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alone is his due. For it is natural to those who are born of the flesh, to love a friend and benefactor. For sinners love those that love them. And if iny disaffection to the Deity results only from his being my enemy; then, as the breach began on his side, so it belongs to hiin to retract first. And if he loves me, I shall love him. No inediator or sanctifier is needed in the case. So the whole Gospel is overthrown. The sinner is justified: Göd and his law condemned. The same may be said of every false scheme of religion. He who denies one single truth, let him be consistent, and he must deny the whole. And he who believes one error, let him be consistent, and he must believe a whole system of lies. And it was in this view that St. Paul pronounced the man or angel accursed, who should preach another Gospel. Because if his other Gospel was true, Christ is dead in vain, and the whole of Christianity is overthrown. Gal. ii. 21. And as this was the case, with the false scheme which St. Paul then opposed; so it is equally true, as to every false scheme which has been advanced since. For, as it is enmity to the true Gospel, which is contrary to every vicious bias in the human heart, that is the source of every false Gospel, which is adapted to justify our corruptions; (John iii. 19, 20, 21.) so of course, every false Gospel is in its own nature contrary to, and subversive of the true. But he who hates the true Gospel of Christ so entirely, that he would overthrow the whole of it, were he able, as he is a thorough enemy to God and to his Son; so St. Paul's sentence against himn, let him be accurs. ed, is not inore severe than that of his Master, he that beliereth not shall be damned. A sentence, which, when it comes to be put in execution at the day of judgment, will meet with universal approbation and applause from all holy beings in the universe. As this is the most important subject in the world, and as we are all infinitely interested in it; so it demands the most serious consideration, and impartial, and strict examination of all the professors of Christianity. He therefore that hath ears to hear, let him hear.


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