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LU KE viii.' 18.

Take heed therefore how you bear.

ROHE Occasion of our Lord's giv

ing this Caution was this T

Perceiving that much People were gathered together to hear him out of every City, and

knowing (for he is God and knoweth all Things) that many, if not most of them, would be Hearers only, and not Doers of the Word, He spake to them by a Parable, wherein, under the Similitude of a Sower that went out to fow his Seed, He plainly intimated how few there were amongst them who would receive any saving Benefit from his Doctrine, or bring forth Fruit unto Perfection.

The Application one would imagine should be plain and obvious : But the Disciples, as yet unenlightened in any great Degree by the Holy Spirit, and therefore unable to see into the hid: den Mysteries of the Kingdom of God, dealt with our Saviour, as People ought to deal with their Ministers--discoursed with him privately about the Meaning of what he had taught them in Publick, and with a sincere Desire of doing their Duty, asked for an Interpretation of the Parable.

Our Blessed Lord, as he always was willing to instruct those that were teachable, (herein


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