Jahrbuch der Deutschen Shakespeare-Gesellschaft, Volumen 50

G. Reimer, 1914
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Vols. 6, 11, 24, and 29-30 include: "Katalog der Bibliothek der Deutschen Shakespeare-Gesellschaft."

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Página 176 - Vilia miretur vulgus: mihi flavus Apollo Pocula Castaliae plena ministret aquae: quoth Sir Edward Dier, betwene iest, & earnest. Whose written deuises farr excell most of the sonets, and cantos in print. His Amaryllis, & Sir Walter Raleighs Cynthia, how fine & sweet inuentions ? Excellent matter of emulation for Spencer, Constable, France, Watson, Daniel, Warner, Chapman, Siluester, Shakespeare, & the rest of owr florishing metricians.
Página xii - Sie thronet in dem Herzen der Monarchen, Sie ist ein Attribut der Gottheit selbst, Und ird'sche Macht kommt göttlicher am nächsten, Wenn Gnade bei dem Recht steht.
Página 158 - My Lord of Lenox made a great supper to the French Embassador this night here, and even now all the company are at the play, which I, being tender- harted, could not endure to see so soone after the loss of my old acquaintance Burbadge Your Lordship's most affectionate friend and servant Pembroke. Whitehall, 20th May.
Página 21 - For though the termes be diuers, the vse and intent is but one, whether they rest in colour or figure or both, or in word or in muet shew, 5 and thit is to insinuat some secret, wittie, morall, and braue purpose presented to the beholder, either to recreate his eye, or please his phantasie, or examine his iudgement, or occupie his braine, or to manage his will either by hope or by dread...
Página 256 - Harvey), Shakespeare's Church , otherwise the Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity of Stratford-upon-Avon. An Architectural and Ecclesiastical History of the Fabric and its Ornaments.
Página 223 - Tarts" (1625). And compare Shirley, Gentleman of Venice, I. ii. : — " When I am digging, he is cutting unicorns, And lions in some hedge, or else devising New knots upon the ground, drawing out crowns, And the duke's arms, castles and cannons in them : Here gallies, there a ship giving a broadside : Here out of turf he carves a senator With all his robes, making a speech to Time That grows hard by, and twenty curiosities, — I think he means to embroider all the garden.
Página 92 - What e're you write, that with a flowing Tide The Style may rise : yet in its rise forbear With useless words t
Página xii - Die Art der Gnade weiß von keinem Zwang. Sie träufelt wie des Himmels milder Regen Zur Erde unter ihr; zwiefach gesegnet: Sie segnet den, der gibt, und den, der nimmt. Am mächtigsten in Mächtgen, zieret sie Den Fürsten auf dem Thron mehr als die Krone. Das Zepter zeigt die weltliche Gewalt, Das Attribut der Würd und Majestät, Worin die Furcht und Scheu der Könge sitzt.
Página 92 - There will be occasion to peruse the Works of our ancient Poets, as Geffry Chaucer, the greatest in his time, for the honour of our Nation; as...
Página 21 - ... by some interpretation. For which cause they be commonly accompanied with a figure or purtraict of ocular representation, the words so aptly corresponding to the subtilitie of the figure that aswel the eye is therwith recreated as the eare or the mind.

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