The Monthly Review

R. Griffiths., 1794
Editors: May 1749-Sept. 1803, Ralph Griffiths; Oct. 1803-Apr. 1825, G. E. Griffiths.

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Página 376 - On some fond breast the parting soul relies, Some pious drops the closing eye requires; Even from the tomb the voice of Nature cries, Even in our ashes live their wonted fires.
Página 249 - ... the gamester, light and jolly, There the lender, grave and sly. Wealth, my lad, was made to wander, Let it wander as it will ; Call the jockey, call the pander, Bid them come and take their fill. When the bonny blade carouses, Pockets full, and spirits high — What are acres ? what are houses ? Only dirt, or wet or dry. Should the guardian friend or mother Tell the woes of wilful waste; Scorn their counsel, scorn their pother, — You can hang or drown at last.
Página 58 - ... discovering the operations of the enemy; while on the side of New York the atmosphere was perfectly clear. The retreat was effected in thirteen hours, though nine thousand men had to pass over the river, besides field artillery, ammunition, provisions, cattle, horses, and carts. The circumstances of this retreat were particularly glorious to the Americans. They had been driven to the corner of an island, where they were hemmed in within the narrow space of two square miles. In their front was...
Página 296 - but you do not tell all the story. I think the cap was nevertheless an advantage to us, for it was the first thing that put our girls upon knitting worsted mittens for sale at Philadelphia, that they might have wherewithal to buy caps and ribbons there, and you know that that industry has continued, and is likely to continue and increase to a much greater value, and answer better purposes.
Página 191 - ... and to redrefs grievances which originated in the corruption of a court. Such qualities were not the growth of the reign of Philip the Fifth. The death of the Marquis of Bedmar, who had filled with ability the important...
Página 345 - As may express them best ; though what if earth Be but the shadow of heaven, and things therein Each to other like, more than on earth is thought...
Página 364 - Vanbrugh , and is a good example of his heavy though imposing style (*Lie heavy on him, Earth, for he Laid many a heavy load on thee"), with a Corinthian portico in the centre and two projecting wings.
Página 45 - ... which appear, or not, according to the heat of the weather or climate, open later in the day, or do not open at all, when they are removed from, a fouthern to a more northern latitude. Trefoil, woodforrel, mountain ebony, wildfenna, the African marigold, &c.
Página 267 - Seringapatam into the minister's budget : here, however, being nearly smothered, he made a violent effort ; and before we could turn about to assist him, he was up to his neck in tar-water. He was twice, after this, in danger of being lost in the Southern Ocean ; but an African slave-vessel took him up each time, and landed him, some how or other, at Nootka Sound.
Página 471 - ... when the ancestor by any gift or conveyance takes an estate of freehold, and in the same gift or conveyance an estate is limited either mediately or immediately to his heirs in fee or in tail ; that always in such cases (the heirs) are words of limitation of the estate, and not words of purchase.

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