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" It will diminish the usual complaints of frequent, loose, foul movements, protuberant abdomen and excessive appetite, it will markedly reduce the incidence of rectal prolapse and possibly secondary fecal impaction which may result in intestinal obstruction."*... "
NIH Consensus Development Conference on Genetic Testing for Cystic Fibrosis ... - Página 27
1997 - 107 páginas
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Pilgrims in Medicine: Conscience,Legalism and Human Rights: An Allegory of ...

Thomas Alured Faunce - 2005 - 651 páginas
...Hippocratic Ethics and Human Rights" (1998) 351 Lancet 974. Shwachman, H., A. Redmond and K.-T. Khaw, "Studies in Cystic Fibrosis: Report of 130 Patients Diagnosed Under 3 Months of Age over a 20 Year Period" (1970) 46 Paediatrics 335. Sicherman, B., "The New Mission of the Doctor: Redefining...
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