A handbook to political questions of the day


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Página 3 - Act for Building and Promoting the Building of Additional Churches in Populous Parishes?
Página 19 - MACGREGOR (J.)- Rob Roy on the Jordan, Nile, Red Sea, Gennesareth, &c. A Canoe Cruise in Palestine and Egypt and the Waters of Damascus.
Página 18 - LIVINGSTONE'S LAST JOURNALS. The Last Journals of David Livingstone in Central Africa, from 1865 to his Death. Continued by a Narrative of his Last Moments and Sufferings, obtained from his Faithful Servants Chuma and Susi. By HORACE WALLER, FRGS, Rector of Twywell, Northampton.
Página 28 - HISTORY OF FRANCE ; from the Earliest Times to the Establishment of the Second Empire, 1852. By REV.
Página 20 - Christianity, from the Birth of Christ to the Abolition of Paganism in the Roman Empire.
Página 58 - And that the registered title and deeds would not satisfy a purchaser or mortgagee, and outside "searching" would be continued. 3. — That mistakes on the part of the " searcher " might lead the State into complications with reference to titles, &c., which would be inexpedient. 4. — Some who are in favour of registration, consider that to legislate for the registration of titles and deeds, without, as a preliminary step, simplifying the titles to be registered, is to begin at the wrong end.
Página 23 - RAE (EDWARD). Country of the Moors. A Journey from Tripoli in Barbary to the Holy City of Kairwan. Map and Etchings. Crown 8vo. 10s. 6d. RAMBLES in the Syrian Deserts. Post 8vo. 10«.
Página 2 - BIGG-WITHER (TP). Pioneering in South Brazil; Three Years of Forest and Prairie Life in the Province of Parana.
Página 88 - It would further empower them, if they thought fit, to carry on the liquor trade for the convenience and on behalf of the inhabitants, but so that no individual should have any pecuniary interest in, or derive any profit from, the sale of intoxicating liquors.
Página 9 - FORBES, of the British Burma Commission. Author of " British Burma and its People : Sketches of Native Manners, Customs, and Religion.

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