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"Non tenues ignavo pollice chordas

Pulso, sed Arunci residens in margine templi,
Audax magnorum tumulis adcanto magistrum."—

Statu Sylvius.




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In bringing to a conclusion, the first volume of our adventurous Miscellany, we cannot resist the temptation of addressing a fewwords to our friends—the public—on this happy and important occasion.

For the encouragement we have received, we are, as in duty bound, most grateful. Although we anticipated a very ample share of patronage, our expectations have been more than realized; and we have proved by our exertions, that *' Tasmania is not devoid of individuals, who have the means as well as the desire, of cultitivating Literature as well as Land, and of devoting their best and liveliest energies to its interests and advancement." We cannot beaccused of vanity, even by the most fastidious and precise, if weattribute to the combined exertions of oar literary coterie, the diffusion of so extensive a taste for literature, as is now prevailing in the Colony; neither can the same sin be imputed to us, if we affirm, that our little Miscellany has been enriched by communications, which would have done credit to any of the magazines "at home." To particularize individual articles, would certainly be

invidious; but, we think, we may safely take pride to ourselves for the excellence of the communications, which have been furnished: by our poetical friends,—a very convincing proof, by the way, that the higher faculties of the imagination are not excluded from Tasmania.

To our Correspondents and Contributors, generally, we return our warmest thanks. We consider that they have conferred no inconsiderable honour upon the Colony at large, by the efforts they have used, so effectually, to advance its literature: they have fully verified our predictions, and Van Diemen's Land may now take a commanding station amongst the civilized nations of the earth.

To our Readers and Subscribers, in repeating our thanks, we must again assure them, that no exertions shall be spared to deserve a continuance of their patronage, and, if possible, to increase their enjoyment. We have in reserve, as well as in preparation, several articles of great local and general interest; and we shall use every effort, and adopt all possible means, to render our Magazine— what a Magazine ought to be—" a store-house of entertainment and instruction.^ ." ."**

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