Cataloguing in Special Libraries -: A Survey of Methods

Grafton, 1938 - 268 páginas
Cataloguing for University and University College Libraries. Cataloguing at University College, London, and the London School of economics (British Libraries of Political and Economic Science. Cataloguing in other University and University College Libraries. Cataloguing for Medical and Scientific Libraries. Cataloguing at St. Bartholomew s Hospital Medical College. Cataloguing at the London School of Hygiene and tropical medicine, and the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Cataloguing in other medical and scientific libraries. Cataloguing for ligraries attached to learned societies and instituionns. Cataloguing at the Royal Empire Society and the Warburg Institute. Cataloguing at the Lindley Library, Roryal Horticutural Society, and Royal Geographical Society. Cataloguing in other ibraries attached to learned Scieties and Intituions. Cataloguin for government libraries. Cataloguin at the India Office and the Victoria and Albert Museum Library.

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