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A New Edition, (the third ) of John Campbell in Sonth Africa, at the Help to Zion's Travellers; being an request of the Missionary Society, to attempt to remove various Stumbling promote the knowledge of Christianity Blocks out of the way, relating to Doc- among the Hottentots, is in the press. trinal, Experimental, and Practical *** Mr. Campbell visited some tribes of Religion. By the late Robert Hall, of the Africans who had never seen an EuArusby. In the Press, Post Roads in ropean, and crossed the Peninsula from France, with the various Roads to the East to West, nearly in the course of principal Cities in Europe ; being a the great Orange river. He had also the Translation of the Etat des Postes, felicity of discovering the junction of published by order of Louis XVIII. a several rivers before unknown. The work of great importauce to all persons work is expected to be comprised in wbo visit the Continent.

one large octavo volume, and to be Speedily will be published, a second published about Christmas next. edition enlarged, of the Rev.W. Vowles's In the press, and speedily will be Sermon, entitled, The Question of Ap- published, in one volume, i?mo, by paritions and Supernatural Voices con • Button and Son, Paternoster-row ; and sidered; occasioned. by the extraordi- Williams and Son, Stationer's-court; nary circumstances which followed the A Dictionary of all Religions and redeath of Ann Taylor, of Tiverton, Jigious Denominations; including the Devon.

whole substance of Hannah Adains's A new edition of the Rev. D. Jen- View of Religions reduced to one Alnings's much esteemed Sermons for

phabet, with her introduction, and a young people, may be expected in a great number of additional articles, infew days.

cluding all the new sects, &c. The In the press and shortly will be pub. whole carefully corrected and revised, lished, a new edition of Baxter's Dia. by T. Williams, author of the Age of lognes, on personal and family religion, Infidelity, A New Translation of Solo. abridged by Fawceit.

mon's Song, Historic Defence of ExpeA second edition of a Syllabus of rimental Religion, &c. To this work Christian Doctrines and Duties, in the alone is prefixed, An Essay on Truth : ('atechetical furm, by the late Rev. its importance, - causes of error, S. Newton, of Norwich; is nearly reasons of its perinission, &c. By An. ready.

drew Fuller. A life of Philip Melaocthon, the in. Mrs. Adams's Work being comtimate friend and distinguished coadju. pletely out of print, the Proprietors tor of Martin Luther, is preparing for have been some time in preparing a the press by the Rev. Francis Auglistus new edition, with the above improveCox, A. M. of Hackney, and may be ments and additions. Particular care expected early in the ensuing winter. has been taken to divest the work of

Historical Sketches of the House of all doubtful matter; and, by the introRomanoff, the reigoing family of Rus- duction of new articles, to make it as sia, with a brief account of the present complete and interesting as possible s'ate of that empire, by the Rev. W. within the compass of a single volume. Anderson ; is in the press.

The authorities have been carefully ex, Letters from Albion to a friend on amined; and some articles which, in the Continent, written by a foreign no- the former edition, were carried to a bleinan to his friend, in the years 1810, disproportionate length, have been 11, 12, and 13, inay be expected in abridged to make room for others. the ensuing month.

The editor has endeavoured to contine A Dictionary of Religious Opinions, himself to a faithful and candid stateor a brief account of the various de- ment of the sen!iments of every sect dominations, into which the profession and party, without that indifferency to of Christianity is divided, alphabeti- sacred and scriptural truth, which has cally arranged; has been sent to the justly been objected to in other publicapress, by Mr. Jones, author of the His. tions in some measure similar, Lory of the Waldenses.

The Rev. T. Morell, of St. Neots, has A Narrative of the Travels of the Rev. in the press the second volume of Sludies

in History, wbich will contain the History of Rome, from its earliest records, to the death of Constantine, in a series of Essays, accompanied with moral and religious reflections, references to original authorities apd historical questians which are so constructed as to include the substance of each essay,

He has also just published in : duodecimo forın, adapted to the use of families and schools, a new and im. proved edition of the History of Greece executed upon a similar plan, with the addition of a correct map of ancient Greece.


AGRICULTURE, A General View of the Agriculture of the Orkuey Islands; with observations on the means of their improvement; drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture. By John Shirreff, 8vo. 10s, 6d. boards.

Grammaire de Nicolas Hamel, d'après l'Edition stéréotype, 12mo. Ss. bound.

Introductory Latin Exercises to those of Clarke, Ellis, and Tarner ; designed for the younger classes of learners, 12mo. 2s. 6d. bound.

Original Letters of Advice, to a young Lady. On Education. On Happi. ness. On Christian Faith. Beauties of the Scriptures. The Folly of useless words exposed. On Telemachus, Charity, &c. &c. f By the author of the Polite Reasoner, 12mo. 2s.6d. bound.

Juvenile Arithmetic; or a Child's Guide to Figures, being an easy introduction to Joyce's Arithmetic, and various others now in use, 18mo. Is.

The Elements of English Spelling, accompanied by a variety of Reading Lessons, designed for the use of junior pupils. By John Gordon, 18mo, is.


CLASSICAL LITERATURE. The first volume of Poetæ Minores Græci, Præcipua Lectionis varietate et Indicibus

Locupletissimis instruxit Thomas Gaisford, A. M. Ædis Christi · Alumnus, necnon Græcæ Lingnæ Professor Regius. From the Clarendon Press, 8vo. 158. sheets.

EDUCATION, A Practical View of Christian Education in its early stages, 12mo. 58. boards.

New Orthographical Exercises, with the correct Orthoepy of every Word, according to the most approved modern usage, for the use of foreigners and schools in general.

By Alexander Power, Master of the Coinmercial Academy, Ashford, Kent, 12mo. 2s. bound.

Five Hundred Questions, deduced from the Abridgement of Goldsmith's History of Rome : to which is prefixed a brief Sketch of the Roman Polity, and of the principal constituted authorities of the Romans, in the most flourishing times of the Commonwealth, and a Tahle of the Roman Einperors, together with a Chronological Table of the most celebrated Roman Authors, and an account of most particular works, by J. Gorton, 18mo. 1s.

Clef, ou Themes Traduits de la

A Historical View of the State of the Protestant Dissenters in England, and of the Progress of Free Inquiry and Religious Liberty, from the Revolution to the accession of Queen Aune. By Joshua Toulmin, D.D. 8vo. 12s.

An Abridgement of the History of Rome. By Velleius Paterculus. Tran. slated from the original, by George Baker, A. M. The Translator of Livy, 8vo. 8s. boards.

An Entire Course of Roman History, comprising Hooke's History, and Gihbons's Decline and Fall. In weekly numbers. No, 1. price Is.


A Treatise on Co Pleading, with precedeots of Indictments, Special

Brown's Principles of Practical Perspective. Part II. with 12 curious engravings, price 10s. 6d.

POETRY. Carmen Britannicum; or, the Song of Britaio : written ic Honour of His Royal Highness George Augustus Frederick, Prince, Regent. By Edward Hovell Thurlow, Lord Thurlow, 4to. 55. sewel.

Pleas, &c. adapted to practice. By Thomas Starkie, of Lincolns lan, Esq. Barrister at Law, 2 vols, 8vo. ll. 45. boards.

The second volume of the Origin, Progress, and Present Practice of the Bankrupt Law, both in England and Ireland. By Edward Christian, of Grays Inn, Esq. Barrister at Law, a commissioner of Bankrupt, and professor of the laws of England, 8vo. 11. 2s. boards,

Volumo I, Part 1!(to be continued) of Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Court of Excbequer, Easter and Trinity Terms, 54 Geo. ill. and the Sittings afier. By George Price, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. royal 8vo. sewed.

An Analysis, anged to serve also as a compendious Digested Index of Mr. Fearne's Essay on Contingent Remainders and Executory Devises, and of Mr. Butler's Notes. By Richard Holmes Coote, Esq. of Lincolns Ion, royal Svo. 10s. 6d. boards.

MATHEMATICS. The Doctrine of Chances; or, 'the Theory of Gaming, made easy to every person acquainted with common Arithmetic, so as to enable them to calculate the Probabilities of Events in Lotteries, Cards, Horse-racing, Dice, &c. &c. With Tables of Chance never before published, wbich from mere inspection will solve a great variety of interesting questions. By William Rouse,' 8vo, 155. boards.

MECHANICS. The Miscellaneous Papers of John Smeaton, Civil Engineer, &c. F. R. S. communicated to the Royal Society : printed in the Philosophical Transactions; and comprising his Treatise on Mills, forming a fourth volame to his Reports, with twelve engravings, 4to. II. 11s. od. boards,

MEDICINE, Observations on Pulmonary Consumption, by Henry Herbert Southey, M. D. 8vo. 7s. board3.

POLITICAL ECONOMY, An Essay on Improving the Condition of the Poor; including an attempt to answer the important Question, bow men of landed property can most effectually contribute towards the general improvement of the lower classes of suciety on their estates, without diminishing the value of their own property; with hints on the means for employing those who are now discharged from his Majesty's Service; most respectfully dedicated to the Land Owners of the United Kingdom By Thomas Mvers, A. M. of the Royal Academy, Woolwich, Price 3s. 6d.

Considerations sur Genève, dans ses Rapports avec l'Angleterre et les Etats Protestants. Suivies d'un Discours pro. noncé a Genève sur la Philosophie d'Histoire. Par J. C. L. Simonde de Sismondi, 8vo. 4s. Sewed.

THEOLOGY. Select Nonconformists' Remains ; being Original Sermons of Oliver Heywood, Thomas Jollie, Henry Newcome, and Henry Rendlebury, selected from manuscripts; with memoirs of the au. thors, compiled mostly from their pri. vate papers. By Richard Slate, 12mo. 6s. boards.--8vo. 10s. 60,

Tracts on the Doctrine of the Holy. Trinity, and on the Nicene and Atha. nasian Creeds, by Bishops Stillingfieet and Bull, Dr. Wallis, Lord Monbodelo, and Dr: Horbery; with a Disquisition ou Rational Christianity, by Soamne Jenyns, Esq. To which is prefixed, an Introduction to the Doctrine of the Trinity and the Athanasian Creed. By the Rev. Thomas Burgess, D. D. T. R. S. & F. A. S. Bishop of St. David. 8vo. is boards,

Serious Thoughts on the Fall and Restoration of Man; with some Re. marks on the Doctrines of Predestinat on and Original Sin. · By Aquila. 120. ls,

MISCELLANEOUS. Waverly; or, “ 'Tis Sixty Years Since.” A Novel, 3 vols. 12mo. 11. 13. Luards.

An Olio of Anccdotes and Memo. rands, by William Davis, 12mo: 5s. boards,

by the Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena in the H. C. S. the Hope, Capt. James Pendergrass. By James Wathen. illustrated by 24 beautifully coloured prints from drawings by the Author, 4to, 31. Ss, boards.

A Translation of the first I wo volumes of the Relation Historique, under the Title of Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent, during the yeurs 1799–1904, accompanied by the whole of tne Text of the Atlas Pittoresque, and a Selection of Plates by M. de Humboldt : formning two volumes, under the title of Re searches on the Institut ons and Monuments of the ancient inhabitants of America, &c. &c. By Helen Maria Williams, under the immediate inspection of the Author, illustrated by plates, some of wbich are coloured, 4 rol. 810. 21, 195, 6d, boards,

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Comparative view of the Churches of Rome and England. By Herbert Marsh, D. D. F.R.S. Margaret Professor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge, 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Eval. elical Christianity Considered, and shown to be synoniinous wiin Uni. tarianism ; in a Course of Lectures on soine of the most controverted points of Christian Doctrine: addressed to Trinitarians. By John Grundy, one of the ministers of the Congregation assembling in the Chapel in Cross-street, Manchester, 2 vol. 8vo. 11. 48. boards, Short Discourses

on the

Lord's Prayer, chiefly designed for the Use of Country Villages. By Isaac Mann, with a recommendatory preface by the Rev. J.Fawcett, of Hebden Bridge, and the Rev. W, Steadman, of Bradford, 23, 6d.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. A Journal of a Voyage in 1811 and 1818 to Madras and China, returning .

TO CORRESPONDENTS, We have received a Letter from the Rev. Edw. Griffin, A. B. Curate of St. Nicholas's, Nottingham, disavowing his being the Translator of Archbishop Sancrofl's Fur Predestinatus. We lose no time in correcting the mistake.

In our last Number the price of ' A Sketch from Nature ;' a Rural Poem, was erroneously stated to be 4s instead of 23.




Art. I. The Present State of the Greek Church in Russia, or a Summary

of Christian Divinity; by Platon, late Metropolitan of Moscow; translated from the Slavonian : with a Preliminary Memoir on the Ecclesiastical Establishment in Russia ; and an Appendix, containing an Account of the Origin and different Sects of the Rus. sian Dissenters. By Robert Pinkerton. 8vo. pp. xii. 340. price 9s. Edinburgh, Oliphant and Co. London, Seeley, 1814.

THAT the people of this country have entertained notions

strangely incorrect respecting the civilization, the religion, and the resources of the Russian Empire, the political events of the last two years, and the book now before us, render sufficiently evident. Perhaps, from our insular situation, which precludes us from the advantages of an uninterrupted communication with other nations, and which, during the last twenty years, in consequence of the relation in which we stood to a great part of the continent of Europe, restricted our foreign intercourse still more ;-but, especially, from the good opinion which we are at all times disposed to entertain of our own endowments, moral and intellectual;-we have been prevented from adverting to the rising progress of the states around us, and from doing justice to the character and attainments of a people, who seem destined, by an over-ruling Providence, to exert no inconsiderable share of influence on the future circumstances of the human race. Nor have the prejudices of some even enlightened English travellers contributed to lead us to embrace more correct notions of this subject. Without any intention of misleading their readers, their statements, by indirectly flattering our national pride,

Vol. II. N. S.

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