Book Auction Records, Volumen 19

Frank Karslake
Wm. Dawson, 1922
A priced and annotated annual record of London, New York and Edinburgh book-auctions.

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Página xvi - Britain was, in the middle of the last century, a plentiful emporium of learned authors; and men went thither as to a market. This drew to the place a mighty trade, the rather because the shops were spacious, and the learned gladly resorted to them, where they seldom failed to meet with agreeable conversation ; and the booksellers themselves were knowing and conversible men, with whom, for the sake of bookish knowledge, the greatest wits were pleased to converse...
Página xvi - England, aye, and beyond sea too, and send abroad their circulators, and, in that manner, get into their hands all that is valuable.
Página 326 - Journals of Major Robert Rogers : Containing An Account of the Several Excursions he made under the Generals who commanded upon the Continent of North America during the late War.
Página 323 - A Report of the truth of the fight about the lies of Acores, this last la Sommer. Betwixt the REUENGE, one of her Maiesties Shippes, and an ARMADA of the King of Spaine.
Página xix - I suppose you may be a physician or an author, and want some recipe or quotation; and, if you buy it, I will engage it to be perfect before you leave me, but not after; as I have suffered by leaves being torn out, and the books returned, to my very great loss and prejudice.
Página 547 - ANACRÉON, SAPHO, BION et MOSCHUS, traduction nouvelle en prose, suivie de la Veillée des fêtes de Vénus et d'un choix de pièces de différents auteurs, par M. M*** C*** (MoutonnetClairfond).
Página xvi - ... they crack their brains to find out selling subjects, and keep hirelings in garrets, on hard meat, to write and correct by the groat ; so puff up an octavo to a sufficient thickness, and there is six shillings current for an hour and a half s reading, and perhaps never to be read or looked upon after.
Página 214 - The Third Tour of Doctor Syntax in Search of a Wife. A POEM.
Página 335 - A true Discourse of the Armie which the King of Spaine caused to bee assembled in the hauen of Lisbon, in the...
Página xvi - England, ay and beyond sea too and send abroad their circulators, and in that manner get into their hands all that is valuable. The rest of the trade are content to take their refuse with which, and the fresh scum of the press, they furnish one side of a shop, which serves for the sign of a bookseller rather than a real one; but, instead of selling, deal as factors and procure what the country divines and gentry send for...

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