The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1884

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Página 531 - As the officers and soldiers of the United States have been subject to repeated insults from the women (calling themselves ladies) of New Orleans, in return for the most scrupulous non-interference and courtesy on our part, it is ordered that hereafter when any female shall, by word, gesture, or movement, insult or show contempt for any officer or soldier of the United States, she shall be regarded and held liable to be treated as a woman of the town plying her avocation.
Página 15 - Your neglect of repeated orders to report the strength of your command, has created great dissatisfaction, and seriously interfered with military plans. Your going to Nashville without authority, and when your presence with your troops was of the utmost importance, was a matter of very serious complaint at Washington, so much so that I was advised to arrest you on your return.
Página 482 - Tennessee the presumptuous mercenaries collected for our subjugation ? One more manly effort, and trusting in God and the justness of our cause, we shall recover more than we lately lost. Let the sound of our victorious guns be re-echoed by those of the army of Virginia on the historic battlefield of Yorktown.
Página 234 - But a few days ago a large and powerful rebel army lay at Corinth, with outposts extending to our very camp at Shiloh. They held two railroads extending north and south, east and west across the whole extent of their country, with a vast number of locomotives and cars to bring to them speedily and certainly their reinforcements and supplies. They called to their aid all their armies from every quarter, abandoning the seacoast and the great river Mississippi, that they might overwhelm us with numbers...
Página 485 - ... shall suffer such punishment as shall be ordered by the sentence of a general court martial.
Página 32 - Instead of relieving you, I wish you (as soon as your new army is in the field) to assume the immediate command and lead it on to new victories.
Página 156 - This campaign is ended, and I now occupy Huntsville in perfect security, while all of Alabama north of Tennessee River floats no flag but that of the Union.
Página 389 - The eyes and hopes of eight million people rest upon you. You are expected to show yourselves worthy of your valor and courage, worthy of the women of the South, whose noble devotion in this war has never been exceeded in any time. With such incentives to brave deeds, and with trust that God is with us, your General will lead you confidently to the combat, assured of success.
Página 389 - SOLDIERS OF THE ARMY OF THE MISSISSIPPI : I have put you in motion to offer battle to the invaders of your country, with the resolution and discipline and valor becoming men, fighting, as you are, for all worth living or dying for. You can but march to a decisive victory over agrarian mercenaries sent to subjugate and despoil you of your liberties, property and honor.
Página 29 - That the country, west of the Department of the Potomac, and east of the Department' of the Mississippi, he a military department, to be called the Mountain Department, and that the same be commanded by Major-General Fremont.

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