An Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Wiley, 2009 - 426 páginas
This fully revised textbook is a new edition of Ronald Wardhaugh's popular and accessible An Introduction to Sociolinguistics. Provides an accessible, comprehensive introduction to sociolinguistics that reflects new developments in the field. Fully revised, with 130 new and updated references to bring the book completely up-to-date. Includes suggested readings, discussion sections, and exercises. Features increased emphasis on issues of identity, solidarity, and power Discusses topics such as language dialects, pidgins and creoles, codes, bilingualism, speech communities, variation, words and cu.

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Review: An Introduction to Sociolinguistics

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a beginners guide to socio-linguistics covering kinship, low/high speech (ie: formal language: tu vs vous), solidarity & politeness, african-american vernacular english (AAVE) pidgins and creoles ... Leer reseña completa

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