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III. As to the Conveyance (or rather the

Gift and Reception) of the Holy Ghost, 7. e. Must it not be made known to others by outward and sensible Evidences, such as are the most excellent Fruits of the Spi: sit---or Works of Faith, and Labours of Love?

And if This be not so Now, Who then can be FizvedWho does not see here the Abomination of Desolation, Spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, stand in the holy Place, (whoso readeth let Zin understand.) Mat. xxiv. 15. For, If our Gofpel be hid, it is hid to them that are lojt: In whom the God of this World baih blinded the Minds of them which believe not, left the glorious Gospel of Christ, who is the Image of God hould shine unto them. For we preach not our jelves, buit Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your Servants for Jesus Sake, 2 Cor. iv. 3, 4, 5.

AREM A R K upon the Letter in

the Weekly Miscellany of August 18, 1739.


HIS Letter is dated Cardiff, July 17.

Why was this important Letter published --and not till after Mr. Whitefield as well known to be failed from the Downs ? I dEiually did pass over with

. This was acting not unlike that Son in the Gospel, who aniwered and faid to his Father,

' I will

you, &C'

I will not." -But afterwards repented and wenta

Oh, that He may be altogetber like unte Him!

N. B. The Journal of March 6th, was wrote the same Evening with Mr. Seward's Letter--After the Writing of which, he who had with strong Asseverations before declared, chat he would not go, &c. afterwards, (i. e. the next Morning) aktually went in the same Boat with Mr. Whitefield !

Mr. SEWARD's Letter.


New Passage, Bristol Side, March 6. 1738. Reverend and dear Brother,

your Soul, since we left you, and whether

you have met with any remarkable Work to do for your Master for I am perswaded you have been long used to that Whisper in your Soul--Lord, what wouldft Thou have me to do? Who ivould not wish to be always on the Stretch for God, when we fee such mighty Wonders wrought by those that are ? Our dear Brother Whitefield goes on from conquering to conquer. ... Thousands and ten Thousands flock to hear the Word... He has been in but three Churches ....and that was at first coming. The Chancellor threatened Excommunication, but soon drope it; however, the Glory of God was to be promoted another Way; for being thrust out of the Synagogues-- our dear Brother has fettled a sweet Lecture or Exposition at New


gate every Morning--the Place being more convenient than Oxford Chapel Caftle--He generally expounds to one, two, or three Societies, every Night, and has preached seven or eight Times on a Mount about two Miles from Bristol, where has been from 1500 to 15000 Hearers. Last Sunday Evening we sung the 100 Psalm, and all could hear 'tis much like singing at a Scaffold or Stake with Multitudes round! O may that God and Saviour, who gave himself, even unto the Death of the Cross for our Salvation, prepare him, and all of us, not to shrink if we are called to suffer for his Sake! At another Place the Church not being big enough, he preached from the Cross. He preaches once a Week on the Steps at a Work-house, with a Hall behind, and a Court-yard full almost before. He has preached in two other Parts of Kingswood among the Colliers, and Thousands come--- (Horsemen, Coaches, Chaises, &C.--) Thus the Gospel spreads round the Country, for divers come from far -- fome twenty Miles -You

may be sure we are set up now for being stark madO may we be more so and may you, my dear Brother, sound forth these glad Tidings of Salvation, and declare the whole Countel of God with all Boldness, as you ought to declare it in every Place We are now going to meet our Brother Howel Harris at Cardif-The Minister of which Place seing here, will not even go over in the PassageBoat with us----unless he is converted, how will be be fit for Heaven! ---He says, our Brother shall 1:ot have the Church, so I hope the Fields will


be white at Cardiff, as well as at Bristol--- There is also a Society there who long for our coming --Our Brother Hutchins is at Bristol, and stays till Brother Kinchin comes to supply his Place -Our dear Brother Whitefield would have none of you hid, but all come out, and be itinerant, for indeed the Harvest is great, there only wants Labourers and great Encouragement there is to spend and be spent for the Good of Souls ! -0! let not a

- O! let not a Day pass, if possible, without growing in Grace-i hear Brother 7. Wesley is at Oxford, and that forty Gownsmen were lately to hear Brother Kinchin expound. O praise the Lord, for these bis great Mercies.

Our dear Brother joins with me in kind Salutations to Sc. &c.

I am,

Reverend and dear Brother,

Your most affectionate Servant,

bo' unworthy in Cbrift,




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