes residen no están muy satisfechos, en especial de aquellas que los obligan a arraigarse en la tierra; porque todos, o los más, tienen pensamientos de se haber con estas tierras como se han habido con las islas que antes se poblaron, que es esquilmarlas y destruirlas, y después dejarlas.
Página 138 - Castilian — men who had various points of difference, and numberless provincial jealousies — concurred in one request. As soon as any colony was in the least degree established in the New World, the colonists, almost in their first communication with their sovereign, were sure to entreat him to prohibit.lawyers from coming out to them.
Página 106 - Y llegado al albarrada, dijéronme que pues ellos me tenían por hijo del sol, y el sol en tanta brevedad como era en un...
Página 24 - Cortes when he was seated at table, eating in company with his captains and soldiers;* they would then offer him a letter, saying that it came from his father, Martin Cortes, and while he was reading it they would stab him and the rest of the company. They had arranged who was to succeed him in the command, and many persons were implicated in the conspiracy. But all conspiracies are in this dilemma ; — either the secret is...

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