History of England: Comprising the Reign of Queen Anne Until the Peace of Utrecht

John Murray, 1870 - 584 páginas

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Página 553 - You see the goodness of the master even in the old house-dog, and in a gray pad that is kept in the stable with great care and tenderness out of regard to his past services, though he has been useless for several years.
Página 260 - Acts of Parliament pursuant to the Claim of Right, shall remain and continue unalterable, and that the said Presbyterian government shall be the only government of the Church within the kingdom of Scotland.
Página 131 - We sent this morning 3,000 horse to his chief city of Munich, with orders to burn and destroy all the country about it. This is so contrary to my nature, that nothing but absolute necessity could have obliged me to consent to it, for these poor people suffer for their master's ambition. There having been no war in this country for above sixty years, these towns and villages are so clean, that you would be pleased with them.
Página 276 - I consider this Union as a matter of the greatest importance to the wealth, strength, and safety of the whole island ; and, at the same time, as a work of so much difficulty and nicety in its own nature, that till now all attempts which have been made towards it in the course of above a hundred years have proved ineffectual ; and, therefore, I make no doubt but it will be remembered and spoke of hereafter, to the honour of those who have been instrumental in bringing it to such a happy conclusion.
Página 554 - He has, moreover, bequeathed to the chaplain a very pretty tenement with good lands about it. It being a very cold day when he made his will, he left for mourning to every man in the parish a great frieze coat, and to every woman a black riding-hood.
Página 20 - breed him a cobbler than a courtier, and a hangman
Página 311 - The word Church had never any charm for me in the mouths of those who made the most noise with it...
Página 146 - ... letter without being so vain as to tell my dearest soul, that within the memory of man there has been no victory so great as this; and as I am sure you love me entirely well, you will be infinitely pleased with what has been done, upon my account as well as the great benefit the public will have. For had the success of prince Eugene been equal to his merit, we should in that day's action have made an end of the war.
Página 143 - I have not time to say more, but to beg you will give my duty to the queen, and let her know her army has had a glorious victory.
Página 18 - That John Lord Somers, by advising his Majesty in the year 1698 to the treaty for partition of the Spanish monarchy, whereby large territories of the King of Spain's dominions were to be delivered up to France, was guilty of a high crime and misdemeanor...

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