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Sweet herald of the ever-gentle Spring,
How gently waved o'er thee the Winter's wing !
Around thee blew the warm Favonian gale,
Devonia nursed thee in her loveliest vale;
Beneath she rolled the Plym's pellucid stream,
And Heaven diffused around its quickening beam.
But, ah! the sun, the shower, the zephyr bland,
Made thee but fair to tempt the spoiler's hand.
I cannot bear thee to thy bank again,
And bathe thy breast in soft refreshing rain,
Nor bid the gentle zephyr round thee play,
Nor 'raptured eye thee basking in the ray;
But snapped untimely from thy velvet stem,
Be thou my daily care, my“ bonnie gem,”
And when thus severed from thy native glade,
The radiance of thy cinque-rayed star shall fade,
And pale decay come creeping o'er thy bloom,
A sigh, dear flower, shall mourn thy early doom.



Nor, April, fail with scent and hue,
To grace thee lowlier blossoms new.
Not only that, where weak and scant
Peep'd forth the early primrose plant,
Now shine profuse unnumbered eyes,
Like stars that stud the wintry skies ;
But that its sister cowslip's nigh,
With no unfriendly rivalry
Of form and tint, and fragrant smells,
O’er the green fields their yellow bells
Unfold, bedropt with tawny red,
And meekly bend the drooping head.
Not only that the fringed edge
Of heath, or bank, or pathway hedge,
Glows with the furze's golden bloom;
But mingling now, the verdant broom,
With flowers of rival lustre deck’d,
Uplifts its shapelier form erect.

And there upon the sod below,
Ground-ivy's purple blossoms show,
Like helmet of crusader knight,
Its anthers' crosslike forms of white ;
And lesser periwinkle's bloom,
Like carpet of Damascus' loom,

Prants with bright blue the tissue wove,
Overiant foliage : and above,
Wish milk white flowers, whence soon shall swell,
Rich fruke, to the taste and smell
Pleasant sike, the strawberry weaves
I:s curvaess of three-fold leaves,
La mums arough the sloping wood.
Nie wits there, in her dreamy mood,
W 1113 Binet's sportiveness may think

em whence midnight elves might drink Das Trops of neetard dew,

ther their fairy sports pursue, ADÈ redaclavs be fount or rill: TK Crutal od chequered daffodil.

Næ via there many a flower beside,
en bei und 2, ad meadow pied;
WEER greez beam the upright box,
ADÊ WIDÈ crowboot's golden locks ;
Ani redizu czy hairy trail;
ADL Sure With petais pale ;
Adium Lerry's globelite head;
ADE INTT des et rury red:
Ani maa puuwi Nae and bright;
TÀ GUANL sereaks of red and white,
Kezpie, with sefi leaves of down;
Anu putem nastan'd crown,
STAVER as being stem;
In derived seat of Bethlebem.
con the irribea kind,

* Vt he best ha sets wind

Their tendrils, vetch, or pea, or tare,
At random ; and with many a pair
Of leafits green the brake embower,
And many a pendent-painted flower.



How happily, how happily, the flowers die away ;
Oh, could we but return to earth as easily as they!
Just live a life of sunshine, of innocence, and bloom,
Then drop, without decrepitude or pain, into the tomb.

The gay and glorious creatures ! they neither “ toil nor

spin;" Yet, lo! what goodly raiment they're all apparelled in; No tears are on their beauty, but dewy gems more

bright, Than ever brow of eastern queen endiademed with


The young rejoicing creatures ! their pleasures never

pall; Nor lose in sweet contentment, because so free to all! The dew, the showers, the sunshine, the balmy, blessed

air, Spend nothing of their freshness, though all may freely


The happy, careless creatures! of time they take no


Nor weary of his creeping, nor tremble at his speed; Nor sigh with sick impatience, and wish the light away; Nor when 'tis gone cry dolefully, “would God that it

were day!”

And when their lives are over, they drop away to rest, Unconscious of the penal doom, on holy Nature's breast; No pain bave they in dying, no shrinking from decay: Oh! could we but return to earth as easily as they !



Bradbury and Evans, Printers, Whitefriars.

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